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  1. There is a simply solution to this.... Don't release one. Release ten or more in one shot. It keeps you busy so that you aren't focused solely on one, being so concerned and worried about it. This was NOT posted in jest.... Thanks for this idea, it seems a very good solution! 4 more ordered, should arrive today.
  2. I have a few favourites, one is a simple small badge saying "Everyone is entitled to my opinion" another is a round dice also a Union Jack pin badge which has special meaning as it reminds me of my 23 year old niece who died in a car accident the evening of Kate & Williams wedding (she had her nails painted with Union Jacks at the time) My most useful item is a short shoe horn which I keep in the car to get my walking boots on with!
  3. Yes, thank you, I am aware of that one, I found out the hard way! My only thought is that the OP is on holiday, seems a long time though, also if one of my theories is correct then the cache really should have been temp disabled for that reason (maybe I am barking up the wrong tree!)
  4. OK thanks, I wasnt asking for the solution, just confirmation of what I had figured, I have been to the area 3 times already and wondered if the cache is missing that was all.
  5. I have 2 caches that I part way through completing the problem is that the CO has not responded to my enquiry, one of the caches involves a possible technical problem and the other one I just need confirmation that I am on the right idea, both are with the same CO and I have been polite, I have waited 3 weeks now, also tried contacting the publisher for confirmation of my coordinates but he wouldnt help.
  6. Maybe by doing the second log mentioning the trackable they think they have done what is required and logged the trackable?
  7. Having just read the thread about all the trackables that have been missing and are now turning up, years later in some cases! I wondered what percentage of trackables end up this way? I am about to release my first ever one and must say that I am nervous, do some people purposely hang on to them just to get a control kick or something?
  8. Well if someone sent me a curt email after hanging on to a coin for so long that it had been listed as whereabouts unknown, I most certainly would not have altered my logged grab, how rude!!!
  9. Just an update. Thanks to all the help I got from posting this message I myself was able to help out another new cacher, he had muddled up the drop and retrieve dates on a coin, making it appear that he had dropped it before he had retrieved it,this meant that I would have to log as grabbed, so I emailed a couple of times explaining that he needed to change the date (and how to do it) waited a couple of days, he put it right and I felt pleased to have been able to help sort it, so thanks educating me!!!
  10. Thank you, I have got in a bit of a muddle over grabbing
  11. Can I correct a logged "grab" to a "retrieve"? must have hit the wrong button! I still have the trackable in my possession and would like to correct it especially after reading another thread which says it looses its mileage for a logged grab.
  12. Thank you all for the helpful advise, I think I was making it more complicated than I needed to. I am out there now and doing great, loving it!
  13. Thank you I managed that very easily and did the same to remove the visit logs as well, all sorted now.
  14. I accidently logged that I found "Little Log" and took a TB and Geocoin to visit when I should have entered it on "Special Branch" how do I remove it?
  15. I haven't got this model but I would guess that the answer is, 'yes'. Without maps to guide you en route, you would be wise to have at least some idea of where the caches are before you set off. This may help you in planning a route. Zooming right in on Streetmap (on the left hand side of each cache page)would give you an idea. I'm not very techie and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along to help you further but I thought I better reply because you sounded so desperate to get out there. I hope I have advised you correctly. Have fun. Thanks, it has worked!! See you later
  16. Hello to Uk cachers I hadnt noticed this local one, so this is great! Me = rubbish on computers keen to get out there asap The story so far...........I have bought a Garmin Dakota 10, loaded easygps, created a PQ of local caches, don't know if I just have to press the "transfer to gps" option and all of them go? haven't added any maps (prob won't at the moment) What else do I need to do? HELP please, all I want is to be able to go out today!
  17. Thanks, I just had a look at Talkytoaster maps and they look good but as I am so rubbish at tech stuff and it says you have to download Torrent or something then the maps, this is all getting too much for me! I stupidly thought that I would take my gps out of the box and off I would go looking for caches, that was several days and many hours of stress ago and I am still stuck at home!!!
  18. To download it, just click on the name of the Pocket Query you want to download on the "Pocket Queries Ready for Download" tab. It will be a ZIP file, so you'll have to unzip it and put the resulting GPX files on your GPS (or load it into caching software on your computer). Thanks for the help
  19. You said in your first post that you set a 50 mile radius then on follow up posts you say 100 mile, wondered if this is the problem?
  20. I have a Dakota 10 GPS and have added EasyGPS, I created a PQ for my local area and now want to send to GPS but I wondered if you HAVE to add any maps or if the ones already on the GPS are ok to make a start with? the reason I ask is when I view my PQ it has a mapped view of all the geocaches but they appear to be on a blank background.
  21. Thanks I missed that! so do I just select the ones i want to send now from that list or do they all go?
  22. Ok, sorry to be a pain but I am stuck again! I have created a PQ and it says it is ready but how do I retrieve it? where is it?
  23. That checkbox allows you to select as much as one page of "LOC" files, using the "Waypoint Downloads" link at the bottom of the page. But if you need more than a couple of cache files, "Pocket Queries" are a better option. You can get all the files you want at once, save the queries for use again later, and those are "GPX" files with all the "paperless" info (which is important on some GPSrs, and for cache management software on a PC). Thanks for your reply, I have now read up and created a Pocket Query for my area.
  24. I want to send some caches to my GPS and wondered if I click on the multi tick box to the left of the list will it just load that page worth of caches? does it show you anywhere that you have already loaded them onto your devise? did I read somewhere that you can only load them once legally or something? Thanks
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