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  1. Greetings! Procrastination is a terrible thing. When I first heard about GC there were just a few hundred caches in the entire nation. I thought it sounded like a great idea and I already owned a 'state of the art' Magellan (looking back its amazing how far GPSr technology has come in a few short years) so I decided to hide a cache. I filled the ammo can and threw it in my truck but a day turned into a week, a week a month and before long a bunch of time has passed. And someone else had hidden the first cache in PA. No big deal as it eventually became a hide for an event and lived a happy life of a few years before someone nabbed it. Anyway, I have always wondered if I am the first cacher in PA (a join date of 11/2/00). I once posted this question and received a bunch of static and no help. Someone did tell me a way to find what number appears when on the forum (I forget how but I think it was #615). If these numbers still exist - what do they mean? I sent my question to Groundspeak and received a quick reply =================================== Date: Mar 2, 2008 12:28 AM I am sorry but we are unable to assist you on this project. When someone joined is not information we can give out. Thank you, Michael Groundspeak - The Language of Location =================================== Does anyone know if the means exist to determine who was the first cacher in each state? If not, has anyone in PA been caching longer than me? Thanks in advance for your insight No real reason for wanting to know other than I have always wondered! Sincerely, PULASKI
  2. BRT: Great point. I really hadnt given any thought to using the GPS vs paper map. I was just thinking data collected from a current online source. I had a GI map last week that was ancient. Other than the major terrain features put there from Day 1 it was pretty much worthless. Maybe I will engrave the 1,2,3 chart in the civ GPSr's that I might use for the military....... PULASKI This may not be accurate... MGRS-2 (1988 - 1991) may be the correct default at this time. When I was on Active Duty (1994 - 2006), the vast majority of military maps (with the exception of Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan) were produced between 1988 - 1991. So MGRS-2 would be appropriate. Other than those countries stated above, and mapsets for North Fort Polk, I haven't had the pleasure of using any mapsets created after 1991. In the National Guard, most of our map sets predate 1988 and therefore MGRS-1 would be appropriate. Edited to add that... No, I haven't used these MGRS settings on my GPSr. When using MGRS, I have only used military issue GPSr's.
  3. Hello! Before I get assaulted by well-wishers telling me that the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) is almost never used in geocaching.... I know that. This past weekend I was playing with my GPSr and looked through all the coordinate systems that are available - its amazing how much these inexpensive computers can really do. Being on a military base and knowing my present position, I decided to flip over to MGRS to compare its data to the map. I clicked on MGRS as the system and then was prompted if I wanted the coordinates in 1,10,100,1000 meter designators. The next prompt was MGRS-1, MGRS-2, MGRS-3 with the MGRS-2 seemingly being the default. I had never heard of these and nobody around me knew what they meant. Sunday evening I called Magellan (the maker of this Explorist) and got connected to a heavily accented customer service person in some distant land. He didnt know and put me on hold to research it. He came back on and still didnt have a clue. I looked at the online MGRS references and even the DoD references. No help. I tried calling Magellan HQ but they refuse to put calls through to their actual working employees so I couldnt get a designer or engineer. So, last resort was to use the online form. Surprisingly, I received a reply in one day and this is what they said: ===================================================================== We understand your mail that you require the definations of these selections. In this case I would like to inform you that MGRS1 stands for the period prior to 1988. MGRS2 stands for the period prior to 1988 and till Sep 1991. MGRS3 stands for the period prior to Oct 1991 to present. If you have further queries, please get back to us. You can also contact our Technical Support at 1-800-707-9971 for further assistance. Regards, Grace ===================================================================== Interesting. So MGRS-2 is NOT the correct default. Now I know what these settings are and you do too. As easy as the GPS system is to use there are a few subtle things that can be done wrong (like using wrong map datum or wrong MGRS set) - probably not things that will send you to the incorrect continent but possibly enough of an error to befuddle you unneccessarily! Has anyone ever actually used these MGRS settings? What about using the wrong datum (i.e. NOT WGS-84) If so, what degree of error did you experience? Just curious. Sincerely, PULASKI
