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  1. Thank you. I have a long way to match your count!
  2. Can someone explain what the number and + symbol means under my name in the Forum? How can one modify it ... if possible? Thanks
  3. Can't see myself giving a green light for this proposal. Although global (I'm sure these are everywhere), not sure of redundancy nor interest! The round-about is onloy there to acomodate traffic flow (at least the ones I drove in). There might be a flower bed of something else inside. The discussion took a turn at what could be found inside, but that is covered in Sculptures, Roadside Attractions, Abstract Art Sculptures, Realistic Objects, etc. If this flies, then Highway medians could be another category. Sorry - nay here.
  4. A Group vote has been called for acepting the new category "Ethnic Flags". Please visit Ethnic Flags to view or join. LW
  5. Found what I was looking for! FAQ in Help menu on Waymarking.com page.
  6. Thanks everyone. An interesting twist to my original proposition ... which I like. I could certainly edit the group's objective to make this more global. Will study and pursue this. There are still two outstanding questions. 1. I did read the guidelines. Group created ... how do I "promote" members to officer status? I don't see the link (Promote your new Group members to the rank of Officer. Check out this link for more information on promoting Group members.) No hyperlink visible. 2. (Once you have the required number of Officers in your Group, a checklist will automatically appear on your Group page with a link to the category creation form.) Don't see this. Who can steer me in the right direction. Is there a need to start a new thread? How so?
  7. Thanks elyob. Yes indeed. My group is all set to go. Three members + myself. Is there a mising link in the guidelines to "promote" members to officer status? From there, I might take my chances. PS: Care to join my group? If not, I will certainly see you around the trails in the ottawa region. Jacques
  8. Thanks elyob. Certainly active schools would be off limits. Thanks for your feedback. If I do pursue, do I send in a proposal directly to Groundspeak?
  9. Thanks BE. I was thinking of the Caisse Desjardins or any institution displaying the franco flag. I see that this proposal would not probably be recognized and am inclined to put the matter to rest. I do appreciate your input and the possible tracks to explore. LW
  10. Thank you BB. I was afraid of that, but still curious as to the level of support this proposal would receive. I also know that some possible waymarks in this new category can be found elsewhere. There are however, many categories which are not 'global' and are 'redundant'. I'll wait for more feed back then decide if I will offcially send in a new category proposal to Groundspeak.
  11. Greetings. I manage the group http://www.Waymarking.com/groups/members.aspx?f=1&guid=d345ab93-4481-4d96-aa9a-2967685892f2 . My proposal for a new category would be to waymark anything having the Franco-ontarian flag nearby. Franco-Ontarians are francophone residents of the Canadian province of Ontario. They have their own official flag (see group description). According to the last Canadian census, Franco-Ontarians constitute the largest French-speaking community in Canada outside Quebec, as well as the largest minority language group within Ontario (2.2% of the total population) The francophone population is mostly concentrated in Eastern Ontario, in Ottawa, and a number of smaller towns throughout the province. Most communities in Ontario have at least a few Franco-Ontarian residents. This Waymark Category would include FO flags, monuments, institutions offering services in french or any building ending in "franco-ontarien". I am not sure in which Main Category this would fit, but I am thinking Culture or History. I would be glad to answer any inquiries and to participate in a discussion on the validity of this proposed category.
  12. An appropriate coin showed up in my mailbox today. Loonwatcher is now officially declared a Loon-A-Tick (071). Thank you imoutandabout.
  13. Hello. Anything with a Loon design to add to my collection? Please PM me if you ahve a possible trade or sale.
  14. OK. This is good news. I would like to delete some cartridges I created but don't use. How do I go about to do this? From the edit button, I can't find anything enabling me to delete an old version. PS. Hope to see you soon at your workshop in Canada.
  15. Anything still available? I could be interested in: - Canada's Capital Cachers; - NFLD & Labrador - Moncton 2011 -Canada's First Geocache We can discuss payment through emails.
  16. Does the Bahamas have a souvenir? Where can I see a list of already published country souvenirs?
  17. Hello. Looking for anything with a loon - need one for my collection. Saw some "official" ones in Minnesota. Anything available - trade or sell. Loonwatcher
  18. Cache was published today at GC. Here's what I did ... temporarily. I shortened my entry dialogue to make it one message only. Inserted this new message in the text box for question and tied teh question at the end. So now I, when the player enters the zone, he can read the description as intended and answer the question, all on the same screen. (Yes, I deleted the dialogue/message command when player enters zone). This seems to work just fine. I promise that I'll use either Earwigo or Urwigo for my next cartridges. (Urwigo file sent to Jonny65). Thanks to Dirk, Jonny and Ranger for your time and patience working with me through this. Hope to someday meet you on the trails. Greetings from Canada. LW
  19. Hi. Rewrote the cartridge using Urwigo (uploaded the lua file). Will see in a test run tomorrow how it works out.
  20. Super answer! Thank you! How do I find the "on click" command in the Groundspeak Builder? Is there a more recent version than the one I am presently using? Would the "on click" be the same as using button script? If I need to, I could convert everything to Earwhigo ... I am familiar with this tool also, but you still need to finish up with the GS Builder, don't you? Greetings from Eastern Ontario. LW
  21. Not sure what you mean. Essentially, here is my sequence of actions/commands when a player enters a zone: - show dialogue/message - show item visible - set task visible and true - get player input It works fine in the emulator. Cartridge is on Wherigo page: A Maxville Adventure Sent .lua and gwz files to Charlinni. (I had dealt with him a few weeks ago with the original cartridge).
  22. Recently finished a cartridge using the Wherigo Builder. Everything runs smoothly in the Emulator. In the field, the lead-in message or dialogue as the player enters a zone is momentarily displayed (I'd say about 1 second), then the screen goes right to the input question, which runs just fine. This is the same for every zone. Any ideas.? (Can't attach the .lua file - sorry) LW
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