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  1. Sept. 7th at 5:30 p.m. (took some liberties and just decided to call a time) at Dave and Busters sounds good to me. That's where & when it will be. I will see all of you there that can show up. Once again, Saturday, 9/7 at 5:30 pm at Dave & Busters on Hall Road (M-59) & the Van Dyke Expressway (M-53).


    If you can make it, e-mail me so I can get a count and maybe get some sort of reservations. E-Mail is dominic@ferndale-electric.com.


    See You Soon,



  2. D&B seems a little more centrally located to me, and there are many caches nearby to keep the curious busy if they want to head out early... If we will drive 20-30 miles to find a cache, M-59 & M-53 should be no problem for a get-together. It does have food, drinks, and video games, covering all of the necessary human needs in life. Well now that we have a placce, does anybody have any suggestions for a date? Is Saturday, August 31st good?

  3. I have noticed that MIGO is not all that up to date and was thinking more of a social event than a caching event. I know that there are many different types of people who go caching, and was having difficulty thinking of a location to have such a get together. At first I thought of Mr. B's in Royal Oak They have a nice large interior that would be conducive to a gathering of a good deal of people (20 or so?). I then thought that that may not be such a good idea for those families that go caching. I would like to do it somewhere indoors to avoid a rain-out. Does anybody have any other ideas on locations?

  4. Well, I'm Dominic (domneu), my e-mail is domneu@yahoo.com, I reside in Clinton Twp., and work in Ferndale. I am a systems administrator for an electrical contractor and, like Victory Mike, am an avid motorcycle rider. I ride a 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa. My favorite way to go geocaching is at night, with a flashlight, 8 extra AA batteries and about a can of DEET. I recently introduced my friend, ctucker into geocaching, who in turn introduced his brother to it also. I use a Garmin GPS V.

    ... All I can think to write now.



  5. Are there any scheduled get-togethers for SE Mich. cachers? If not, do you think we could get one together? Maybe in Royal Oak, or somewhere else that would be more centrally located for others? This is just a thought. I'd like to put a face to all of the handles and names I see in the local caches.


    Another idea I had was to try and see how many cachers we have in SE Michigan... If you think this description describes you... just post a reply with your name/handle, e-mail if you don't mind, city you are from, and any other information you'd like to put there about yourself.




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