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  1. Is it possible that background images are no longer supported? I had one too on a geocache page, but it is not visible anymore. Maybe something with the recent release? Regards, weedboer
  2. Hello all! Currently I am getting lost with the following issue: In case a wrong answer is provided to a question (input), this question must be shown again automatically without letting the user to go out and back into a zone. I think it must be something with a loop until a task is complete (providing the correct answer sets a task to complete (this works)). Thanks for your help! weedboer ==>>> EDIT: I found the solution to my problem. Thanks anyway!
  3. When I remember well, you'll have the watcher's list available, if you make your cache premium/charter member only...
  4. Hello, I make use of GSAK including an certain macro which exports my grid in a csv file for each geocache type. Then I use Poiloader to upload those files to my gpsmap 60csx. I have over 4000 geocaches in my gps, and even more is possible. Ofcourse, the limit is the memory level of my SD card (2Gb in my case). My device can handle it without performance issues, so you do not have to be limited by the number of 1000 caches. Regards, Weedboer
  5. I wonder how you can make such things: scripts to be installed on another website...
  6. Well, I managed to make your background as a background for my cache page... using the DIV, but without doing any fancy things (just quick quick)... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...db-ac3e4035a234 Regards, Hans
  7. What about wrapping all your text in a DIV and use CSS styles for the background. Like this: <div style="background-image: url(http://www.lunevalleyda.co.uk/images/gradient-background-small-for-geocahce-site.jpg);"> ...all text comes here... </div> If required you can add repeat / fixed / overflow /... and all other CSS possibilities you want... Regards, -W-
  8. I don't have an iPhone, so I am not sure, but can't Geoscout help you out? Regards, -W-
  9. Every week subscribers receive the Groundspeak Weekly Notification with different general topics in it. It starts with a list of items under category "In this Issue". In stead of scrolling down to the part with the new caches in my neighbourhood, my suggestion is to add hyperlinks to those list items to go quickly to the chapter you want to read first. Additionally a "back to top" can be added. This is easy to implement and means a nice step forward to raise the quality of the newsletter. Thanks for giving it a thought! Greetings from Belgium, Hans
  10. I have written a blog article on this item: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...map-60-csx.html I had the same problem, but found a solution. It might be usefull for you too. Regards, Hans
  11. While I was caching in german woods, near a remote ruin of a watchtower, there was a man taking nude pictures of two ladies (french maids)... Luckily I was there without my kids, but unfortunately they were finishing the session :-)
  12. Hopefully I understand it correctly, but yes you can do it with Everytrail: just upload your track to that site and it will be converted to a google map with your track. Than you just have to make a screen shot of your map and use it in photobucket... I have writen a blog item some time ago related to this: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...abel/everytrail Regards, Hans
  13. I think you can alter the template print.htm file (or another htm file) within your gsak installation folder... Not 100% sure, tough... Regards, Hans
  14. GPX is an abbreviation of GPS Exchange Format. This means those files contains information related to GPS, like a list of waypoints, routes, tracks,...all with their corresponding coordinates. Example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> <gpx xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1" creator="MapSource 6.13.6" version="1.1" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3 http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3/GpxExtensionsv3.xsd http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1 http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1/gpx.xsd"> <metadata> <link href="http://www.garmin.com"> <text>Garmin International</text> </link> <time>2008-04-29T11:22:33Z</time> <bounds maxlat="50.2286050" maxlon="5.6006408" minlat="50.1981065" minlon="5.5372759"/> </metadata> <trk> <name>ACTIVE LOG</name> <extensions> <gpxx:TrackExtension xmlns:gpxx="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3"> <gpxx:DisplayColor>Transparent</gpxx:DisplayColor> </gpxx:TrackExtension> </extensions> <trkseg> <trkpt lat="50.2279735" lon="5.5993166"> <ele>533.6689453</ele> <time>2008-04-27T14:07:54Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="50.2279530" lon="5.5994740"> <ele>533.6689453</ele> <time>2008-04-27T14:07:57Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="50.2282572" lon="5.5990226"> <ele>533.1883545</ele> <time>2008-04-27T14:08:04Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="50.2282631" lon="5.5989858"> <ele>533.1883545</ele> <time>2008-04-27T14:08:05Z</time> </trkpt> </trkseg> </trk> </gpx> You see things like <trkpt lat="50.2279530" lon="5.5994740"> <ele>533.6689453</ele> <time>2008-04-27T14:07:57Z</time> </trkpt> Which means a point with corresponding coordinates, heigth (ele) and time when it was recorded. Those details can be used in several solutions like mapsource to view those waypoints or tracks. A possible use of GPX: If you sync your digital camera with your GPS, you can put your gpx file together with the picture and create a (google)map with the track you have followed. On that track you can see where you have taken those pictures. This process is called GEOTAGGING (click)... Regards, Hans
  15. gps tuner has also a trial. That software is also one of the best. Regards, weedboer
  16. I started with the 210 especially because it has a usb connector. If you don't mind not being able to connect to your computer, it is absolutely a good device. Welcome to the club! Weedboer
  17. WOW!! What a post! Great tutorial, which is even usefull to me because I own a Explorist 210! Thanks, weedboer
  18. why removing POIs if you could have more than 1000 on it?? I am using a macro in GSAK to export the caches to POI files. Then I start Garmin POILoader and export them to my 60csx. Currently I have +3000 caches (all belgian caches) in my device. Little desadvantage: they are not marked as geocaches Littel advantage: they are in different categories (multi, trad, mystery,...) More info: see my blog. Regards, Weedboer
  19. Or you can do it like this: http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...geocaching.html It makes use of Mapsource/Google Earth to create the route and Gsak to filter all the caches on the way. Regards, weedboer
  20. With a budget of $300 your best way out is the garmin gpsmap 60csx. Toplisted device with all required and fancy features. Best signal reception compared with the little fellows of Garmin. Maps, tracks, waypoints and routes can be up/downloaded through a USB connection. Must have! Regards, weedboer
  21. Don't look in waypoints or geocaches. Have a look in the "Custom Points of interest" at the complete bottom of the list. Regards, weedboer
  22. When you are logged in as a premium member, you see in the right menu (below premium features) the link "set up notifications". That's the place to have look :-) Regards, weedboer
  23. If you use GSAK, you can export as HTML and copy the files to your pda. After that view with the simple internet explorer on your PDA. Simple as that. If you want spoilers too: read my blog articles with tag "paperless" Regards, weedboer
  24. Is there a possibility to download tracks from, let's say everytrail, and use them as a "turn by turn" route, and not as a track (which has no navigation instructions like "turn right after 300m)? Thanks weedboer
  25. Jep, this can be found here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ Or http://geocachingwithweedboer.blogspot.com...plugin-for.html Greetings, Weedboer
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