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  1. I feel like a travel bug prison is just a stage on a bug's journey. It might be interesting to see how fast someone trades for my bug. Then if it sits there too long, I'll ask the cache owner to move it along for me. Would anyone refuse, really?
  2. If I've been to the cache before, I sometimes log the item out and then log it right back in again. that way if someone is travelling a long distance to find their first coin or a green jeep, they won't get there only to find that I have swooped them.
  3. This strikes me as a very good idea. It would have to be prominent though as I never read the cache pages nearly everyone includes in their caches. If you have read one you have, literally, read them all. Perhaps taking a photo of the cache in it's hiding location with a short note would work well. Just tape the pic/note in the lid as you suggest. I have never seen anything like that in a cache so it would stand out for me. It would also be really helpful for me in replacing it how the placer wants it rather than as the last finder put it, which may not be the same. On mine, it's just a one-page cache log, not folded or rolled, so they can't miss the instructions. On the OP's cache, maybe a line drawing of a hand with the grass, being put down on top of the container?
  4. Mine's not in a log but it happened in person. We were doing a CITO event on a trail where I had placed 2 caches. One of them is in plain view but has a good disguise. After our cleanup, those who hadn't found those caches decided to do them before leaving. A bunch went in together andwhen they came out, they all made a point of telling me I am evil. That was fun.
  5. I have one that people were messing up even though it says in the description to replace as found. Since it has a one-page log, I wrote detailed replacement instructions at the top of the page and haven't had a problem since. If it's in a container, why not write it on the lid? It's just human nature, you don't always remember exactly how it was when you found it.
  6. In Maine, we like flannel-lined jeans or a Carhartt insulated jumpsuit.
  7. True. Are you going to change human nature? I have tried to make sure that the caches that will not be carefully replaced are close to my home. If you come up with a better solution, I hope you will tell me. Half an hour is a lot to ask, especially in Maine where you could be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Better to try to guard against wetness in the first place.
  8. Thank you. I'll ignore your snide remarks.
  9. I know some people don't believe in discovering coins, but it's allowed, so IMO it's the best of both worlds.
  10. Can you point us to one of those threads? I prefer Mobipocket even with the bad sort order. So what if we're a small minority. If it's all the same to Jeremy, choice is always better.
  11. I use a fanny pack, and it has: Swag pens first aid stuff leather gloves chapstick tp Palm GPS bug spray head net flashlight little bottles of water in the side pockets sometimes a camera You wouldn't think a fanny pack could hold all of that, but it does! Tonight at LL Bean's I saw an even bigger one, as big as a backpack but still worn around the waist. I'm considering it!
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but couldn't you have the best of both worlds by visiting the cache to "discover" the coin, then leave it there for the next cacher? You'd still get an icon, which is not important to most of you, but we icon hoes are keeping track.
  13. Since it's a spoof, why not? I think it's funny, though my sense of humor has been called into question before. I agree, the glass container does make me nervous. Actually I'd have no problem with real cremains either, but I'm like that.
  14. Yay! You're off to a great start!
  15. I glued mine to a pinback. It's just my avatar, cut in a circle and laminated.
  16. Amen, unless you want to sneak into my house and hide my computer so I have to do a find on it before I can log in.
  17. I've only ever found one. It was near a cache, except that the letterbox was in a rock wall and was in plain view. There was no date on i but it seemed to be brand new since there were no names in it yet, and this was a couple of months ago so I'm sure it's gone now, just sitting in a wall where everyone could see it. Not to be mean, but it was more like litter. The geocache had already been there a lot longer. There was a note inside the letterbox that said "this is a letterbox" with no other information. I had never heard of them before so I did my own research and found out what a letterbox is, but I have yet to find that particular one listed anywhere on the internet. So I think the letterboxers are kind of disorganized. How can we co-operate if there's no clearinghouse for them, and you don't even bother to tell civilians what to do with it anyway?
  18. FTF is in the eye of the beholder. If you think you're FTF, you are. If someone else thinks he/she is FTF, they are - even if I don't happen to think so. I am glad it doesn't have a smiley attached to it because it's up to personal interpretation.
  19. Doesn't seem strange to me. Then again THIS is my son. He is planning to branch out into benchmarks, but he tried regular caching and doesn't like it.
  20. I think you're embarrassed and just digging yourself in deeper.
  21. It is obnoxious, but it's their cache. Maybe you could strike a deal to find the cache when you're in the neighborhood, then receive the smiley after you reach 99.
  22. Sure, if you can get permission from the property owner. My guess is you wouldn't
  23. Your comment about women shows you are not to be taken seriously. You're a heck of a lot more dangerous than Nudecacher.
  24. I love a creative micro container. Not a camo in the woods, but something really smart. LaughingTerry's Right in PLain Sight III here in Maine inspired me to find similar sized containers and people seem to be having fun with them. I built extra for my caching mentor to thank him for a nice one he had given me. But you'll never see them in the "cool containers" thread, even though they are.
  25. sheesh, you asked, they answered.
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