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  1. Thanks for all your help, I realise that it is difficult to sort out like this, I have soooo had enough now that I think I will just give up, I am so disapointed as I have been waiting for the GPS to arrive and now that it has I cant use it Thanks again
  2. Also this autoplay thing keeps popping up, what do I need to do with that? it gives a few options.
  3. Both ok, thanks for sticking with me on this problem Just spotted something that says I might need to enable it on my browser bar? I am so thick! how do I do that?
  4. Yes that is what keeps coming up, I click to install but its not happening, well I get the spinny thing then nothing to say it is installed, so I tried the other choice on there and no luck with that either. It is a pc by the way.
  5. I am trying to send some geocaches to my new Dakota 10 (using the correct lead) and it keeps telling me to plugin not detected, so I should download something from Garmin which I have tried to do but it just wont work please help I am so frustrated!!
  6. I just thought it might be a related issue but I will start a new thread.
  7. This is an interesting topic! I have just bought the Garmin Dakota 10 and have been using the supplied cable to try and send some geocaches to it but it wont recognise that the cable is conected, it keeps telling me to download a plugin or something, which I have tried to do but it just wont work, HELP I am close to a breakdown!!!
  8. Oh thats good, as you can tell I am not very good with technology! I wouldnt have a clue about how much space each thing required, well I can get loading up my GPS now then
  9. Thanks, that is making much more sense to me now!
  10. I was reading up about TBs and dont understand what is meant by "someone grabbed the TB before you logged it"? I have read and reread but still cant get it! any help?
  11. Thanks for quick reply, so do you know if I create some routes and load them and also add all my local caches in PQ form is that going to use up loads of available memory?
  12. Hi everyone, this is my first post so be kind! I have just recieved my new GPS a Gamin Dakota 10 and so I have been reading up on what I need to do next, I have a slight worry now that I have realised it does not have the facility to take a card? will this mean that I wont be able to add PQs and create routes? or am I worrying for no reason? this is my first ever GPS so am very new to all the technology!
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