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  1. Ok so now I have downloaded the new PQ and it has added the new caches in my area but the ones that were already on the GPS dont have any updated logs or updated info on which ones contain TBs etc, what have I done wrong?
  2. I have not downloaded it, this is just how it was shown when I clicked the email link. Or do you mean have I done the same search on a previous PQ? if so then yes, I was just trying to update as several new caches are now in my area. I am finding creating the PQ easy but from there on I am struggling, so far I have only managed to put 1 on my GPS and that was by chance! I don't know how to do it again. Someone said I need to delete something first, what and how? any help would be gratefully recieved!!
  3. I just recieved my new pocket query and it has a line through the name of it, why?
  4. The file was in the Easy GPS that I had previously loaded, it had a list of all the caches on the left and map to the right, is this unzipped? is unzipped the same as open? I tried to load it and no timer/spinny thing came up.
  5. I have just done some more detective work using ideas suggested on this thread and I now know who it was!!! 1769 finds under their belts, they know what they are doing! anyway I feel better now.
  6. Is it possible the person who logged the discovered logs just happened upon them in the same cache where you happened upon them? They just didn't take the trackables with them, like you did? In which case some other unknown person took the trackables from the other caches, didn't log that they had done so, and the eventually put them all into the cache where you found them - possibly someone who doesn't understand how to log trackables. The cool thing is that they're all moving again. Nice! This seems like a possible answer, although the few people who are logged as having visited the cache recently have logged trackables before. I am thinking that maybe it is a mystery player who is just playing the game but not signing any logs or logging anything online, as said by Gitchee-Gummee...a shadow!!
  7. I have used the link that comes via email, is that what you mean?
  8. Thanks for replies, I know how to grab them and get them back in circulation but what I was trying to work out is how these trackables came to be all together, in a bag, in cache that they were not meant to be in and all 'discovered by the same person? If the person who discovered them was not the person who placed them in the cache then how is this explained? they are all logged at different caches.
  9. In a cache I found a bag with 3 geocoins and 1 TB in it, as these were not listed in the cache I thought I would wait to log them in case someone dropped them and has not logged it yet but when I viewed all of the trackables pages they all have the same person who has logged them as 'discovered' but wrote in the log they did not pick them up (well slightly different wording)so this person must have taken them as they all came from different caches, this person does not appeared to have logged any of the caches that these trackables where supposed to be in either, I am confused, what is going on here?
  10. Sorry I should have said Dakota 10
  11. First I will say sorry for yet another help post! I have created a new PQ (I have previously managed to load 1 onto GPS) and want to load it onto my GPS but previous advise I was given was to clear old PQ from devise, I have tried to find how to do this but just cant see how, I loaded it anyway thinking maybe it just replaces the old one but although new caches now show up there are no new logs added to the caches that where already on the GPS. Can someone please talk me through it as if I am a 5 year old or something as I am very new to computer use!
  12. I have previously loaded a PQ onto my GPS but it is getting out of date now and I am going to create a new one, I was wondering what happens about the out of date one on the GPS, do I need to delete it or something? also as I have found caches I have removed them from my GPS can I filter those in my new one?
  13. Oh so they logged that find directly from a phone, is that what you mean? thanks
  14. I have been wanting to contact a CO who appeared to have been on holiday or something as their profile page has a last visited date from about a month ago, however when a new cache was published recently this person went and logged it as a FTF but it still shows their last visit to the site as about a month ago, how come?
  15. I use a dakota 10 and I would normally use the 'next stage' option to continue with a multi, hope this helps!
  16. Thank you for this, the "base of a tree" thing was just an example with regard to getting permission, the area I live in is rural and I realise that changes can effect the cache site, farmers are some of the most observant people I know (said it politely!) but nobody has really answered my question fully. Do ALL caches require permission? If you dont submit evidence of permission will the cache be refused?
  17. That is truly amazing! I imagine they loose their meaning when you have that many and are kind of disposable. I havent found any of theirs yet but I quess I will someday.
  18. Oh, so maybe I had better put my 8 containers and all the swag into a more sensible place than the middle of my bedroom floor then, sounds like an impossible task! I already asked for permission for 2 at some lakes near me as I knew they would definitely need the official nod, I was told they would get back to me on Monday and I am still waiting.
  19. I have not been caching for long but I am really loving it and can see this is going to be a long term hobby. I am at the stage now where I have thought about placing some caches of my own, I have bought the stuff and am keen to get them out there but I am struggling to understand whether ALL caches require permission or not, I have read lots about obtaining permission from various Trusts etc, but what if you want to place one say at the base of a tree down a country lane, does that require permission? and from whom? would it be the council or a landowner if the tree was in the hedge? or a public footpath beside a field? I am confused!
  20. I just came across someone who owns 703 trackables! I was shocked, but then I thought I am sure there will be others with more, are there?
  21. Wow, I am shocked by that, I had no idea this is what was meant by "being a numbers person" I dont see any point in that form of caching, where is the fun in it? the caches arent even hidden or in any way memorable! seems like a completely different game to me, maybe over time it will branch off and evolve into a new game in it's own right with a new name. Just my opinion, each to their own.
  22. I found one that started out as a single key and it wanted to round up all keys that people had no use for anymore, when I had it there were 31 keys, 8 key rings and 2 trolley coins attatched to it, I dont know who will want to put that in their luggage to get it back to Georgia, it weighs heavy! (TB1RN5G)
  23. Yeah of course I will play! I was thinking of releasing a bug in memory of a loved one but I think I will keep them lighthearted so that it wont upset me so deeply if they go missing, that way I will enjoy the game!
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