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  1. I placed a cache a while back GCD32F and asked folks to leave quotes and so I've reviewed the quotes and chosen one for this thread. The required quote here online I'll leave to old Longfellow, who's classic metaphor can speak for anyone who's ever put in a cache of their own: I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For, so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not follow it in its flight. I breathed a song into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For who has sight so keen and strong, That it can follow the flight of song? Long, long afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroke; And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.
  2. That's unfortunate but I can understand 360's feelings. I believe that in a capitalistic society businesses need competition, a monopolistic gc.com isn't likely to pay much attention to it's customers. And so it is in our best interest to support other web sites in addition to GC.com. And so, I wish you the best of luck at the "N" site... I trust you aren't alone there.
  3. Next time I see a controversial post I'll have to be sure and copy/paste into a notepad for future reference.
  4. quote:All offense-taking is at the receivers end. I could say the sky is a pretty shade of blue and someone could take offense cuz they like the color of a sunset sky better. (I've _known_ people like this.) But is the attack judged by the person being attacked or by some outside entity? On this forum by both for sure. If a written attack is launched and the receiver considers it a complement how can anyone looking in know that it wasn't really an attack?
  5. There are probably quite a few variations on what is an opinion verses an attack. One that comes to mind is... Opinions are an attack when they are spoken by the minority about the majority. Another... Opinions are an attack when they are spoken about whomever holds the power. Are we talking about an opinion or an attack? Is there a specific example or would it cause this thread to be locked?
  6. Cool idea but how do I attach a photo to the reply?
  7. That Dapper Dan has one cool idea.
  8. Yes, back to forum stats. I was just having some fun when I started this thread but I really am into stats. I've noticed that there are a fairly high number of replys to views for this thread when compared to some others. I'm curious just what that means. I'm also a little hooked on the idea of seeing my thread at the top the General category. Do people come up with ideas for starting threads like they come up with ideas for geocaches to hide? Trying to see how popular the thread is? I've learned a lot today about the forums too. Maybe I'll hang out here more often.
  9. I'm torn on this one, first off, why do people keep looking for it? Second, I hope it's still there when I come to Florida.
  10. If it can be done safely then I'm sure the troops will have a blast... no pun intended.
  11. Cool topic, learned about it reading something on the internet and forgot all about it. Then one of my brothers bought a GPSr for fishing and told me about geocaching.... he probably wishes he hadn't as I haven't spent much time visiting family the past year plus.
  12. I'm in Illinois and Spiders are a big deal right now and have been for about a month or so. But as soon as the first frost (or is it freeze?) hits then the forests will be ours again. If you carry a stick and wave it in front of you as you walk you'll look a little geekier but you'll take out the webs.
  13. I originally voted no but I'd like to change my vote to yes. I've posted on average two messages a month although I'm sure 20% of those were today but hey I must be reading them... can I change my vote to yes?
  14. The only real question I have here is... who really goes out and audits their caches? I don't, I've pulled caches and replaced log books and gone through them but I didn't audit them. The log book is a GC requirement but no one audits it so what exactly is the point? Oh, and I visited a cache over the weekend with someone else who hadn't found it before. My signature wasn't on the log sheet and I didn't sign it Saturday either. If an audit were done then my find would be deleted. But then stats don't count so what does that matter?
  15. I never really thought much about the forums because when you get right down to it I'd rather go geocaching than talk geocaching. But I just realized that there are statistics readily available showing how many posts you've made to the forums and because there aren't that many categories it's pretty easy to see who the leaders are. So, now I can start posting messages and keeping stats and competing with everyone for the most messages posted. I looked around at a couple of the posts and pulled off a few names. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of people; like where is Markwell these days? I've looked at the forums a few times this weekend and haven't seen a single post. How about Erick(sp?) too, I use to see a lot of posts from him when I'd visit the forums. Current Stats: (I don't like the word leader) Briansnat 4491 Renegade Night 3938 UMC 2282 bassoon pilot 2227 MOPAR 2066 Warm Fuzzies 1431 Marky 1276 Sissy-n-er 1229 Cachew Nut 1223 Team 360 1118 Jeremy 1103 Greenback 32? Disclaimer, this is only a sampling, I'm sure there is a stats board or a query I could do to pull up the complete list.
  16. Also, if you don't know the hider but you think someone else may have found the cache then you can search that persons finds.
  17. The registration number sounds about right to me. GC charges us $5 for each one and you have to have that registration number to log a find on GC. So basically we pay a fee to post a cache on the web page.
  18. Pretty much the same mistake I made when I first used the pocket query. Here's a quote from the query page which should help you out. Each box you check filters the results. So clicking "have found" and "haven't found" will result in no caches, because there is no such thing as a cache you both have and haven't found!
  19. I don't believe there are very many reasons left for me to go geocaching. I've seen just about every park in the Chicago area so geocaching to see the parks isn't of any value. To get exercise, yes there is that but I can do that anywhere any time and like I said I already know where the parks are and I've found the caches in them. So what is left? There were stats but that's not the case any longer. I've gone from finding 25 a week to 6 a week. Cache on while you enjoy it because GCs view of geocaching is very limited and becomes rather boring over time. I'd rather go geocaching!
  20. I rarely read the forums but I must say THIS thread is worth reading I'd rather go geocaching!
  21. Wow, are you admins opening the door here. There are several in Chicago that have been temporarily unavailable for more than six months. One was even replaced but with a new waypoint and they still left the original temporarily unavailable. I guess I'll email the IL Admin and see if these can be archived. It sure would be a pleasure to not see them on the list of nearest caches. I'd rather go geocaching!
  22. Do yourself a favor and avoid mobipocket, it's the pits. I use GPX Spinner and use iSilo to load the pages to my palm and read them. I haven't printed a cache page since getting my palm. <font color="green">I'd rather go geocaching!</font color>
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