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  1. I do it too CRC, but I'm getting over it I even went back to one because there were DNFs after I had been there, and I was FTF. I found it in a completely different spot and felt awful thinking I must have had a brainfreeze to have put it way over there! But it turns out it the owner had moved it to be more accurate with the co-ords. It's very cool that you care what happens to the cache after you've been there. I am trying to place caches with an awareness that people can't always remember exactly how it was positioned or what it was covered with.
  2. I make a little keychain with a small round laminated card. On one side it has the skateboarder and on the other it has the name and date of the cache. On my Lincoln street caches, I couldn't resist putting a five dollar bill in too! I also use the skateboarder as a name badge for geocache events. I get the business card lamination sheets that don't require a machine.
  3. Thank you for sharing those pictures. I know it must be hard work for BT and his family to stay strong every day.
  4. I totally agree with Brian. Maybe some of those places have enough trees that will drop their leaves, so you can get good co-ords next month? Or not... don't let the tree cover stop you from making a creative hide - just give a good hint with it. Why not have 3 or 4 caches in an area? In this age of high gas prices, people like to park once and get several finds. Hide some! Ya know ya wanna!
  5. That's my point, thanks Ed. Or those people who went for a smiley record and some of them were a mile apart hunting other caches at the same time. ETA - everyone, please don't panic just because someone disagrees with you! Sheesh, it isn't that important!
  6. Some people do have expectations but you should do what's most fun for you. I take something if I want it or if I am sure nobody would want it, to clean up the cache. Recycling is ok. Once I found that someone had recirculated something I had left in another cache, and I traded for it because I missed it.
  7. If you are close enough to sign the log, you should claim a smiley even if someone else turned up the container. If you sign as a team, your team should all be there to lay eyes on the container unless it's a temporary situation like a team member giving birth that day or something. If you don't count smileys, you shouldn't post in a discussion about smileys.
  8. the map won't update. The cache will still be listed at the old co-ords and the new location will be a note in the logs. He could also edit the text to highlight the new co-ords, but it's the old co-ords that will load into peoples' GPS units. So he'd still be sending some folks to the old location.
  9. I've only been doing this for 6 months, but I've learned that quite a few people go in without reading the description or logs and don't bring it with them either. They know they're taking a risk, so they seem not to mind having to widen their search. But if it's a dangerous or off-limits spot, it would be best to archive and start over. We had that situation recently with a cache that was too close to wasp nests. EVERYONE went in on the old co-ords because the old co-ords load into the GPSr when you run your query.
  10. She gave the avanue for appeal anyway. Why incite mass mailing to harrass this volunteer?
  11. I just started caching in the spring, but I snowshoe a lot, and the trails get obliterated pretty fast. A little wind takes care of just about everything except snowmobile tracks.
  12. This is off-topic, but there's a section in my yard where nothing grows, and there are lots of wasp nests there. They look like anthills but the holes are wider. I cut plastic water bottles in half and screw them into the ground over the holes. 2 years ago there were too many nests to count, and it's down to less than 10 now. I also hang a juice trap nearby. And I don't discourage skunks from being in my yard at night. They get the nests I miss.
  13. It would be really useful to see pics of some that have been outside for a while, and handled by cachers.
  14. It takes me so long to find a cache, that there are plenty of false trails around by the time I'm done.
  15. The wasps are thinner and more agressive. I have bees near my outdoor water spigot and all over the flowers that are near my back door. We're around them all the time and they don't do anything. In my goldenrod field I have the giant bumblebees and they have even gotten stuck in my hair but never stung me. Do you guys keep antihistmine cream, like Benadryl, handy? that and acetaminophen kept me in the rally the day of my stings.
  16. Amen! It's not for sissies. I've been trying all summer and this is the closest I've gotten. It's FTF on the re-hide. I took the smiley because it's 250 feet away from the original location. There's another one that was also named after me so the Midnight Hunters held off, but then they DNF'd it so that's even sweeter.
  17. I like you SBell so maybe you can help me understand why people type this. It feels like walking up to strangers who are talking to each other and tapping them on the shoulder to tell them their conversation bores you. That's a good analogy, except for the fact that we aren't strangers and this wasn't a private conversation. Semantics. I still think it's hurtful.
  18. I like you SBell so maybe you can help me understand why people type this. It feels like walking up to strangers who are talking to each other and tapping them on the shoulder to tell them their conversation bores you.
  19. There's one in Lewiston, Maine, where people say things like "never expected such a nice spot in THIS town"... or "Nice spot, too bad Lewiston is surrounding it." I happen to think Lewiston is a great place.
  20. Congrats to both teams, but TEAMS is the operative word here. Having hunted both ways, it sure goes faster with more than one set of eyes. Still fun either way though!
  21. Little kids getting stung is the WORST! Very distressing!
  22. That sounds like a nightmare! Tis the season, I guess. Check out this cache
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