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  1. At some point I deselected one or more cache types and one or more terrain options and ever since (more than a year) I've been unable to select either all cache types or all terrain levels. Screen shot shows that APPLY is avaialble when I have all but one terrain selected but grayed out when I select all terrain ratings. The same issue occurs with difficulty.
  2. I modified the default filter of Terrain and Difficulty but now it wont allow me to select ALL terrain or ALL difficulty options as the APPLY button goes gray when I sellect all. I can sellect all but one and APPLY is an option, I can even select none at all and APPLY is an option but APPLY is grayed out if I sellect ALL terrain or ALL difficulty.
  3. I've tested other browsers, from multiple computers and from my phone. My phone worked slightly better than any option from a computer. However as a workaround I'm using the GC App to add the photos one comment at a time to an active cache. Then I go into that activate cache and grab the url of each photo to add the photos to the HTML for the unpublished caches.
  4. I'm still trying to add photos to new cache pages and it's still really poor success rate. I managed to get two photos added this morning and then after that the errors started again. At this rate it's going to take months to add photos to the 93 caches in what would otherwise be a new geoart publishing soon.
  5. I've been trying to add photos to new cache pages which are as yet unpublished. I select my file, give it a name, choose upload, screen refreshes and tells me "Something went wrong, please try again later." I've been trying off and on all day. It did work a couple of times out of the dozens of attempts. I've tried jpg and png files. I've tried the same thing adding a photo to a published cache with the same results. I've tried doing this with Windows 10 Chrome and Edge. I've tried it on two differnt machines. I found similar problems reported in 2014 but didn't see this reported recently.
  6. When I select the map to view caches it does not show premium member caches for me, as a charter member but I've had premium members who are not charter members view the map and it shows them the premium caches. Typically I start with the map from my home address and move the map to search other areas and I don't see premium caches displayed on the map with out conducting both a Search Geocaches and a Browse Geogaches search. This also impacts me when I select "View Larger Map" from a premium cache. I've provided two screen shots, one shows what I see when I click Search Geocaches and the other shows Browse Geocaches. When I'm scrolling around the map and looking at caches the premium caches do not appear on the map unless I do both searches.
  7. GoGeocaching.com is a group of geocachers in Chicagoland with members extending into the surrounding states. Join our forums on facebook and visit our web site for local events and regional contacts and support features.
  8. Do you have any more of the humming bird coin available for purchase? I have about 75 left and I'm using them primarily as prizes for events which I host. I've sold two on ebay this year and I'll sell one now and then on ebay. You can watch for the sales by anduril*
  9. When I first saw the link on someone's page I thought they were in fact asking for hand outs if they felt they were special and deserving of people paying for their membership. Then I saw it on a second profile so I looked at my own and I agree that it makes it look like I've asked for people to give me money and I don't like that at all. In fact I think it will look particularly bad to the casual new visitor who doesn't take the time to figure out that people don't have the choice to have this "feature". That brings up the why? Why did geocaching.com spend the time and resources to have this link?
  10. I attended the Meet & Greet Groundspeak & Garmin event in Chicago and received a 'Colorado Series 2008/Wherigo.com' geocoin at the event. I paid $20 just to park my car and attend the event so I figure I should auction the coin on ebay in order to recover some of that cost. But I'm wondering if it's considered inappropriate to sell a coin handed out at the event. I'd appreciate hearing any thoughts or personal experiences you could share. The following image is from a garmin log, the actual coin I received is in the original wrapping. <removed image with tracking number on it - no worries, the folks in here know what the coin looks like: FSM>
  11. I decided to auction off five of the antique gold limited edition coins, if interested visit the ebay auction.
  12. Thanks for the positive comments! At this time I do not plan to trade the coins as I'm not really a coin collector, though I have a few. My objective is to sell enough to offset some of the cost of having them made. I've had them made in two colors and after I've sold some of the antique silver I'll sell some of the limited edition antigue gold.
