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  1. I just logged in via Internet Explorer on a Dell computer and the map did not load at all. I could only see the list of caches on the left. Clearly a missing map is useless to me so I quickly went back to the old version lol. Not sure why this would be? Has anyone else experienced the complete lack of map at all?
  2. If I happen to accidentally delete the link to a Related Webpage on an old puzzle, and forget to input the new link (which I am apt to do because I am very spacey), then that field would be removed from my old puzzle forever and I'd have no way to fix my mistake and put the Related Webpage back. They should at least give a warning when you are about to do that on an old cache but I highly doubt they will.
  3. Just noticed another issue. I had already added a Reviwer Note to my cache but when I went to hit "submit for review" a pop-up appears forcing me to add ANOTHER reviewer note, instead of picking up that I've already done so, like the old system did. This bug should be fixed...
  4. I noticed another problem with the new changes. The attributes are just symbols instead of words that tell you what they are! I have a hard time interpreting visuals (for example the two people on snowshoes vs skis - how on earth is one to tell the difference, especially if you are a new cacher and not familiar with the available attributes?) Many of the icons are not self-explanatory (e.g. the Special Tool one or the Kid-friendly one) so without the ability to hover over the attribute and see the text description OR have a text description right beside it, it's very challenging to use this new attribute adding feature.
  5. I have designed puzzles that *specifically* hid information in the "related webpage link". Posting links straight on the cache page makes it very obvious that I am linking to something and therefore gives away half the puzzle! The point of hiding it in that particular link was that often people didn't notice it or think to click on it until they examined the puzzle page very carefully. I know how to use html to create links in my cache description - I'm just saying it would ruin some of my current puzzles to do so.
  6. All these changes are great! EXCEPT this one: "The Related Web Page field now only exists on caches that currently use that field. If a cache owner removes an existing Related Web Page, then the field will disappear." This is awful. This feature was very useful for Wherigo links as well as hiding information for puzzle caches. Why on earth would they get rid of this? This means that one day if I need to change the "related webpage" for one of my puzzles or Wherigos and accidentally save the page after I've deleted the old link but not yet added the new one, the spot will disappear forever and in the case of puzzles, it would have to be archived as the puzzle would be non-functional. Please consider adding this feature back, at least for puzzle and Wherigo type caches.
  7. Technology confuses me so I would like a very "dummy-proof" answer to this, if possible! How do I send the results of a pocket querry to my GPS? I have figured out how to send individual caches to my GPS (I just plug in my Garmin Nuvi 40LM and click the "send to GPS" button, dummy-proof!!). However, when I make a pocket querry, how can I get all these results downloaded to my GPS with one click? Or do I have to go to each individual cache and click "Download to GPS"? That would take all day... and my tendonitis would not be happy about it!
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