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  1. I meant the logs of my visits. I often add photographs of where I have been. This is the TB I have kept for my use only. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=5339812
  2. Absolutely appropriate. I have a TB that I was given when attending a MEGA and I have kept it for that purpose. I was visiting it to every cache I visited, often adding photographs. Unfortunately I have found, after 10,000 cache finds, it gets very slow to navigate through my visits, so now I don't add them all, and have gone back and deleted some of my visits. Sad that, but it became too slow.
  3. I've had one of them where the checker was wrong. I suspect I worked out the correct coordinates, but the checker didn't match. So I fiddled with numbers until I got the checker to match. Went to GZ, no cache. Later I contacted the CO and he told me my coordinates were wrong. I told him they match the checker. He told me I shouldn't trust the checker.
  4. DNF could mean that (although not "very clearly"), but it ALSO means, I searched and couldn't find it; too well hidden for me. The log should mention what the reason for the DNF means. I doubt one DNF will get the reviewer checking it, but several in a row on a D1.5 might, and so it should, because even if the cache is still there, either the coordinates are out (need fixing), or getting several DNFs in a row, the D rating is too low for those who don't know where it is, and this needs a correction. Might seem easy to the CO, who knows where it is, but not to those not in the know. If the D is higher, it is less likely to get attention. No, Needs Maintenance doesn't mean "This has serious problems and will be archived if the CO doesn't fix it soon"". It means their is a problem and the person logging the NM, is being helpful and letting the CO know. NA means "This has serious problems and will be archived if the CO doesn't fix it soon". It seems you are upgrading in your thinking, each notice higher to the next level.
  5. I find boy scout caches tend to be place and forget caches.
  6. I have seen a cache chewed to pieces because someone left soap in it. The soap was half eaten too.
  7. Watch still doesn't work for me. I can click on the other things in the list, but not 'Watch' . I notice there is no image on the left for that.
  8. I have found some caches on power trails. Takes me long than that though, to either ride my bike between the caches, or park the car, get out find the cache, sign, re-hide, get back in the car and drive to the next one. They are not necessarily all the same kind of hides either. Not just wander over to the close by sign. There is NO WAY I could find five caches in less than 3 minutes. Don't have lamp post caches here like those in the US. Guards are often further apart then 161 metres, can be kms apart.
  9. Not the equivalent of a "roadside sign post cache count", as they are 161 metres apart and that takes time to walk or cycle between them. Not just take a few steps and answer the next very easy question. I have done ALs which are spread out, but there is no restriction on distance on them, and so they can be the equivalent of a multicache having WPs lined up close together only a few metres apart, except that for the multicache you only get one smilie, while the AL you get five with very little effort. If ALs only had one smilie I couldn't care less if they could be completed in a very short time. It's the cheap five smilies that's the problem.
  10. They have to be at least 161 metres apart. I have done stages of ALs which were about 15 metres apart.
  11. I hate those too, but the cache there wasn't in anyone's front garden. There was a public walkway between houses that led to a nature park. I can't have been the first person who used that to access the nature park and go for a walk; with or without a dog.
  12. I was once questioned when I parked on a suburban, public street and also photographed (I think I might have smiled and waved as they did so), by a scruffy couple. If they were hiding something, they certainly drew attention to themselves. What were they hiding? Drug house? Women's safe house? Whatever it was it was that house was now noted.
  13. LOL, I was in a back laneway here in Canberra once with another geocacher searching for a cache and someone stepped out of a door and demanded to know what we were doing there and we weren't allowed there. Of course we were, as it's a public laneway, so I told them just that and with obvious annoyance they went away. I later thought that I should have said to them, I don't care what you are up to here that our presence worries you, as that doesn't interest us at all, but if you are up to something, way to draw attention to yourself. To us that's just an anonymous door among others. Do you want people now wondering about that door?"
