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  1. I can't guess what your question is, but here is an insight: a guided missile does not hit the target by being pointed at it. If you really want to calculate the direction to a set of coordinates from another set, there are many off the shelf solutions.
  2. No doubt you saw the first attack before you began this thread. Maybe you are the nicest. =)
  3. Of course, It's not just you. Readers in every forum project their personality and worldview onto others' posts. It's only natural.
  4. Hello SquirrelsGoneWild, Can you give some examples of aggressive posts?
  5. Wherever the rules come from they annoy customers to the point that, as someone already stated, it makes hacked and cracked maps an appealing option for many. I'd have thought Garmin were a large enough company that they could apply some considerable pressure to the people who produce maps for their devices, even if only to allow installation on a future device for a heavily discounted fee. For all it might result in people registering a friend's device as if it were their own it's surely better to lose a little bit of money from the odd fraudulent "second installation" than to lose a lot of money when people are annoyed enough to hack the maps and distribute them for free. Exactly. It's not as if Garmin ever tried that . . . like allowing installation on a second GPSr for free.
  6. Indeed. In point of fact, "John E Cache" does understand that filters have limited capabilities and can't overcome the billion-fold in-band energy levels LightSquared will inject into GPSr front ends (his specious posts not withstanding). With good reason, he refuses to state how GPSr filters might be improved even a little bit. If LightSquared really could produce the filter performance they claim, they would have an asset vastly more valuable than the spectrum in question and would be busy rewriting physics and engineering textbooks rather than bribing the Administration and lying to the public. I at least understand LightSquared lying to make money, but I don't understand "John E Cache".
  7. Re: michaelnel, yogazoo, John E Cache This is less an issue of filters and more an issue of misuse of the band. This band is reserved for space to ground communication, while the FCC improperly granted a waiver for LightSquared to use it for ground to ground transmission. GPS transmitters emit 22 watts from more than 20,000 km away. LightSquared’s transmitters will emit 15,000 watts from less than 10 km away. GPS receivers already have both resonant cavity and SAW filters; what else could you add? The published literature suggests that no filter capable of protecting GPS receivers from LightSquared’s emissions exists even in concept or design. Not to take sides but this is even more an issue of payoffs to administration officials and a certain political party than to Congress. In fact, the only official push-back has come from some members of Congress. FYI, the FCC is part of the Obama administration. According to the National Legal and Policy Center, LightSquared principals visited the White House and made maximum donations to the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and to certain FCC officials' campaign funds. Then, Obama appointees in the FCC circumvented established regulations and procedures. Though unpleasant, these facts are part of the public record. Anyone interested can look it all up.
  8. Watch a lot more TV and grade B movies, and listen carefully to the Art Bell radio program every night. Soon you will have in-depth knowledge of all scientific advancements and available technology. No doubt you will be able to locate yourself and your kids via remote viewing then mentally teleport them wherever you want. =)
  9. No rush: it will take Garmin at least a year to get most of the bugs out of the firmware.
  10. You could do it on a Nuvi with a custom vehicle for the 2-D maps, but probably only one ring. The ring could not represent a fixed radius, but rather a fixed fraction (or multiple?) of the scale dimension.
  11. You are definitely in professional surveyor territory. They can typically produce contours with one foot intervals by aerial photography. Technicians on the ground can quickly produce quarter foot intervals via RTK techniques if you are in range of a reference station. Centimeter intervals just require more time and money. If you have a great deal of time, rent a total station and a range pole . . . then learn how to use them.
  12. I guess nobody has the answer I'm looking for. My concern is the timing of my one free update, and whether it even matters. Not much has changed where I drive. Thanks anyway.
  13. I'd very much like to know what the difference between 2011.31 and 2011.40 is. Can you say? Thanks.
  14. Which is broken, the LCD or the touchscreen (digitizer)? Both, and the combined part for many GPSs are available from several vendors inexpensively. Have you looked on ebay or researched on the internet?
  15. During 2009 and 2010 LightSquared, via their own Political Action Committee contributed exclusively to: DORGAN, BYRON L Senate Democrat ND INOUYE, DANIEL K Senate Democrat HI Their owners and officers may also have contributed personally.
  16. 1. 11 months (HCx) 2. about 5 months 3. Zero storage in car. Live in cool climate, no sunscreen, failed all the way around but mostly where it was held, adhesive turned tan color and oozed out. Ideas: adhesive may be incompatible with some body chemistries; some batches of rubber may be incompatible with the adhesive . . .
  17. Crafty Turtle said: "Would everyone please find a member of the older generation (adopt one, if you need to), and explain some technology to them. Gently." Just curious, can you tell us which generation conceived, designed, and built this technology?
  18. Hold on! Not so fast! Wait until the surveys, petitions, voter initiatives, public hearings, private hearings, sub-committee meetings, background checks, and law suits are complete.
  19. Just curious, who said "works with 'ALL Garmin Devices'"?
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