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  1. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):It's a security issue. Once I shore up the other potential uses of this, I'll send you to an example. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location Cool
  2. Yep, stats summarized, I'd like to see by state, country and grand total. If someone opts out or doesn't opt in then their name would not show up but their stats still would. I've been keeping track of the cachers who have over 1000 finds but I know I'm missing a half dozen who have over 1200 finds. If anyone happens to have a list I'd like to see it.
  3. There really is humor in a pirate in the private pirate topic . Unfortunately this topic is now so long that I can't possibly read it all. But I'm glad to see that some headway was made with the pirates.
  4. Yes, I think I'd enjoy messing with someone else’s cache but if someone messed with mine and I found out who did the deed I'd mess with them in every way possible. I've always had a philosophy of seven times, if someone does something to me I repay them seven times. The eye for an eye thing just doesn't cut it for me.
  5. Stopped back to see what became of this thread. Thanks for the responses Jeremy, interesting stuff.
  6. Cool, I didn't realize Jeremy liked frogs or that they were his trademark. I don't recall ever seeing them associated with his posts. But as I look at them I actually think they look more like teanage mutant ninja turtles rather than frogs.
  7. These clips are interesting, you wouldn't have to nail them to trees.
  8. I see Keystone Approver talking about "divine knowledge of the frog" and I've seen others commenting on all the frog smileys. So what's up with frogs? Did someone spend money doing market research and they discovered that frogs are all the rage? [This message was edited by Greenback on September 21, 2003 at 11:07 AM.] [This message was edited by Greenback on September 21, 2003 at 11:08 AM.]
  9. What a cool can and to think someone was selling it at a garage sale. Maybe I should go hit some garage sales as the local Army Navy says he can't get any more ammo cans.
  10. I don't drive around with my GMRS radio on unless I'm cache hunting with friends and we have multiple vehicles. They are great for finding parking and deciding what cache to hit next and to laugh at the lead car when they miss a turn.
  11. Sounds like they are inflating the numbers to make it sound like there are a lot more people hunting caches than there are. When I read the physical log book it contained very similar numbers of log entries as what was on the web site. I also have pulled a couple of my cache logs and compared the totals to the web site and found that there are 15% more finds than on the web. I've mentioned this to another cacher who pulled one of his logs and his too was 15% more finds in the log book. Does anyone else have their log books to compare with?
  12. quote:Originally posted by sledgehampster:I have a GPS loaded with waypoints and a PDA loaded with PQ's. To try and be more efficient I purchased Delorme's Street Atlas 2004 Handhelp. With turn by turn street routing ON the PDA, less travel time = more caches per outing (in theory). It this bad? Whatever makes it more fun for you. I have a friend who doesn't really enjoy himself unless he can study a map and figure out the best route to every cache.
  13. Sorry, I have to say this again... don't read the description in your palm unless it's a multi or virtual and you have the best sort of geocaching there is. Just follow the arrow to places you've never been before.
  14. Actually take away looking at the description in your palm unless it's a multi or virtual and you have the best sort of geocaching there is. Just follow the arrow to places you've never been before.
  15. WOW, now if I only knew who the top 20 cachers are I could easily see how many finds each has. Thanks for the information Prime Suspect.
  16. Thanks for sharing your experience Zule. My map76S has worked flawlessly but it's good to know you received prompt support from Garmin when needed.
  17. You can also post a note instead of a find so that you can record a TB entry. You could then delete the note, I've done that as note has served it's purpose.
  18. I've used the mushroom hunting answer before but then the person asked if I found any. Well no I hadn't.... and I just couldn't seem to make it look like I needed to keep hunting there for mushrooms so I had to leave. I haven't used that one again
  19. Actually I think we should keep the rolling eyes but that the moderators should lock any thread where it has been used. It's clearly an insult and intended to be an attack against whomever it was directed at and totally inappropriate in the forums.
  20. quote:Deleted your post hey? Someone got a hot-head and not thinking straight? I thought you said you are leaving here. So leave! Your little trick of saying you are leaving and hoping everyone will say "no, please don't" did not work! If you say you are leaving then leave and don't come back or read these forums. You said you weren't going to. As I said before, good riddance! We don't need the likes of you here. And people seem to agree on this one. I don't think we need people who would say this.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Planet:I love geocaching but.... I really dislike the way they make me answer the phone at the office. it takes too long and most people already know who they called anyway so why throw a 18 word sentence in when you answer the phone? Does anyone else have this problem? Or hate it when someone anwers the phone like that? Thank you for calling ******** ###### &&&&&&& @@@@ ^^^^^^^ Services, This is (Planet or your name here) how may I help you? You sure got that one right and then that is after you've already made the poor sucker, I mean callers go through sixteen choices on the phone system... and we have to say the words 'customer interaction' in the middle of our spiel, the joke around the office is 'intercourse' and trust me, it's tough to not switch the words LOL.
  22. I certainly considered it a fad when I started. Actually I figured that virtual caches were the future as I did and still do expect more and more government imposed rules and regulations to prevent us from hiding caches in parks and preserves. Are the GMRS radio channels 14-17 the same as the CB channels? I've run my GMRS on scan and rarely hear anyone at all. I've had it on frequently in and around Chicago IL. where I'd expect there to be more chatter.
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