  4. Chacos as much as I can. I know that someday I will be punished for wearing them (i.e. snakebite and not just the normal wear and tear of briars and rocks) but I love them. They come with a great outdoors ready sole and are made in the USA (like Tevas used to be and Keens never were to the best of my knowledge) And at the end of the summer when I have the classic foot tan lines - I can sit back and smile as I remember the summer's adventures. I was turned on to them while in Montana and am now a loyal follower! When the situation dictates something else - Teva hiking shoe, jungle boots or Matterhorns in the winter. Sincerely, PULASKI
  5. In spite of not having a great memory for many things, I CLEARLY recall my first exposure to GC. It was the summer of 2000 and for some reason I had dozed off in my Archie Bunker chair. I awoke in the middle of the night and there was a segment on caching on an ESPN outdoors show. It looked awesome so I punched it up and found there were only a few 100 caches in the world and none in PA. I registered soon after that and put together what would have been the first cache in PA. It sat on the floor of my Pathfinder for many many weeks. Eventually someone else hid the first keystone state one and mine would go on to become one used at a GC event. I wish I has saved the data on how many caches there were back then. Its amazing how this hobby has grown. Sincerely, PULASKI
  6. Army Guard and Reserve. 11B Infantryman and Medic. While the military is a young person's game - the maximum age has been raised: H.R.1815 SEC. 543. INCREASE MAXIMUM AGE FOR ENLISTMENT. Section 505(a) of title 10, United States Code, is amended by striking `thirty-five years of age' and inserting `forty-two years of age'.
  7. Greetings! Hey, I have a novel idea - how about we start a new category of geocaching - where there wouldn't actually be a container but the posted coordinates take you somewhere interesting. You would go to the point - probably in a very low impact manner - and find yourself somewhere historic or fascinating. Then you could answer a question and report back to the cache owner. Ohhh wait, nevermind - I just remembered we USED to have these but someone deemed that even the worst box-o-junk is better than the best virtual....... Wouldn't a virtual in a "no cache container" zone be better than no caching at all? Bring back the virts! Sincerely, PULASKI
  8. Greetings! This is a great thread. I have long been amazed at some of the utter garbage that people leave in caches. The most annoying are muddy golf balls that people find when walking to a cache. I always remove obvious trash (every muddy, found golf ball goes) such as soaked paper items, broken toys,etc and try to leave 2:1 or try to just leave 2 items even if I take nothing. As most of the swag is for kids anyway - I often leave some new military patches and pins ( bought a huge lot of stuff for cheap at govliquidation.com ) or ziplok bags of costume jewelry (nooo, i dont wear it - sometimes buy boxes of it for next to nothing at public sales ). I can remember only a handful of times when the pirzes actually made me go, "Wow!" but I have seen countless times when kids were ooohing and ahhing. Sincerely, PULASKI
  9. Greetings! Just remember that the VAST majority of cachers NEVER cruise the forums so for every ES person who posts here there are probably 10 or 100 or who will never see this. I have been in Fire/EMS for 25yrs (yes, I started young!) and GSAR. On numerous occasions I have found caches while working in EMS. The services that have no issue with their crews being out and about (as long as its in the first due area) are great because that freedom not only leads to cache finds but its a great way to introduce new people (EMS partners) to caching. There is something about finding a cache "on the clock" that makes it all that much sweeter!! Sincerely, PULASKI
  10. I remember when there were NO caches in the Commonwealth of PA so I made the first one with every intention of hiding it 'tomorrow'. Well, tomorrow became a week and a week a month and then SEVERAL months and soon somebody beat me too it. If I had gotten that one out I would probably post a bronze plaque there like the one in Oregon. I also remember several 1:1 spats with Jeremy and the days BEFORE CCCooperAgency ruled the world. One other significant difference between the "old days" and now is the quality of the cache items. It was a rare cache that contained muddy golf balls found on the way in, lint from someone's pocket or other utterly worthless junk. Trading was an honorable endeavor in the early days. Sincerely, PULASKI
  11. Greetings! Thanks for all the intelligent comments. Its been a few days since I have received deaththreats for talking about certain high-numbered cachers, warnings from moderators or reposts of private emails. Now that I know what number cacher I am - my next question is - can anyone tell the rankings by STATE? I can say that I am # _ _ _ in the world but my curiousity now leads me to ponder where I stand in PA. Thanks for any help. Geocaching rules do no allow me to state what I am thinking about some of the nuts who post totally unrelated thoughts.... Sincerely, PULASKI
