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  1. Family Hodge's signature line puts into words what Ewan's life is probably going to be like for a while. I haven't been fortunate enough to meet Billy Twigger yet, but he was here in Maine just a few weeks ago. I pray he will be well enough to come back someday. If there is anything we can do from this side of the pond to help his family manage during the recovery, please let us know.
  2. oooh, fun, and the satellite photos are way more clear than Google Earth for this area. I put mine up but then I decided to remove it because the photo is a spoiler.
  3. This is GREAT, Zonker! People are finding the geo-post office once for a smiley, then coming back with more travel bugs & postcards. The postcards heading to the far west are not being picked up, because folks aren't sure what will happen to them if they have to travel thru regular caches. So let's get some more post office caches in the midwest pleeeeeze! editing to add: I got the pretty Quebec postcard. Thank you!
  4. I love my membership but some folks don't have a bank account that Paypal could dip into or whatever, in order to take advantage of the $3.00 a month deal. I've been there! But if you can save up the amount for a year membership, you won't regret it. I use the e-book on my Palm, which is free and to me, loads a lot quicker and glitch-free than any other method.
  5. I love the woods too. I'm still new (at caching, not hiking!) so to make everyone happy, I use the cell phone to call our voicemail before I go in, to record the co-ords of the cache I am looking for. When I am done with that one, I call back to clear it and then when I am going in for the next cache (sometimes it's in the same woods) I record the co-ords again, then clear again when I am out. It's much safer than before caching, when I was just hiking and hubby didn't know where I would be.
  6. I have only been caching since April, but here is what I carry: GPSr smallish backpack with: PDA using e-book format chapstick head net pens swag cell phone bug spray hat garbage bag toilet tissue and ziplocks to pack it out with leather gloves telescoping walking stick with pepper spray attached to it in the car I have: water change of clothes dry shoes I need to add a first aid kit. Editing to add: We have a system. I call our home voicemail and say the co-ords just before I go in. When I come out, I call again to clear. Then when I get to the next cache I repeat the process. That way if I fall and knock myself out, my family and the Sheriff won't have to google around to find me, they will have my destination lat and long.
  7. There are several links, including a couple on the page where you go to list new your cache. I'm lazy so I just Google "geocache stash note".
  8. Sorry I was doing a search on something else and spotted the post. Didn't look at the date. Besides, you probably needed someone to help you feel superior today. you're welcome.
  9. I have one of the fake deco boulders in my yard. My neighbors think it's a real rock. I considered putting it in the woods with a cache under it but I'm sure it would be stolen because the one I have cost about $75.00.
  10. Yeah, and lots of people don't log their DNF's, so if you can't find it the first time, chances are you're not alone even if folks are trying to make everyone think they got it right away. Make sure you read the whole description and also the hint and the logs. I didn't when I was on vacation last week, and I ended up searching for one that isn't even there half the time.
  11. I don't get it. How does it get media attention? And if you sign a team name, don't you need the whole team there?
  12. OK, I thought we couldn't poke holes, either. Leave no trace and all that. That's where I get a little bit Buddhist, and this will get the xtreme trekkers howling - but if you hollow out a tree you hasten its decomposition. It'll rot to nothing faster than it would have, so the bugs and micro-orgs miss a meal. Howl away.
  13. What got me hooked was when someone showed me how many were hidden all around me. He knew I wouldn't be able to resist. Then I talked it up to a couple of people and they were indifferent til I manipulated them into coming with me. Mwahahaha
  14. I found a really nice pin made of sea glass with wire wrapped around it. Handmade stuff is always a treat. PS hugs to Moxie!
  15. Lizzy, find and hide some regular caches, then use your experience to knock em dead at Burning Man next year.
  16. It's a nice start, dear. What else are you planning to add? I'll bet you could think of lots of things that other people don't have.
  17. I list the stuff. It sets a good example.
  18. Just a heads-up on dollar store items - the kids' party favors that come in packs of five might look like a good idea, but they don't last in the caches. Someone around here has been leaving the little compasses, and they break before they are even found.
  19. I would be surprised, frankly, if any child finds a cache and then their joy turns to disappointment because the swag is lame. I could picture it maybe if it's a preschooler and it's past naptime, or maybe a youngster with poor coping skills who tends to melt down at times like this anyway, but really I think the kid problem is overstated. Just editing to add that I saw the most excellent suggestion in another post, from a mom who lets the kids choose something from the swag bag if they don't like what's in the cache. But even if you couldn't do that, I don't think they'd care. I could be wrong. I only had one kid and he's all grown up now. And he only likes virtuals.
  20. Quit labelling people. We're all individuals with our own sensibilities. Yeah, I know we're hopelessly off topic. I shut up now.
  21. Only an idiot would think the bird was named for a woman's breast. And it's lovely that Squaw is not an insult in every language. I suppose the name Squaw's Tit was meant in a reverent, respectful sort of way? Yeah right. Hey, I don't have to be a native American to be offended by "Squaw". I don't have to be black to be offended by the "N" word. If more people would be offended by bad things happening to those around them, maybe the Holocaust wouldn't have happened. Yep that's right. I invoked rape and the Holocaust in the same thread. It's that important, people.
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