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  1. I love being able to download caches, but grabbing them 20 at a time is tricky, and a pain if you are trying to grab all the waypoints between here and there. I would like to grab a pile of waypoints for all of california so I can watch on my pc as a drive and spot any caches I might noodle by. Has anybody found a way to grab larger numbers of cache data then the page by page that works by default?
  2. Awright doglovers out there, I (a new cacher who has yet to dig up first cache) was looking for my first cache here in California, and I saw a travel cat. Appears a travel cat and a travel dog are both racing for home,and the dog is still back on the East coast (50 some miles total) while the cat is already here in Silcon Valley (2000 or so total miles), a mere 400 mile from home. If you are in the area of Sparkle the Travel Dog, please get him in motion so he doesnt get beaten by a stupid cat! Stiv the Dog Lover (and Ellie the Dog)
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