  12. Greetings! WOW! You received an apology for a nasty approver? Just for VERBAL comments? That's amazing. I have crossed wires with an approver who seems to have taken his "duty" far too seriously. The same person recently resurfaced in my little geocaching world and defended an infamous, high-numbers geocaching team - with much more vigor than the laughable silly topic required. Seems that his personal friendship and affiliation with these king of the hill cachers got squarely in the way of his role as a quasi-official GC entity. It seems to me like there is very little oversight of these volunteers. Sincerely, PULASKI
  13. Greetings. Focus people, focus. Numerous posters and only 1 that attempts to answer my question. I think some people need to study SBELL111's Creed with attention to #3. I took offense at El Diablo's statement that people can't say something if it MIGHT offend someone. That PC-thinking is one reason why America has problems. When you are The King of the Hill - i.e. the CCCAs, The President of the USA or a famous Hollywood celebrity - you have to expect people to sling comments at you. If that offends you - note the small :-p symbol after my comment. Lynn and company are great people - just wacky wacky wacky as geocachers. Do the math - it would be hard to deny that statement when you look at their pace. Wacky isn't neccessarily a bad thing - its just a departure from the norm. Hopefully my comments didn't offend anyone. If they did - I am not sure how I will live with myself. <---------------------------- see that little guy? Sincerely, PULASKI
  14. Greetings! When first heard about geocaching there were NO caches in Pennsylvania ( as of today there are 2504 ). I was wondering if anyone knows who the first 100 or 500 or 1000 cachers are? Just think - the first person, or maybe even the Top 100, could wear a special crown and visit GC events like royalty!! Hey, it works for CCCooperAgency as kings and queens of numbers!! :-p Your thoughts? Sincerely, PULASKI
  15. Greetings! I purposely avoid reading the forums because I always seem to have something to say! As a parent who works in a public safety occupation, I am WELL aware of the number of scumbags, freaks and fruitcakes that walk the Earth. This realization is solidified by even a quick glance at the PA Meghan's Law website (http://www.pameganslaw.state.pa.us/). Even though I am a privacy nut (even delisted myself from all the search engines such as google - thanks xblock.com!) I have always posted pics of my kids caching. I really love looking back at them when they were more wee than they are now. Sex offenders who are looking at photos of kids on the net are not looking through countless GC pics for ones of children. Know where your kids are and what they are doing, use only your GC names, make sure your home coordinates are not for your home (mine points people to a sewage treatment plant!) and everything will be a-ok. :-) Sincerely, PULASKI
  16. Greetings! FF/EMT/Army RC 91W Medic/Wilderness FA Instructor All you paramedics might enjoy skydiver's neat GEOCACHING PARAMEDIC tshirt at: http://www.skydivergear.com/cgibin/cpshop.cgi/paramedic He has some great GC designs Sincerely, PULASKI
  17. Greetings! Holy Cow!! I have found a kindred spirit after reading LooneyTunes post about what I call THE WAR ON VIRTUAL CACHES. I am the proud owner of several historical virtue caches. I put 100s of hours of research into these and they all include a bunch of background. When you visit my historical or military caches you are certain to learn something. I get LOADS of comments thanking me for having a cache that causes people to stop "and smell the roses" - many from people who drive by these sights year after year and wouldnt have stopped and learned if it werent for the cache. I too have had numerous run-ins with approval nazis. It seems that volunteering to be an approver is a task that is undertaken only by those on a power trip. I also consider myself to be on King Jeremy's black list. For many months I have wondered why GC.com has such a strange hatred of virtuals and yet approves almost ANY traditional cache - no matter how silly or junky it is. Earlier this week I found two new trads in Reading PA - they were posted in floodplains using a semi-disposable Hefty plastic container. They contained almost no trade items. The hider was a brand new cacher who had SIX (6) finds. A complete waste of my time other than to add 2 finds to my total. Little thought was put into their creation and they were boring and served no purpose whatsoever. Later that day my new cache fails to get approval ( Tennessee Geocacher ) because its a virtual. First he requests the coordinates of the five statues even after I explain that they are close enough together to have the coordinates be