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  1. There are bunches of people with nothing better to do than to look for TB code numbers (disclosed in pictures or logs). Then, they move these to caches in Antarctica just for kicks. So, there would be chaos if just anyone could mark a bug or coin missing. "Ooooh, a geocoin I want. I'll just mark it missing until I can visit that cache." "I can't stand Cacher X. I see one of his travel bugs got dropped off in the "Walk in the Park" cache. Poof! Not any more!" The option for a cache owner, trackable owner or site volunteer to mark a trackable item "missing" is an adequate but underutilized solution. Some GREAT points raised - some that I did not consider. I suppose then it is best to retain the status quo. Thanks for the insight.
  2. I noticed it as well - my February coin did not have an associated icon, but when I activated my March coin the logo worked just fine - I like to see the specific logo of the coin when they are logged as being in caches, so I hope that the icons are developed at the same time as the coin is being readied for mailing.
  3. Hi, previously on the Unite for Diabetes (U4D) website I was able to search for a U4B TB by destination. For example, I searched for the TB heading to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and saved that to my watchlist. For some reason I am no longer able to do this. Does anyone know whether it is still possible to search the U4D website to locate a specific TB that has a specific destination in mind? I have a long list of cities that I would like to watch to see when they get their TB. PS - I was fortunate to receive by mail from the US the "Sawankhalok, Thailand" U4D TB - - - it is now in Holland. Thanks, GeoCRAt.
  4. Having read other posts relevant to this topic I can see that this option is available under "Trackable Item Owner Actions". Also I see that as a cache owner I can mark an item as missing if it is no longer in a cache that I own. However, I still believe that there should be a way of informing the owner that the TB is missing, rather than just posting a note to the cache. Cachers should be given the option to mark the TB as missing, just as they can log a "Did Not Find" for a cache. Posting a note to the TB site will inform the owner, but I doubt many people will do this in addition to noting in the cache log that the TB is missing. Requesting the owner to mark the TB as missing may also not yield the desired result. THANKS.
  5. I would like to see a feature on the website whereby TB's / geocoins can be archived should it be obvious that they are no longer in the specified cache. For example, Travel Bug Number TB4EE8 (LarsThorwald's Space Shuttle) is no longer in Fossil Rock (Cache GCH8FX) . There does not seem to be a way for the TB owner to remove the TB from the cache, and neither is there an option for a cacher to report that the TB needs to be archived (other than through a cache note, but that does not remove it from the cache contents). I would like the option added whereby the owner can be notified that the TB / coin is gone, allowing him / her to archive it, or for cachers to notify geocaching admin that the TB / coin is gone so that they can archive it. In that way cachers will not set off in hope of finding a TB / coin that is no longer in the cache. Thanks, GeoCRAt.
  6. GeoCRAt

    Uae - Oman

    Hi Doofie, Caches in the UAE / Oman are like caches anywhere in the world, though you may find more of them are 4X4 accessible only. Generally most caches are accessible using a normal saloon car, but if you want to do some of the more remote caches you may want to hire a 4X4. I have done most of my caching using my regular car. In fact, today was the first cache I found using a 4X4 (with a friend of mine that has a Jeep). Happy Geocaching in the UAE - you will have fun. I have three caches in the UAE and one in Oman. Cheers for now, GeoCRAt.
  7. Hi, I like the design. One thing, however, has always bothered me about the South African Tourism logo. It DOES NOT MATCH the South African flag!! If the black (of the logo) is on top then the red should be on the right and the blue on the left, just as it is on the RSA flag. I suggest that this is the way that the geocoin should be designed. I always remember the flag design as the sun (red) over the sea (blue), just as it was in the old South African flag. Cheers, GeoCRAt. (A South African citizen / cacher living in Dubai).
  8. Is there a way to download ALL waypoints / caches in a particular country, using EasyGPS. For example, there are over 1,600 caches in South Africa and I would like to download them all at once, rather than doing them a page at a time. This would make it a lot easier to get the co-ordinates into a GPS. Thanks.
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