  14. I can only say what I would do in Australia. I would report this incident to the police. I would also enquire with the police if this is really private property. Recently a group of three of us were on a country road finding caches and a 4WD pulled up to ask us what we were doing there. Fortunately we don't normally need to worry about guns in Australia, and if this woman had threatened us with a gun (farmers can have registered guns), I'm sure the heavy hand of the law would have descended on her with three witnesses. I have heard of others on that road having similar experiences. However it's NOT a private road, but a public road and we had every legal right to be there, and we were not on private land. I was one side of the car and the others were on the other. One of the others thought quickly and pointed at me and said they had stopped because I needed a comfort stop. The woman still looked suspiciously at us, but then drove on. On the other hand, I have been questioned by other farmers, when after an explanation have turned out to be really nice and we have had a lovely chat. On one dirt road with lots of gates, I checked with the farmer who had come to enquire what I was doing there if this really was a public road. They confirmed it was and that I had every right to be there. He smiled and said, "Just leave the gates as you find them." Having grown up in the country myself, naturally that is what I was doing. Thank goodness we don't have the loose way with guns as the USA has.
  15. I heard of one CO deleting every log on the throw down. I think it was over a hundred logs, so that throw down, which was really a DNF, certainly affected a lot of people. Apparently when the CO checked, the original cache was still in its hidey spot and not missing. I found the correct cache (or I hope I did ) and it was very well hidden. Anyway, my log has not been deleted (yet). I thought that was hard on those who didn't know it was a throw down. The log of the person who made the throw down should have been deleted though.
  16. I have come upon that when I was newish to geocaching and did nothing about it. Now if I do find that cache and the coordinates are well off, presuming it isn't a puzzle cache, I will give the correct coordinates in my log and possibly make a NM and say coordinates need correction. Coordinates for a traditional cache should be correct. Possibly; it depends on the log. Some people write convincing logs, even if they haven't found the cache.
  17. Tasmania has park fees. As much of Tasmania is a National Park, this kinda dampens a Tasmanian holiday. Although I suppose if a person can afford a trip to Tasmania they can afford the $40 two month holiday pass. https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/know-before-you-go/entry-fees
  18. Don't remove the logs. People discovered the sticker with the number. It doesn't matter what it's attached to.
  19. That's what I figured, but I have never tested it. Shame, as it should be notified to the CO.
  20. I like the idea of you making a better log. Nice idea. Even if the CO never sees it, others reading through the logs will likely see it, and think better of you for a good log, than just a TFTC log. Even if you decided to only write better logs from here on, that good too. I know some of my early logs, although never only TFTC (I don't think), were basic. A question on log changing. If someone changed the type of log, say a note or DNF to a find, is the cache owner notified? It doesn't matter so much if they aren't when someone only changes the writing (and in fact, there's no need for the CO to get a notification for every spelling correction), but if someone changes the type of log it would be apt to notify the CO. Otherwise, this could be a back door for armchair loggers.
  21. You have only found 104 caches. Some people (not me) find more than that in one day. Imagine needing to add a photograph for all those caches. There is nothing wrong though in you supplying a photograph, as long as it isn't a spoiler. A log without showing the cache I would think reasonable. If there's a photograph of the cache, it makes it harder for the CO to ask a non-signer for proof of find, by asking for a description of the cache, as they can get the description from the photograph. I too include photographs with the TBs, usually the TB in the pick up and drop of logs, and general pictures of where they visited in between. Here is an example. I have had this TB (which was sent off on a mission to get to me) for much longer than usual, because the Australian borders have been closed. I was meant to hand it onto another friend of the TB owner (who has sadly died) after this was sent , but with borders closed I have been unable to. I am keeping it to pass onto someone who knew the CO, not just releasing it to anyone. TB6BTFK Anyway, the CO used to keep saying how much she loved Australia, so I imagine, if she could see the photographs taken in Australia, she would be pleased. I do look forward to when I can pass the TB to another friend of the TB owner.
  22. When those challenge caches were allowed, I have had false logs ruin it for me. The owner didn't remove the non-finds, even when pointed out, so annoying to more then one cacher.
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