statistically the same. Then he sends a LONG list of demands and again suggests I include a micro cache. He says that if my "only purpose" for this cache is to bring people to the statues I should consider posting to www.waypoint.org Yes, my purpose is to bring people to the statues and learn some fascinating history. So, I now need to add a micro or have this cache die the slow painful death that it is headed for. Why I ask, why, does Jeremy HATE virtuals and guide his legions of subservient approvers to deny almost all? The saddest thing of all is that MANY virtuals are handicapped accessible and MANY trads are not. If I was in a wheelchair I would be pissed that so many virtuals are denied. Some love virts, some hate them but there are many great locations where putting a box of junk in the bushes would only be a distraction. Learning something IS the goal not exchanging worthless trinkets. For some reason this is a hard concept for gc.com to understand. Adding more black to my name on Jeremy's blacklist. Sincerely, PULASKI The latest denied cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=91922 More info to be added as the cache is developed
  18. Greetings! My first time back to this enlightening and lively conversation in a week or so. First to "fizzymagic" - I wasnt whining about my caches being wacked and other peoples being approved. I have some that were approved that I dont feel are as good as several of mine that were canned. Not comparing mine to anyone else ( well, except for the new one of a stupid beer bottle outline painted on a commercial business - possibly the dumbest one ever - doable from the highway doing 70mph ) Second, STILL dont know what is meant by TROLL. I emailed the King of Geocaching and leader of computer nerds everywhere - KING JEREMY - without reply. I personally think he was the kid at school that got beaten up on a weekly basis and now has power and likes exercising it. Seriously - I dont know what TROLL means in regard to caching. After reading the most recent posts, I DO think that SOME approvers get off on having the power to deny a cache and then have the cache owner beg for approval. I have read SEVERAL people's posts saying that their caches got approved only after numerous outbound emails begging and pleading. Further evidence of this might be proven in the way that some approvers add a few lines of ilrelevant text to the title or body. I have had things added that in no way contributed to the understanding of clarity of the cache. Almost like the approver just wanted to flex his muscle. Hmmmm.... Sunny day, headed out to do some hiking. Sincerely, PULASKI
  19. Please explain "Troll" or "Trolling" Instead of enlightening me on the terminology of those who sit, drooling, at their computers 24/7 -Jeremy makes the smart alecky "*cough* troll *cough*" Seriously, I do not know what this means. I am not a forum "insider" or in his legions of approvers Sincerely, PULASKI
  20. Greetings! On the way back to the firehouse my cellphone rings and a friend says "look at the number of replies to your forum post inc the butt kissing" I wasnt trying to bash the "volunteer approvers". I dont even read the forum most months so I was unaware of any previous rash of approver bashing. Also, using the "the approvers are allllll volunteers" deal is a cop-out. There should be some standard (loose or not) that the approvers follow. Saying they can pick and choose is like saying volunteer firefighters dont have to train to the same standard as paid firefighters because they are vollies. AND, my disapproved locationless cache(s) were all posted before the 2/9/03 "moratorium" ( which I didnt even know officially existed until I saw it today ) If I was a cacher in a wheelchair I would have serious issues with suspending locationless caches. Thanks to those who posted so far. I needed a few good laughs. Sincerely, PULASKI
  21. Greetings! My favorite non-technical use is as a stress reliever! I love walking along and clicking the gate open and hearing that SNAP as it slams shut! I was once in a Walmart and as I was shopping heard "that sound". Investigating further i rounded the corner to find a VERY attractive blonde outdoorys-looking female - happily thumbing her biner. She looked up to see me staring at her and I just reached down and snapped my biner. She smiled a huge smile and I walked away. Two nature-loving carabiner snappers whose paths crossed!! :-) Sincerely, PULASKI
