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  1. A Tb i had recently picked up started last year and had traveled 3337 miles and i was only the FIFTH person to find it. it was because someone had logged it as taken to over 200 caches but he eventually let go of it.
  2. Hi guys i was just wondering what percentage of TBs don't last a year. <_<
  3. Hi i was wondering if it is possible to have some colour or pictures on my TB's home page. I have read comments on posts similiar to this but they dont say if you can put colour on. If you can can you please tell me how to
  4. Hi i was just wondering how long it takes for a TB to move from a cache on average/usually. :ph34r:
  5. It would be attached to a TB dog tag Is that what you meant
  6. Hi I went to disneyworld in Florida when i was 4 years old and collected some trading pins. This one is one that i dont really like so im putting it on a journey to travel to all the disney worlds and lands. And for it to take a picture of it infront of the big castle in the disney land/world. Pls tell me if this is a good idea or not. :blink:
  7. hi when i activate trackables it comes up with a bit saying is this collectible or not and i only mean for it to travel and travel and for someone not to keep it so which one do i press
  8. What should i do a geocoin in a cache that i have visited many times and have not found it in their and it still says that it is in the cache. :huh: Pls reply with answers
  9. Yeh i reckon you should just send the one with a tag already on its journey and purchasew a tag for the jeep and call it yours
  10. Hey yeh sorry forgot to add the location. It is currently in Kalamunda which is in western australia. The cache it is in is called pod cache which is one of mine The travel bug name is Mr Cricket
  11. Hi guys i really need help moving my travel bug from its current location on to its journey no one has moved it yet so you could be the first :ph34r: pls help Reply if u could help
  12. <_< <_< Hi can anyone think of some ideas for attachments for travel bugs dog tags and if so maybe a goal for that TB :unsure: <_<
  13. Hi if anyone is in the Kalamunda, Western Australia, Australia there is a TB called Mr Cricket that i recently made and you can be the first one to move it. It is in the cache called Pod Cache.
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