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  1. Hi All, I recently started a new page on Facebook for geocachers based in the UAE. You may find it here - - - https://www.facebook.com/pages/UAE-Geocachers/146905358741196 It replaces my previous group that is soon to be archived. Cheers, Charles / GeoCRAt.
  2. I am considering the purchase of a Garmin Oregon 550 – I used to use a combination of the Garmin GPSMap 60CS and my Touch phone for paperless caching. Does anyone know whether the Oregon 550 supports the download of spoiler photo’s, through the SpoilerSync application? I would like to continue using the SpoilerSync application on the Oregon 550. Or is there another application available that I can use to get Spoiler photo’s from the geocaching website onto the Oregon 550? I am a Premium Member on the geocaching website. Or do the Spoiler photo's automatically get downloaded when the 'pocket query' is saved to the Oregon 550? Please let me know. Thanks from Dubai.
  3. Further to my issue in my previous post, I did a test today. I saved a waypoint as usual, i.e. by touching the screen, saying ‘save’ and I assigned the name ‘Testing’ as the waypoint name. Unfortunately I do not even see the waypoint name on the screen doing it this way. This leads me to believe that this is not a problem with the way I am transferring data to the GPS (i.e. using EasyGPS) but rather with the software on the unit itself. Still requesting any comments from other users having the same issue.
  4. Dear All, I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 715 around 10 days ago. I previously used the Nuvi 310 in my car. Unfortunately when I transfer my waypoints to the unit (Nuvi 715) using EasyGPS the waypoint names are not displayed on the screen. Previously when I used the Nuvi 310 I was able to see the waypoint names on the screen. Also my wife, who uses the Nuvi 710, is able to see the waypoint names on the screen. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I see for example that the icons used by the Nuvi 715 are not all the same as used by EasyGPS. For example the ‘car’ symbol used by EasyGPS is different to the car used by the Nuvi 715. As such, when I transfer the waypoints for which I have a car as the icon, all I get is a small square on the screen (and still no name). When I transfer other items, for example a residence (and using the residence icon), I can see the icon on the screen but not the name alongside. For example, when I transferred the waypoints onto the Nuvi 310 (and my wife’s Nuvi 710), I could see alongside the icon “Bill and Sarah’s house”. However, when I transfer the waypoint to the Nuvi 715 all I see is the waypoint and the icon, but not the name of the waypoint. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? My software and my map are all up to date on the 715. Thanks. GeoCRAt. (I have the same issue when I try to use ExpertGPS)
  5. Are there any geocachers close to the Kruger National Park? Unfortunately I placed a new (physical) cache close to the Engelhard Lookout earth cache, only to discover that physical containers are not permitted in the Kruger Park. As I live in Dubai (my mom was going to maintain the cache for me), I will not be able to remove the cache until we are in South Africa for the soccer next year. Would anyone be willing to remove the cache container, and release the three TB’s trapped in the cache, 2 of which are mine and 1 is from China. If you like you can place the cache yourself, with or without the travel bugs, or you are welcome please to drop the box with my mom in Hoedspruit, in which case I will collect the cache in June 2010 and place it is Dubai. Please send me a personal e-mail if you are able to assist and I will provide you with the co-ordinates. It is close to the earth cache at the Engelhard Dam lookout. Cheers from Dubai.
  6. What happened to my pocket queries? I wondered why I had not received my pocket query file for the last two weeks. When I logged into my account I noted that all my saved pocket queries have been deleted. Do I have to go to all the trouble of creating them again? This is not efficient – please make sure this does not happen again.
  7. We traveled extensively around China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xi’an and back to Beijing). We found 12 caches and searched for a few others, including at the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, various places in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and various places in Tibet, including Everest Base Camp We had absolutely no problems using our GPS – it was clearly visible at all times. However, having seen this post prior to going to China, I was a little nervous about using my GPS, but decided to take my GPS anyway. I am pleased that we did. I carried a geocaching notice in English and Chinese to use just in case (which I eventually left in the cache at Everest Base Camp) (e-mail for a copy if you like), but found that it was not required. I suggest that if you are careful and do not look suspicious you should be OK.
  8. When I first started using the geocaching website the photo's on the travel bug pages would ‘scroll’ nicely, like they do with the photo's on the websites for cache logs, i.e. when there are multiple photo's for a cache log, the user can click through them using the ‘next’ or ‘back’ function at the top of the photo. However, in order to see all the photo's attached to a log for a travel bug the user needs to click each individual photo. Each photo clicked opens up in a new blank web page, rather than lying on top of the log itself, like it does for a cache log. I wonder why this has changed? I distinctly remember that the ‘next’ and ‘back’ functions were available for viewing of photo's on travel bug pages, and that this feature was not restricted to a log for a specific cache. View the photo's on this Travel Bug page - - - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...28-49783854bb26 - - - and this cache log - - - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...74-e179ea6296bb - - - to see the difference I am talking about. I would like to see the photo's from Travel Bugs / coins being able to be viewed in the same way as those on the logs of caches. Thanks. Cheers from Dubai.
  9. My one Travel Bug started life in South Africa, was brought to Dubai, visited the Maldives, returned to the United Arab Emirates, and is now in one of the highest caches in the world, at the Everest Base Camp. This is the link - - - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...28-49783854bb26 Hopefully more travels to come.