  22. Greetings! This will probably stir up a hornets nest.... First, let me say I am not whining about my caches that werent approved. I didnt start the hobby, I dont run the server and I am not paying anything to cache so its completely Jeremy and Company's right to do what they want. I recognize that. Second, I am a fan of locationless or virtual caches when they have interesting or educational value. I also think they can be a great way for persons with disabilities to enjoy this hobby. I am not ashamed of my like of locationless caches. Personally, I would rather score an interesting virtual cache that causes me to think, learn something or go somewhere I wouldnt have normally gone than to wander a few hundred yards into a park or woods to find what often turns out to be a poorly planned box of junk. Recently I have had the following virtuals shot down: * SEARCHLITE CACHE - find a searchlight that is shining into the night sky and photo. Many of these are WWII surplus and my cache included research on them that took several hours to complete. * GEO WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE - Virtual c. taking you to a plaque commemorating a location where General W slept. Includes nearby Civil War cannons and a statue of a CW General and his dog *READING PA WEBCAM- admittedly fairly far away but no farther than many other cams and it included a second photo for verification Etc Etc Etc One of the denials included an eloquent line to the affect of "virtual caches must be so unique and noteworthy that people want to travel to see them and photos of the location could make it into a cofeetable book" My issue is that I have seem EXTREMELY unpredictable standards being used for accepting or denying a cache. Recently a virtual cache was approved along a major Interstate highway. The answer is to report that it was several 25ft tall outlines of a beer bottles painted ON A COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ( beer distributor ). Not only is this cache doable from the highway at 75mph but its an ad for a business. But it was approved in February2003 - long after the supposedly stricter guidelines were put in place. This isnt an isolated case either. So my question is - has anyone else faced what they feel is a disparity in cache approval? Had an interesting cache turned down? Known of a really boring or commercial c. that was recently OK'd? Sending this partly because I am curious and partly because I like stirring up trouble! Thanks. Sincerely, PULASKI
  23. Greetings: Dont you understand???? Its a long time truth that the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex started with AMMO CANS! Think about...Ammo cans are usually used ONE TIME. Anyone who has been in the military knows that your ammo always comes in fresh cans. Anyone who has geocached knows these things last forever. So, its fiscally irresponsible to sell once-used cans as surplus when they COULD be refilled with the only change needed being a quick update of the lot number. Its actually quite thoughtful of Uncle Sam to surplus ammo cans for use by cachers. That or maybe the ammo can factory is in an influential congressman's district somewhere. Wanna buy ammo cans by the pallet? www.govliquidation.com I bought a pallet just to have. I often go out and look at them - stacked so nicely - so new and green and beautiful. Ahh, life is good! Maybe the originator of this topic has a wife that sells Tupperware?!?! Yes, ammo cans DO stink. But that STINK is the smell of AMMO and that, my friends, is the semll of FREEDOM! :-) Personally, I keep my ammo in Tupperware and my lunch in an ammo can. Call me odd Sincerely, PULASKI
  24. Greetings: Dont you understand???? Its a long time truth that the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex started with AMMO CANS! Think about...Ammo cans are usually used ONE TIME. Anyone who has been in the military knows that your ammo always comes in fresh cans. Anyone who has geocached knows these things last forever. So, its fiscally irresponsible to sell once-used cans as surplus when they COULD be refilled with the only change needed being a quick update of the lot number. Its actually quite thoughtful of Uncle Sam to surplus ammo cans for use by cachers. That or maybe the ammo can factory is in an influential congressman's district somewhere. Wanna buy ammo cans by the pallet? www.govliquidation.com I bought a pallet just to have. I often go out and look at them - stacked so nicely - so new and green and beautiful. Ahh, life is good! Maybe the originator of this topic has a wife that sells Tupperware?!?! Yes, ammo cans DO stink. But that STINK is the smell of AMMO and that, my friends, is the semll of FREEDOM! :-) Personally, I keep my ammo in Tupperware and my lunch in an ammo can. Call me odd Sincerely, PULASKI
  25. Greetings! I jumped on here because I saw KING PELLINORE had posted - anybody who has been to his FLYING INSTRUMENTS ( my favorite PA cache ) knows he is crazy!!! :-) I think that your FINDS need to be DIVIDED by the number of DAYS since you started caching. For some people in the multiple thousands - the division equals MORE THAN ONE PER DAY. Feed that into the geocaching computer and it hums and whistles and lights blink and it spits out a piece of paper saying: GET A LIFE! Yes, most people who realize they are addicted go through an incredible spurt of cache-finding in the beginning of their addiction but if it continues month after month at this rate - to the exclusion of community service, common sense and even sleep - thats a psychosis.... IMHO PULASKI
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