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  1. I have done this before but it was last year and I can't remember what I did, do I have to move it to my inventory first?
  2. Just found another! This was taken at One in a Thousand GC21HWA it is a brilliant hide and I would recommomend it if you are in the area, it is not a quaranteed find as you can see by all the DNFs!
  3. This was taken at Next Stop St Pancras GCZ8HZ it was lovely to also hear people playing cricket in the distance, the sound of the bat hitting the ball was echoing around the area.
  4. I have never been to an event but was just wondering... are trackables logged in the normal way by the cacher before attending the event? is the method you mention just an extra way of keeping a record of what ones were actually at the event for others to pick up? is there a limit to how many trackables one cacher can bring or take from an event? what happens to any that do not get picked up?
  5. That is shocking! I guess even at a Mega Event there will still be newbies and lazy loggers though!
  6. I like the idea of this in theory but I wonder if it would just end up with people never logging trackables in or out of their inventory?
  7. I took a look at a couple of event lists and although there are some that want to go abroad the majority have regular missions. This is why I wondered if collecting up TBs to take to events was just something that was a part of the event attenders fun, kind of like a status thing? I dropped 10 in, how many did you bring? Having a large pile of trackables to help yourself to at an event would be something that I would find appealing were I to attend, so maybe that is something I will do try in the future, I will however guarantee that I would log them all correctly! I had not thought about peoples own personal collections, that would add to the event list, but it was more the lack of trackables in my local caches that I was referring to than the size of the event list.
  8. I have just looked through my nearest 200 caches to see where all the trackables are and there are hardly any in the caches, some of those that are listed are actually not in the cache, when you check the date they were dropped in and read the logs from then onwards they are stated as not being in there. I am wondering do they get picked up ready for up and coming events? Events always seem to have plenty on offer.
  9. I was looking through my photos to see if I had any suitable for this months competition when it struck me, is this theme really ok? surely we are showing spoilers by adding the GC code of the caches, some COs might not be happy about that?
  10. Lol....you have forgotten that I am a computer dummy! Every time I make a new PQ and try to get it onto my GPS I get myself into a muddle why would I need anything more to confuse me? Thanks everyone for the help, I have learnt how to do this now!!!
  11. Ok I tried that but when I click on properties it doesnt seem to give me an option to do that, it offers Type or Protocol or Address(which has a geocaching address in there) is it this that I need to make an alteration to?
  12. Firstly I am hopeless with computers so any help needs to be explained in a child friendly version then I may have a chance of getting this sorted! I have EasyGPS on my computer but when I create a PQ it goes to Adobe Reader which cannot decode it, I have a vague memory of clicking an option to have the PQs always to be sent somewhere and I probably clicked the wrong place! how do I redirect it? Thanks for any help
  13. I noticed puffing hippo the other day, thought that was a good name, would have worked well for me too!
  14. This is my 18 month old Grandson on his very first caching trip to GC232A6 Blackdown Wambrook Two Gates Cache, as you can see he got into it from the word go! Hope this qualifies as new life to the game!
  15. haha I'm the same! Actually Mrs eusty came back from shopping the other day with a 'little present' for me, when I looked in the bag it was a couple of containers from Morrisons Are they good quality from Morrisons? I will have to have a look!!!!
  16. Ha ha, that is a bit geeky!! You could say that caching has brought new light to your life! I am now obsessed with clip lock containers! I cant go shopping without checking out the sizes, shapes and quality of containers on display, sad I know! I have only placed 4 caches so far but have about another 20 in the making, they are in various stages of preparation, most are still as I bought them but some are painted black and others are being taped black.
  17. Could it be a cache that has not been published yet? I remember reading somewhere on these forums that it is a good idea to place an empty cache first for a few weeks to see if it gets muggled (which I thought was good advice btw)
  18. Where rivers, streams, lakes or canals are involved then I think cache owners should be keeping a close watch on the safety of thier caches, I recently temporarily disabled 3 of my caches whilst the water levels where so high, I would not want anyone to risk thier life going for one of my caches. That said, I also think that posting what the conditions are like on the day you visit a cache is all part of the story that cachers should be adding to thier log anyway.
  19. I went caching on Dartmoor yesterday and whilst searching for caches came across about 12 maybe 15 letterbox hides. I was shocked by just how many letterboxes are now 'littering' the Tors, as a family we went letterboxing about 15 years ago when our kids were young, the boxes were not easy to find and most were well maintained, dry, contained a dry log book, stamp and pen, however things have obviously got out of hand. ALL of the boxes I found were in very poor condition, NONE had all the requirements to make them a good game piece and most were not really hidden, just openly placed. I found 2 letterbox hybrids and the contrast between these and the 'normal'letterbox hides was vast, they were well maintained, hidden out of view and just what I would want to search for and find!! Well done cachers!
  20. That is a great story! thanks for sharing. As soon as I saw that picture the bridge looked familiar, has it been in a film do you know? for some reason Erin Brocovitch is in my mind, dont know why though.
  21. Ah, stupid me! I was trying to correct it on the TB page instead of the cache page, all sorted and cleaned up now. Thanks for your help!
  22. Thanks for the quick reply but I have just tried that and it does not offer me the TB list at the bottom of the log like you get normally. Any other ideas?
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