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  1. Lots of great discussion here! Thanks for all the input. Yes, I think many can agree that there is room for improvement. There are already many silly or arbitrary rules and changes that have been there since the beginning or have happened over the 15 years since I've been caching. I have literally watched a new family of cachers take the entire cache (Ammo box) back to their car because the "little girl wanted it." And I was the bad guy for telling them that's not how it works. A few more checks and balances to tighten up the system is all I'd be looking for. My favourite thing about reading the posts are the instant responses like "You can't do that!", and "But what about this?"... I'd rather see suggestions of how to improve, over how not to 'take from me'.... Gotta love the justice warriors out to right the wrongs.
  2. I really don't think it would affect new cachers negatively regardless. It may even just give them a goal. It's good to have goals. Most all of us had purchased GPS's in the earlier years of caching, and I believe it put the older geocaching crowd in a slightly different category of enthusiast. Since the free cell phone apps became the norm for caching, things have changed, a lot. I'm certainly not saying ALL NEWBS ARE BAD at caching. But I stand by the idea to implement some form of check and balance for those new folk with free memberships and free apps. They just d/l an app and go find 100, then give up, meanwhile posting in a vein similar to an effortless facebook post that this cache is "(missing/or whatever)" and needs maintenance. I've had many Needs Maintenance and Needs Archive logs that are the only DNF, made by a person with very few finds, telling me to fix a perfectly fine cache. Don't tell me that isn't annoying. There has to be some middle ground here. I became a premium member immediately upon joining (granted it's a very small fee) but, as a paying member I had invested in the hobby both with the membership, and with the GPS (8 different ones at last count). You just don't get nearly as much of that commitment anymore. Things are given and expected and I, as a cache owner expect a bit of effort in logging or consideration of what receiving an NA or NM log entails. But hey, it's just my opinion. Everyone should have at least one.
  3. Maybe you are right, but my experience is that the low number finders are the main concern with regard to this topic. I think certain actions throughout Geocaching should be earned, rather than expected. But that is another topic.
  4. I have found that many new cachers when they cannot find a cache, will Request it be archived or require maintenance when they just missed the location or container. Since this is a database heavy system, could the reasons for Requests for Maintenance be pulled from a drop down menu or check boxes, rather than just a series of confusing or incoherent comments made by a frustrated or inexperienced player? This may make it easier for reviewers to report on certain issues or even if they are remotely valid. Also, maybe Newbies could be limited to not be able to request certain things such as owner maintenance or archiving until they reach a certain number of finds such as 250 or 500 until they have enough collected experience. I'm not against looking in the issues that may be apparent for the cache of a cache owner, but I have found many times that the reasons for these requests have been unfounded and the cache is right where it should be.
  5. I cannot see any replies inbound, and my messages outbound are all duplicated and triplicated...Sometimes the writing box (field) disappears too. Using Google Chrome. Maybe it's a browser thing?
  6. YUK! Yesterday great, choices!!.... Today, No choices= Google Map/Satellite. Today's test period= not impressed.
  7. I received several, all from BS profiles... exact same wording.
  8. I really wish Groundspeak would get on with polygon/rectangular searches.
  9. If I inadvertently make a PQ that is over 1000 geocaches, how and which ones are the remaining caches excluded from the query? Does it drop them geocentrically? Alphanumerically, by name, by code? By Difficulty? By Date placed? I did try to search this topic but got nowhere within 15 minutes....
  10. I disagree.... Yes, finding 10k caches in a day may be a challenge.. however, as my wife and I generally only cache while traveling nowadays, loading 4000 caches or more may be imperative for a long road trip. One never knows if wi-fi is going to be available when your cell is roaming and needed on an adventure, and when traveling more than 3000 miles it's nice to have a route of PQ's d/l'd and at the ready. This only just happened to us where went to California from BC and back. My GPS only holds 2000 caches and at a most inconvenient time the route was bare when it could have been loaded still. I understand that there are other solutions, but greater capacity is the one feature I am seeking.