  13. I finally took the leap and had a personal coin made. The inspiration is from a Ruby Throated Hummingbird photograph I took years ago and which I've used in other signature items. I worked with Rusty at personalgeocoins.com and used the translucent enamel similar to the dragon fly coins. They came in the mail a week or so ago and I just finished listing a few on ebay. The second photo is my effort at photographing the coin with back lighting. Here are a few details about the coin specifications: 1.75 inch diameter 3.0mm thickness See through *transparent enamel - hummingbird & flowers laser engraving Antique Silver finish Trackable on geocaching.com Unique icon Unactivated & Uncirculated If you're interested in seeing the unique icon you can visit my trackable items.
  14. I don't think you'll have any parking issues unless you end up in a Cook County forest preserve which has it's parking lot chained. They don't keep some of their parking lots open in the winter but I don't have any first hand knowledge of any which are closed in the area you're heading. You could certainly drive all the way down 50 and find lots of caches along the way. It's a four lane road with a traffic light probably every mile or less but I've driven it many many times while caching and didn't find the traffic to be a problem. I'm sure there are others who could offer more suggestions.
  15. Greenback

    # caches found

    Why is the angst of forum posters, people who spend more time talking about caching than actually going out and finding caches more important than the value this number represents to those who do go out and hunt caches? People who are hunting for a cache will look at this number and use it as a gauge as to the value of the found/not found log. If someone logs a DNF and has found less than x finds, then the hunter will place a value on this log. It's also used in areas where folks like to recognize the accomplishments of the hunters with a little recognition. If the numbers are hidden or hidden by colored icons then it become much more difficult for this social activity to occur. Angst of forum posters? What a ridiculous joke, the people who talk about caching have far too much influence over geocaching. A much more appropriate thread would be the angst that the number of posts gives to people who spend their time geocaching and one occasion look in the forums only to discover threads like this. How about changing the forums so no one can see the number of posts each person has made? Topic created by posts: 1203 and supported by posts: 4,473. I could go on but I'd rather go geocaching.
  16. There are places which need more caches and those which have enough, how many caches is too many? Aside from areas which are cache poor why would anyone suggest that everyone is obligated to hide a cache? Many people simply arent capable of measuring accurate coordinates and so many are a flash in the pan. We have loads of caches out there which aren't being maintained because a new cacher felt obligated to hide a cache and a few months later they quit caching. A better rule of thumb would be that the serious cacher who's in it for the long haul should hide caches provided they are up to maintaining them.
  17. yep the vituals are still there somewhere, if you want to fuss with another site. But then if you're going to play around with another site why not make it a site which competes with Jeremy so he doesn't have a monopoly? Personally, I just don't have time for a second site no matter what it is. So, I'm all for bringing back new virtuals.
  18. As a workaround that works quite well, I'll still have to load your page between logs so there is an extra step but at least you created the page so it loads quickly. Thanks for the workaround Lil Devil.
  19. In the last thirty days my ability to search for caches by GC number or name has stopped working when I do it from my cell phone. I have a palm one Treo and previously GC.com worked flawlessly on my phone. It users blazer as it's browser, and I log all my finds and look up cache descriptions on the fly but my ability to do so has been greatly reduced now that this part of the web site no longer works. Instead of returning results the site now just refreshes the page. The same thing happens on the page which shows a log I've just entered. At the bottom of the screen there is a search window but now it too just refreshes the screen. Another change which occurred at the same time is that this window appears to be two frames side by side instead of one frame. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there a fix coming soon?
  20. Yep, the only answer is to contact your admin/approver before you spend a second on it. They are going to tell you if it's unique enough which I can tell you that they will tell you that it's not so don't waste your time at all. But I know better than to tell you that so waste the time and learn the hard way and then if you really want it posted go to www.navic ache.com and post it there.
  21. quote:Originally posted by robertlipe:Actually, I'm pretty happy with a http://stats.mtgc.org Evidently you don't realize that anyone can log a find on GC.com and rarely will anyone go out and verify that you signed the log book. So how is anything at all 'Cheat-proof'?
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