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  1. So if we reworded to "Legendary Stories and Superstitions"? How would that be perceived?
  2. Interesting proposal David. So if we drop "Urban" and simply keep "Legends and Superstitions", although we expand the category, I think this would add even mor confusion. ie: I consider Maurice Richard a hockey legend by his own right, or the same with Wild Bill Hickok - now we could discuss legend vs hero! Urban legends are what they are: fictional stories often rooted in local history and popular culture.
  3. How about the 25th or 28th around dinner time?
  4. Best day for +45* is January 7 very early morning (around 6:15 am).
  5. I looked at this site a while back. I'm just east of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I would certainly be game to team up with anybody. Will research further to get best viewing dates. Home ccords: N 45° 16.134′ W 75° 16.524′ Cheers! Jacques
  6. Visited the Blog in question ... indeed one logged visit (CO). Maybe he doesn't like to share stuff not related to Waymarking. Didn't weven bother to log a 'read it' comment. I too have a blog in French to visit and peruse through ... be my guest. ( Le Géo-blog de Jacques) Waymark on and Happy New Year! Jacques
  7. Thanks Keith. Merry Christmas to you and close ones. Happy Waymarking to all. Feliz Navidad. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à mes amis francophones. Jacques
  8. Thanks Keith. I started this thread ... so I get the last word. Let's put this idea to rest. Thread closed. LW
  9. Thanks to all once again for your input. For what it is worth, here is a draft of the category proposal I had written up, as agreed by most in my group. After this, I think I will put this matter to rest. Pop Silos Description: This category will seek out and record artistically enhanced tower silos. Expanded Description: GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS For this category, a silo will be recognized as a tower-like structure for storing bulk materials, mostly of agricultural use. Silos in this category must be permanent at an identifiable location. Free hand graffiti will not be considered an acceptable art-form for this category. Instructions for Posting a Solitary Silos Waymark: Naming: In order of preference: "XXX - Anytown, State" "Road Name - Anytown, State." 1.The description must describe the theme/design of the art -- it’s subject matter, media used, etc. 2. Coordinates must be personally obtained by a physical visit to the location. The coordinates should be taken as close to the silo as possible! If the coordinates are from a viewing point, please indicate this in your long description and describe the viewing point and approximate distance from the silo. 3. At least two photographs are required. One that clearly shows the entire length of the silo(s) and other photos can show signs, setting or specific details of the art design on the silo(s). Additional photos to show more detail or other views are encouraged. Since this is an VISUAL ART category, the quality of your photos is important. Waymarks with low quality photos that are inadequate in any way to display the art may be declined. Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category: Please provide additional photos of the location. Add your own insights and observations about this location. Variables: Are tours available? Does the silo have a website? Type of material: steel, concrete or wood? Surrounding property still in active use? Anyways, thank you for the feedback. Merci à tous pour votre appui et votre rétroaction. Je ne ressens pas un intérêt dans la communauté. Jacques
  10. Should I even bother writing up and sharing a category description? I have members of my group voting 'nay'. I feel that artistically enhanced silos (ie: Pop Silos) might have been inserted in the Murals category by default because there wasn't a specific category. Just read through some previous forum discussions ... some very nasty stuff that goes way beyond comments to help the proposal. Am I to expect this if I pursue? I feel that I am a 'mature' Waymarker who understands both games - Geocaching and Waymarking.
  11. Thank you everyone for participating in this discussion thus far. I understand that this proposal is apparantly covered in the "Murals" category. I will study this more in depth and come back ... the category proposal wasn't even shared at large yet. The group is still open for anyone interested. Cache on! Jacques
  12. Thank you BK and elyob for your comments. I gather your votes would be a nay? ? I still think a specific category for Pop Silos would be a great addition, but I'm not going to fight tooth and nail for it ... it could turn into a nasty exchange of opinions! ? If the best place is in Murals, then fine with me. ? Cheers.
  13. Hello. Started a new group to Waymark artistically enhanced silos (visit Pop Silos ). I was mostly thinking of farm silos, but construction silos (ie cement) could be included. While driving around in Eastern-Ontario farm country, I noticed a few of these popping up. I only see one category specific to silos (Solitary Silos). Feel free to join and comment as you please!
  14. Thanks to all who helped out! Cheers!
  15. Hey gang. Interesting thread. I tried to expand the category description, but still can't understand how to convert my GC name (loonwatcher) to numbers. Help please?
  16. Thank you MW. Not the first time I hear about Base Camp. Will certainly look into it.
  17. Thanks you both Fie67 and Vulture1957. I haven't transfered WMs to my GPS, but will certainly try this approach ... sure beats having to file a bunch of potential waymarks in my head. Happy WM and GC-ing.
  18. Bonjour. Premièrement, je vous remercie de votre proposition d'une nouvelle catégorie. C'est ce genres d'initiatives qui feront croître le jeu du WM. Ceci dit, en lisant le fil des conversations, je m'apperçois que les commentaires devenaient de plus en plus personnels et vexatifs. Mon dernier post était simplement une proposition de rédiger votre proposition et l'envoyer pour un vote à la communauté élargie. Je ne crois pas que ceux qui ont participé au 'thread' vont se faire convaincre de changer d'opinion, ni la mienne. En ce qui porte à votre commentaire que je suis débité ... non, du tout. N'ayant pas reçu de nouvelles de GC, je suis toujours en attente, mais j'ai appris comment bien faire les choses la prochaine fois, si prochaine fois il y aura. Amitiés.
  19. And the difference between this and Bandshells or Outdoor Amphitheaters ? Not quite sure!
  20. Hey. Is that a reference to my last proposal (Not like the last 2 Peer Review)? (re: ethnic and language related flags, which I am still waiting for a reply). Yes, I perhaps sent it at Peer Review prematuraly, but I will live with the results and perhaps rekindle later. This thread is getting nasty and off topic. If the waymarkers don't have anything new to add, then buckle up and let the proposal run its course. I also agree that art inside a roundabout can be found in other categories. That said, thios is MY last comment on this proposal. Jacques
  21. Same here. Copied in Google spreadsheet ... I can highlight the cells that I have found.
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