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  1. I would check ebay, though it's probably long gone by now. And that's exactly why I never took any trackable items. I knew I was not up to the task I only was able to do 5 caches before "life got in the way", but I'm coming back now - I hope - have yet to find any good looking cache listings in my area, so maybe I'll make one. Anyhoo....check ebay lol
  2. The site provides a blank cache description box which allows the cache hider to enter an unlimited amount of text to describe the risks. The hider is in the best position to know these risks, having researched and visited the placement site. The site provides tools such as cache attributes (hunting area, dangerous area, not for children, etc.). The site provides a rating system for terrain and difficulty. What, specifically, would you like the site to do, which is not already being done? I don't think they'll send a guide to lead you around to all the caches. double quote - "What, specifically, would you like the site to do, which is not already being done? I don't think they'll send a guide to lead you around to all the caches." Well that was overly snarky now wasn't it? Try rereading the post without that chip on your shoulder and see if it reads any clearer. It might not, I'm not the best writer in the world. However, I was merely trying to state that we are all equally responsible in being safe, the site that publishes the cache locations/descriptions, the people who list them and the people who try to find them. It wasn't a criticism with the site at all, and if something I wrote personally offended you that was not the intention (never even met ya). I had a disappointing experience with my first cache hunt. What I described as my problem could have been remedied by the hider and no one else. ( I was new, I now recognize that I could be being sent into hunting areas, and so I now do make sure before I set out to find a cache, that it's a no hunting area first.) Again, I have no idea why this personally offends you and elicited such a snarky response. However I never asked for "a guide to lead me around to all the caches". Nor did I intend to offend anyone. My point now is the same as it originally was. Whether or not anyone agrees with me - we ARE all responsible for our actions. If I tell someone 'Go find this cool cache at these coordinates" and they got shot by a hunter because they didn't do enough research to find out if there was hunting there or not - It may be the cachers responsibilty, but it's also mine for not telling him that there was hunting in that area. The fact that they didn't take proper precautions for themselves doesn't erase the fact that I didn't give them information I should have before sending them there. --I've reread this and it still doesn't read clearly enough ( I tend to ramble) - I wasn't criticizing the site when I said it was the sites responsibility to make it as easy as possible ...etc. I don't even know how easy it actually is because I have never listed a cache! I was just saying that the responsibility existed, because I was getting the impression that some believed that safety was the sole responsibility of the person trying to find the cache and that all the site MUST do is the bare -legally required- minimum. Hopefully this makes more sense and is less offensive. I'm going to nurse my sprained ankle and maybe ban my typing fingers from this forum, lol
  3. I haven't been geocaching very long, 5 finds and 2 DNFs so far, but I got a sprained ankle while out scouting an area for a possible future cache hiding spot. Does that count? lol why am I laughing, it still hurts -
  4. I did exactly what the OP mentioned, ran out to walmart, got my gps and started trying to find caches near my home. The first one I attempted to find brought me to a trail head with two signs , one which was a warning that there was hunting on adjacent lands and to wear brightly colored clothing and be careful, and another sign which warned that this was a lyme tick area. Well we hightailed it out of there and I was extremely disappointed that this wasn't mentioned on the page for the cache. Had I known about the hunting I wouldn't have bothered going out there. I also know there are bears in our area, though there was no sign for that. I'm guessing that sign had probably succumbed to the weather. Had this happened to the hunting sign, and I had experienced hunters while trying to find the cache, this would be a very different post indeed, lol. I understand that the site has it's necessary disclaimer and that's all well and good. But I think it is up to them to make it very easy for the person placing the cache to make it as clear as possible what the dangers of that cache might be. And the responsibility of the person placing the cache to make sure they've made any possible dangers very clear. Since then I've come across cache listings that mention nothing about hunting, but then the people logging finds will mention running into hunters. I know I don't live anywhere near Dick Cheney , but there are still hunting accidents and I'm not a gun person and I would never send people unknowingly into a hunters path. As for other dangers, I learned of one firsthand when I was out on a local trail enjoying the day and considering a place for one of my own caches someday, when I sprained my ankle on a very easy downhill trail, lol. That was my own lack of common sense, I should have been wearing better shoes that I had put off getting. Anyway, I agree that most of the responsibility has to fall on the the person heading out into the woods, but whether they want it or not, or whether they have any legal responsibility or not, the website that posts these caches IS responsible for a degree of safe listings and the person hiding the cache is responsible for making it a safe one and letting people know what they are in for if they try to find it.
  5. I just found this particular forum - Geocaching.com Web Site - After realizing that ever since coming on here my computer has been incredibly slow. I thought something was wrong with my computer but I just today realized (ok my significant other realized...) It's just when I'm using this site that everything slows down. Yes, I've been using the site that much since I found out about geocaching! lol. I multitask and thought it was all pages loading slowly, but now I realize it was just when I had various pages from this site loading in the background. So I came to see if anyone else has had this problem and I see that you have. Hope this gets resolved soon
  6. That article is how I first heard of geocaching and I just did my first find yesterday! It was in an insert in the Sunday paper I think.
  7. Well I got a black and white Legend. Now to figure out how to use it. Just after buying it we went to eat at a chinese buffet, and after taking awhile to find satellites it said we were in Hong Kong. We aren't, but I thought it was hysterical seeing as we were in a chinese restaurant Thanks for everyone's advice P.S. The cable that came with it, there isn't any place on my computer where I can attach that sort of cable P. P.S. I accidentally put one of the batteries in the wrong direction and had a heck of a time getting it back out. I placed a string under it so that it would be easier to remove next time. And sure enough even after replacing it properly I wasn't able to get it out without using the string.
  8. Thanks Miragee I did see that thread about the office depot prices , however I called the one near me and they said the only unit they had was a TomTom. I will look at the Legend though
  9. Hello, I've been reading this website and am very excited to jump in and try to start geocaching! However I don't know anything about GPS and even though I've been reading this forum, I'm still very confused. I found a bunch of threads that made the little yellow Garmin eTrex sound like exactly what I was looking for - inexpensive, not overly complicated, and all you really need for geocaching. However I then read some threads that recommended other units over the eTrex. So is the Garmin eTrex suitable for geocaching and do you think it's fairly easy to learn to use?
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