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  1. I have tried 3 different browsers and none of them will let me send a cache to my gps. What can I do
  2. I tried this 3 times and it does not give me a drop down menu to add my cell number? what am I doing wrong
  3. I tried to do a query with only the state but if you look at a map of WI and MI, I live right by the border in MI. If I put in MI. then I get those from both Upper and Lower MI. If I use WI then I get both sides of lake MI. And if I get GSAK how is it going to help me with this problem and how do I use it?
  4. I dont use GSAK because I dont want to pay for that as well as geocaching.com. But thank you for your answer.
  5. Thank you for that information. I am going to do that from now on.
  6. I am trying to make a pocket query for 100 miles around my zip code but I get a lot of them that are on the other side of Lake Michigan. So to get to them I either have to swim or drive an extra 200 miles around the lake to get to them. Is there any way to get a query that you can make without having to swim across the lake?
  7. thank you for the information, I just wanted to put some around my area on public land just to get some out here. I have 5 in my zip code. One place is just a little way side. Nothing in a major park or landmark area.
  8. I need help from anyone that has placed caches in MI. I have contacted someone in the DNR and I was told by one that I have to get a permit (which is fine) but it is only good for 3 months. Then cache has to be removed. Another said it is 1 year then it has to be removed. So why bother? Who do I contact and what am I doing wrong that I cannot seam to get the point across that I want it out for at least 5-10 years!!!
  9. Mine started out with Yooperdude and me, but after finding the Yooper dude somewhat useless to geocaching I changed it to 4thnoel since I am the 4th child of the most wonderful set of parents.
  10. Human? Yes, that counts. Yes, human. Pretty freaky both times. Those have to be the craziest, but on the other side I have had so many wonderful experiences it is hard to even think about which would be the best. Were you able to determine if either of those people were cachers? This is defiantly the funniest thread I have followed. Dead bodies?????? What did the police say or did you put them out. No wait you found them. Was a cache hidden in any?
  11. T.D.M. 22, I just read the story and went from thinking this was not a big deal to holy crap I want near it. I now fully understand the danger and will never touch another one again. Thank you for sharing that story.
  12. I wanted to post the picture for you but cant do it yet. One was very neat. It was a light switch box painted to look like part of the big box and it had a magnet in it. Was so cool but admit I was a little nervous about grabbing a light switch.
  13. Oh, I did not know that, I have found 2 of them so far and they are good, one is great in fact.
  14. Just got done telling my muggle hubby about a cool cache that I found on a Utility box by the street and he thought that was just stupid to do that. He thought we are causing trouble with the Utility companies. I would like to know if you put one on something like that what response did you get from the utility companies.
  15. I totally agree with that. I did a hard puzzle and it took me a week to get it right and then when I drove 20 more miles to find the thing it was a film canister by a stop sign.
  16. I got a email from a co who thought I could not have found his since they were 500 miles away from me. He deleted mine and did not consider that fact that I have 3 kids in 3 different states. And I did not do the whole series because it was a hard bunch of puzzles.
  17. I did not know it was so popular during winter. I loved the pictures. thanks everyone.
  18. Leon, sorry about your experience so far. I to have found a few nasty ones but I find they are mostly in certain areas. Maybe check out a new route. Last month I found 6 in a row with old candy in them. I cleaned them up and left. I for one am trying to cleanup some of the swag I find with new things. Keep at it,
  19. I was just wondering if anyone in the colder states go geocaching during the winter. I don't have the money to drive to a sunny state to do it but just curious if anyone wants to tell me about winter caching.
  20. Ummmm??? :/ I believe this is not a good idea.. I have many caches you could never replace in the way my cache was intended with leaky film canister.. Ick... I do think you just hurt your image with this post. Just saying, if you are to afraid to log a dnf, how are CO's supposed to know if there cache was stolen or not.
  21. I spent the better part of 2 months looking for a 1/1 cache, even took along a muggle husband to help. after about 15 times I finally gave up and when I got home I found it was stolen!!!! All that walking around in circles in a ditch.....
  22. On a facebook page I mentioned that I did not like finding broken toys or a single lego and a "lady" bitched at me for 3 days about that fact that the person was probably poor and I was mean. I had to block her. I do not want broken toys and a single lego is just dumb I put in things that I think are cute or fun or even useful. So if you are supposed to put something in that is of equal or more in value, what did they take to leave a broken soldier?
  23. FWIW, I see nothing wrong with logging caches that I haven't touched. Sometimes, I was even the first person to spot it, but we were playing huckle buckle beanstalk style, and the last person in the group to spot it was the one who retrieved it, signed everyone's names, and replaced it. (I'm a big believer in having the person who retrieved it also be the person who replaces it, to minimize cache migration.) How about "Sudden Death" (taking the term from the sporting context). I.e. as soon as the first person "scores", the game is over. The others have lost and can't log the find.I like that. So now we have three points on the continuum: Sudden Death - As soon as one person in the group finds the cache, the hunt is over. That person "wins" and logs a find, and the others "lose" and cannot log a find. Three Musketeers – As soon as one person in the group finds the cache, the hunt is over. All members of the group log a find. Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk – When members of the group find the cache, they walk elsewhere (to avoid giving away its location) and announce that they have found it by calling out "huckle-buckle-beanstalk”, "found it", or whatever phrase the group uses. The hunt continues until everyone in the group has either spotted the cache or given up. All members of the group log a find. Yeah, I've never played that way either. But 4thnoel apparently plays that way. And I've seen a few posts in the forums from newbies who apparently assume that once someone in the group has found it, no one else in the group can truly "find" it. So maybe there are others who play this way too. I did not mean to cause a fuss about this. I only meant to say that in my own opinion, If I am with others in the group, the one who finds it gets credit for it. That is how we play.And when I am just with geodog, you will never see my stats as more the 20 in a day. Others can do it all day if they want, I just limit my time so it will always be fun for me. I feel that if I were to do it like 10 hours I would loose interest in the fun of it. But like I said before, That is just me. I am not pushing my beliefs on others play the way that makes you happy. If teams of 10 go out and find 300 in a day and they all log them so be it, I cannot stop them nor do I want to. I just do not find that fun.
  24. Being new to the game, less then 2 years. I have read all the posts on here about the subject. I find that if you use several people to find 5 at a time and everyone claims it as a find, I think that is cheating. I only log the ones I have actually touched. I came close to a couple but wasps kept me from it and I did not log it as a find. I have a few people that go with me but we do it one at a time and just one log on it. Three of us go and only one logs the find. After all, I do not want people looking at my stats and thinking "how can she get so many in one day" if I am cheating... I know it makes no difference to many of you but cheating is cheating. And being just a game makes it worse. Why cheat on something that will get you nowhere. Just my humble opinion but such is life.
  25. Hello, I am so new to this. I am not sure how to do it. And when I was looking at the listing, I noticed that some had several listings. Do I have to log into 2 or 3 of them if they are all for the same spot?? also, some of the groups sound kind of odd, do we have to join a group? And if I join a group, what is involved.
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