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  1. You might want to consider the Mitac Mio p550 (running WM5). Buy dot com has them on sale for $325 shipped and this thing is awesome. I use it for everything and with a today plugin (Navio) the SS3 chipset is always on - so no ttff whatsoever. It has a big ol' speaker too, voice nav is much easier now. I also have an hx2415 and hx4700 I use with a Holux GPSlim236 BT receiver but the Mio is so much more convenient now. One device, one cord, one happy camper.
  2. I'm using an iPaq hx2415 with a BT Holux GPSlim 236. Man what a sweet setup, I bought both off of Ebay in excellent condition - grand total coming to $210. I switched from a Zire 72 because the Palm OS just lacks the cajones to run some of the sweet apps available to the Pocket crowd (I was suffering from PPC envy). I'm so glad I switched, this setup can go from mini-laptop to in-car navigation to geocaching with minimal effort and a fraction of the cables my old setup had. The PPC nav apps (MS Streets, Destinator, TomTom) and geocaching apps (Cachemate, Beeline, etc.) are more than adequate for my needs and I can't say enough about how smooth it all works together. Cachemate has TomTom and Pocket Streets plugins, that's a big plus. I almost went for the iQue 3600 but decided I realllly wanted the built in wifi and bluetooth without paying the M5 cost, I'm glad I held out. I'm not concerned about dropping the iPaq, bought a sweet silicone case with a lid, not as thin as the silicone sleeves, and it has thick shock-absorbing sides. Check PDAden.com for those. The GPSr is small enough to tuck in a shirt pocket or hangs from a neck lanyard. All in all I'm one happy cacher!
  3. You can't beat built-in wifi, our Toughbooks have it and logging in from site to site is a breeze. I almost bought a Tung-E, I was all set to go until I noticed it didn't mention supporting wifi or bluetooth and the E's processor was half the speed of the Zire. I liked the Tung-C's features but I don't know if I could work with the typepad on the front. I bought a TypeNGo (by Fellowes) for the Visors and ended up shelving it, the little round key buttons were just too awkward for my Fred Flintstone fingers. I use a Palm infrared keyboard now, at least with that I'm able to avoid punching 4 letters at once. I spend a lot of time on Ebay, if I see any GPS deals too good to pass up I'll shoot you a PM. I'll keep in mind it's for students, what age group are we talking about here? Best of luck with the educating, it's a fine hobby for them to learn by. I wish I had educators who had taken that kind of learning approach, making learning fun is definitely the key to reaching younger minds and leaving a lasting impression.
  4. I spent a bit of time on the Palm site after looking at the TungC. Thanks for not responding Jerry, it gave me the nudge I needed.... I decided to get the Zire 72 (PalmOne has a factory outlet!). I'm so excited about this. If anyone is interested in a Visor Deluxe (I've got 2, black and the clear/blue) or a Visor Platinum, just let me know. They'll be up on Ebay in a couple days but I'll give any cachers first go at an offer before they're listed. I also have a Magellan Companion GPS module to go along with one of them.
  5. The SkinSoSoft sounds like a good idea to try, I know it works well against skeeters and fleas. As far as the flashlights, I've had two of the shakers and one wind up, they were all a waste of cash. Buy a AA minimag (under $10.00) and change the bulb assembly to the 3 LED type ( www.niteize.com ). Stays bright forever and you don't ruin the bulb if you drop it.
  6. Not sure how the Sony works but if it uses a hotsync app, which I presume it does, uninstall the hotsync app and reinstall it. It sounds like the USB drivers/connections are ok if you can talk to your GPSr. Just in case; start / settings / control panel / add/remove software or, find it in the start menu, scroll down to the program, look for UNinstall "hotsync app name" in the same subcategory Good luck and holler back if you still can't make it work
  7. Good advice, it also applies to any parents out there who take the kiddos along. I bought a pair of good whistles for mine, they love wearing them and they love using them once we're out even more. I've given them the speech... blow three times short, three times long, three times short in case we get seperated. I don't think we need to worry about stumbling onto a hunter though, I suspect they hear us coming a mile away.
  8. I think that might be my mother-in-law.... run away. Trust me on this one.
  9. Team PrimaryCache is just dad and the two kids (3 & 5 y.o.). Mom just doesn't have the stamina to keep up with us but she does enjoy the outdoors.
  10. We use a pair of Visors (a deluxe and a platinum), both work fine with Cachemate, GSAK and W2K/XP. You can pick them up fairly inexpensively on Ebay, the deluxe was less than $20. You can also slap the Magellan GPS companion in them and they do double duty, also available used for a darned good price.
  11. Now that's a good stout vehicle! It scares me to think I might be getting better gas mileage in my Jeep though, they're not know for that very often. I have to boost toddlers in and out of it too, with yours I'd have to rig up some sort of sling to get them in. Thanks for sharing the pic though, it looks like it could roll through anything.
  12. Current Jeep owner here, judging from some of the cache sites I've seen recently ANY kind of 4WD would help quite a bit, especially now that the snow is melting and the mud around here is thawing. Nice stickers, good to see the hobbies combined. Keep up the fine work
  13. I liked the first one, "GEO", and ordered one last night. Very cool and a good deal, thanks for putting them up. Incidentally, while there I also noticed someone selling geocache.com stickers and I've been telling myself I was going to get one. I thought I'd rather buy direct from the Groundspeak store.... until I went to process the order here. The two stickers were $4.80 or something like that, the drawback: they wanted somewhere close to $9.00 just for shipping! I'll go back and get the one off of Ebay
  14. New to the hobby, been in it a couple weeks now. Started with a SporTrak Map, saw a good deal and bought an Etrex Yellow the next day and have finally settled on an iFinder M&M. I hope. This is getting expensive fast, I just ordered the Mapcreate kit last night. My Ebay Fu is very strong, I picked all these up at half the retail cost.
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