  10. Again, thanks for the comments. But I am really not looking at reinstating my TB’s or coins. All I would like is a way to remove the items that I know will never return from being listed as part of the TB’s / coins that I own – surely not such a difficult thing to program? Cheers, GeoCRAt.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. However, the option to re-release the TB’s in only valid for actual TB’s. What about coins that have gone missing? I do not have duplicate items of those. Also I suspect that the geocaching website does not want too many ‘phantom’ accounts opened just for adoption of TB’s. May I suggest that an option be created whereby users can remove from their profile those TB’s / coins that are definitely missing and will never be released again? Just today I prepared a replacement for this TB that was stolen from a cache in France. Thanks for the input, it is much appreciated. Cheers, GeoCRAt.
  12. Is there any way to remove travel items once they are marked as missing? I do not believe there is much point in still having the missing items on my inventory list, just to be continually reminded that they are missing. Just wondering. Cheers from Dubai.
  13. As of the last few weeks I have been updating my TB distance manually. I thought this had something to do with other issues I am having with the geocaching website generally, though perhaps not.
  14. I am using Internet Explorer 7. For some reason I cannot access any geocaching related websites that start with http://www.geocaching.com/ I get an error message saying that “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. However, when I manually change the address to https://geocaching.com (i.e. adding the ‘s’ after the http, and removing the ‘www.’) I am able to get to the website that I want. The only problem is that each time I follow a link, for example to trace a travel bug or check a different cache page, I have to manually change the address bar as described above. This is annoying and time consuming. This is only happening on the geocaching website – no other website gives me this issue. I have the same issue accessing this geocaching forum website as well. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on how to fix this are welcome, expect for suggestions that I change web browsers. Thanks in advance. Cheers from Dubai.
  15. Thanks, but I am not looking to change browsers right now - any other solutions? Thanks.
  16. I am having a HUGE problem with the geocaching website. For some reason I cannot load any pages. However, when I check on my colleagues’ computers, and my machine at home, I do not have the same problem. We are all using Internet Explorer Version 7. I have overcome, to some degree, the problem on my work machine - - - instead of using www.geocaching.com I am forced to type https://geocaching.com (i.e. a secure website). However, each time I click on a link to follow say a Travel Bug, I get an Internet Explorer message saying that the website cannot be found. Only when I change the URL as noted above can I load the page. But then I get a message with a “Certificate Error”. I also get a message that says “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?” Each time I change pages I get this message. It is really frustrating that this issue is happening just one my one machine. It seems to have something to do with my security settings. I have not had a problem like this in the past, and I have had the same machine for 2.5 years. Also I have not changed my operating system recently (Windows 2000). I am at a loss, as is our IT Department, on how to address this matter. Any ideas? Cheers from Dubai.
  17. Many posts to this effect - surely this is an easy programming fix. Instead of multiplying miles to km by 161 it should be 1.61. Cheers.
  18. I have noted this previously as well. Whenever you activate a TB, but use HTML in the description, you get a website error. However, if you use regular text the website allows it to go through. You then have to 'edit' the TB (once activated) at which stage you are able to enter HTML code. So it seems that the original stage of TB activation does not recognize HTML, though it is recognized subsequently. Cheers from Dubai.
  19. I saw that this was reported a few days ago, and a quick fix was promised. Surely this is something that is very easy to fix? The miles to km's are being converted at 161 instead of 1.61 Must be an easy programming fix. Please attend to it Groundspeak. Cheers, GeoCRAt.
  20. I noticed the same thing for ALL travel bugs - probably because I have chosen to display distance in km rather than miles. see this one - - - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...67-b4120cb4f7bf I am seeing that it has travled over 5,000,000 km - I must say, however, that I am pleased to see metric measurements now in the distance traveled. Thanks, GeoCRAt.
  21. Hi All, See this cool website - - - http://www.confluence.org/ - - - for a list of the confluence points around the world, i.e. points where lines of longitude and latitude cross. There is a cache (The Beauty of Numbers - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b-98a64a1395d6) at the confluence point of N 25, E 56 degrees. Also this link has all the confluence points in the UAE - - - http://www.confluence.org/country.php?id=176 An interesting concept, and perhaps the start of a new addiction? Later, GeoCRAt.
  22. What a FANTASTIC idea. This will be REALLY useful. All too often I see cache logs of people having taken my travel items, yet they do not log them from the cache. I too have been guilty of delayed logging, only identified when doing a reconciliation between what I have on my desk and what is shown as being in my inventory (is GeoCRAt an accountant by any chance?! ). I would REALLY like to see this idea implemented. Thanks for the GREAT suggestion!!
  23. A very useful website I came across recently is - - - http://www.freetranslation.com/ It offers free translations to and from various languages. Though it does not translate text 100% you can get the basic idea, enabling easier cache searching.
  24. Hi, I wonder whether there is a need for an “auto-watchlist”? Let me explain - - - what I have in mind is that as soon as one of your travel items is placed in a cache, that cache is automatically placed on your watchlist so that you are notified of all logs on that cache. You will be able to more easily identify which of your travel items may be missing, and this may even help reduce the number of travel items that are lost. As soon as your travel item is logged out of the cache it will be removed from your “auto-watchlist”. I believe the following features will be required: 1) The function by which each cacher can elect whether to add the “auto-watchlist” feature, covering ALL their travel items 2) The function by which cachers can add only SPECIFIC travel items (perhaps a check-box of some sort, covering all the cacher's travel items) to the auto-watchlist 3) A feature, perhaps in the e-mail notification related to the travel item, that allows the cacher to click on the link to retain that specific cache on their permanent watchlist. Thanks. Cheers from Dubai. GeoCRAt.
  25. This one containing human ashes is pretty weird!! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...bb-db045fab9540 Later. GeoCRAt.
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