  11. I've been caching for about 7 years now and have owned 7 GPSr's. I have been somewhat paying attention to the plethora of Garmin units that have become available but now that I am ready to upgrade again and am really paying attention, I find it's more confusing than ever to choose a unit. Why have I owned 7 different units? Because some of them malfunctioned and when I replaced them I upgraded, some were sold to friends, etc. Now with the Monterra soon to join the line-up, I realize that the Garmin website really is of little value as it certainly does not explain or compare the available series, let alone the units. The "COMPARE" feature is practically useless as it can only compare 4 units at a time, and only includes the features that they bothered with, not the technology of the processors, the durability of the comparable series, and other important stuff.... for instance; a unit may be able to have 2000 waypoints, but that could be in addition to the 4000 Geocaches, which it doesn't even mention. GPCCity and GPSCentral also don't really explain things to a level that I found useful. Has anyone been able to decipher the differences and posted, or published an easily understandable explanation of what Garmin has to offer? Don't even bother adding Delorme, Magellan, etc etc.....I'm confused enough!! I dunno, maybe I missed something?!? Thanks BB
  12. Today, many of the geocache notifications I received could not be accessed through my Google Chrome browser. It kept showing me the same screen below. Can someone check the GC code or let me know if this is a common error/issue? This is not the only cache page that has shown me this. It could be a local thing, or it could be a false warning either way I'd like to know what's going on. By the way, I have checked my computer for malware since seeing this and found none on it so far....
  13. I've used that, and it is AWESOME...excellent for when you are on vacation and you don't want to fiddle around with your PQs. Yup it's great. So why won't GC.com do it? Bounding boxes are a perfect alternate to Radius PQ's. Can't imagine it's using any more computer resources than allowing GSAK to do it.
  14. Polygonal Pocket queries are available in so many other Geocaching applications, why oh why can't we get them on this premier and wonderous website? Being able to get many caches at once is the basis feature of all premium membership! It can be accomplished in many ways, and not just by drawing a ploygon, though that would be the most user friendly method. Radius PQ's overlap and are a pain in the a** to organize a largely saturated grouping of geographical areas. GSAK has it right. We can organize and plot areas so easily. Geocaching.com seems to be adding all sorts of features that I never use including those taken right from GSAK but still nothing to make PQ's easier. Yes, I use GSAK but I obviously still wish to make my PQ's more efficient. Please please please please please......... :D :D :D
  15. 576 logs!!!!!?????? Problem may be in the volume of logs you are actually uploading. Don't you erase them from the device when you upload them to GC? If not, why not? No, I do not delete them. One: there is no option to do so. I would have to go in and delete the contents manually. Two: It's a tiny file regardless of that volume of info. Three: I have read that any changes to the file in the GPS can potentially cause problems if in fact the text or file format is incorrect. Four: GC.com has the ignore before thingy in place which has worked up until now so it's only a few caches each time Five: never thought to do so.
  16. What kind of 2-bit operation lets their systems run out of space with no warning or pre-emptive measures taken to free up/add space? These kinds of comments might be a be presumptive. Yes, they have the odd problems kick up unexpectedly but really.... a refund? 2-bit operation? It's technology, It breaks down.... not really that big of a deal for the small amount we pay... What are you out, 9 cents? I'll send it to you myself if you really need it . Of course, it'll have to be in CDN funds.
  17. Yeah tried that. got the previous 576 logs and still not the last 6 I had found.... could be a Garmin problem, or a windows issue, or gc.com , or........
  18. I noticed that my field notes from yesterday only partially uploaded. When I realized how few had been uploaded I tried again but without any further field notes uploading. I checked the geocache_visits.txt file in my Oregon 300 and saw that 6 logs did not upload. Now it makes me wonder if I have to check through ALL the logs to see if any others have been missed.
  19. I used the fetch PQ's feature in the new version of GSAK and it worked fine. Clicking on the GC.com PQ button did not though.
  20. All my Pq's that disappeared all reappeared while I was out geocaching (with old information) Yay!! Glitch??
  21. Today I clicked on each of my 4 regular pocket queries and one by one they deleted! I did not have them checked off nor did I click on the delete button. anyone else have this happen?
  22. How about a link? I searched for a while without success.... God I hate searching in forums (worst search engines, EVER)
  23. I'm not certain that I know what Lil Devil's script looked like.... What I now see again appears to be exactly the same as before.. Yay! This, is what I was missing. Hey now...... I didn't whine. I think it was more like an inquiry. .
  24. Up until a few days ago I would see a red check mark up in the top right of the cache page, and little note indicating that "I had already found this cache". This no longer appears and I have looked for a setting to reinstate the note without success. Is it the website, or am I missing something? (edit - poor spelling and grammar)
  25. Time has passed but we also have a Facebook page for Geocachers of Greater Victoria (GCGV) that you can link up through. Some Duncan folk pay attention to that if you come out again.
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