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  1. Leave it in another cache. If enough people contact the TB owner and tell them it's locked, they might finally get the message.
  2. It sounds as though this person has too many caches if they can't treat them singularly.
  3. There are some Pokemon based puzzle geocaches near where I live. I open, see pokemon, which I don't understand, and close them. They are caches I am very unlikely to ever do, as I don't understand pokemon. I have come upon a number of puzzle caches with some obscure game (many which become dated as the game goes out of fashion) I have either never heard of, or have no interest in learning about. I open the cache page, read what it is about, close, and place it on my not to do list. Just because someone is so into some game, doesn't mean everyone else is. I agree with geocaching in this instance. Shame the ones local to me (there's several) got published.
  4. I start by trying to place a largish sized small cache, and then work down. I have no nanos and won't have one of those horrid things. Logs fill too quickly and the signatures are hard to read for checking the log. Only if I can't find a place for a small sized cache will I put a micro. Sometimes it needs to be a micro cache, but I find many micros where a small cache could easily be hidden. I think it's often laziness when a micro is placed. Too easy to stick a nano to a sign or similar, rather than look around and use a bit of imagination as to where a small sized cache (or bigger), could be hidden.
  5. I like the salad... The rest is too much for me for lunch . Although, with one or two other people to share it, it might be okay.
  6. I appreciate caches with cafes nearby, where I can stop for coffee. One of my multicaches (purposefully) passes by suburban shops (my local shops), where there 2.5 cafes (.5 because one of the cafes is only open in the daytime on Saturday mornings. Otherwise, it's open 21:00 to 6:00.) There are also 3 restaurants, but they are not open always in the daytime, but might be. There is also a bakery and a supermarket for food too. Although the knives and fork attribute is available, I had to remove my comment that it was possible to stop for a coffee, as that's commercial. When I cache, that's information I WANT to know. I ended up putting, passes the local shops, and left that up to the imagination of the cacher, who should realise that many local shops have at least one café.
  7. We each signed a separate attendance log (the organiser needed to know who was there), but on the actual cache log there was only the group name. A photograph of it wasn't included, but if I were the organiser I would likely have photographed the attendance log too and included the photograph in my log. However, the CO knows the organiser and likely knew he could trust her.
  8. I once swam out to a cache on a post in our local lake. I dropped the bison tube while treading water, in a current which was taking me with it, and trying to sign the log. Fortunately I didn't drop the log. I had to return and replace the bison. In a boat this time.
  9. Then there was a signature. You said there wasn't. As long as the person heading the group lists everyone who was in attendance, I don't see the problem with that. It also stops the log from filling up quickly and the CO needing to go change the log, which they would have had to in the following example, as it wasn't a big log. Also, all the individual signatures might not have fitted. These people were listed as in attendance, because they were. It was the biggest group I have cached with. This is part of a log the group organiser made (I removed all names, except mine). "Found with a bunch of geocachers (25) who were attempting the Tunnels of Terror Cache and thought we could make a grab for this one too. We signed the log as the 'Australia Day Explorers' and as the organiser of the expedition I list them all here: name, name, name, name, name,name, name, name, name, Goldenwattle, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, and name, with name, name and name. I have had a fabulous morning sloshing around in the drains. Thanks again TE - another FP from me " The CO would know most of them, and I can't imagine he would have a problem with this.
  10. That's terrible, but if more COs deleted those logs, that would discourage that behaviour. Also, locally it will become known who checks their logs and is willing to delete if no signature, so that should reduce cheating, at least on that person's logs. Some people say they check and will delete if no signature. This might also encourage some other COs to follow. Another deterrent. I heard of one CO deleting more than 100 logs, because they signed the throw-down, and not the still in place actual cache. Although I think that was rough, unless there was a description of the cache (preferably in the hint, as this was a 'drive-by', in the sense it was close to parking) and the throw-down obviously didn't match. Delete the log of the person who made the throw-down though. The real cache was tough to find inside the works of an ex-rocket. I found the real one, I hope. My log is still there, so that's positive .
  11. Yes, no one should overly let them worry them. No need to rush out to check. Just check when cache maintenance time and routine checking the log comes around. Then if no log, delete.
  12. It will accept the coordinates without the '°'.
  13. I finished a multicache today with 17 WPs and a formulae to work out at the end. I drove, walked and cycled on several outings to complete it. One smilie.
  14. Take out the degree circle, such as after the 5 of this example. That's the problem. S 35°
  15. That's only after clicking on the map, not the original map, and where are the other ALs on that map? I want to see the relationship between them.
  16. Yes I cycled to where the WP shows on the map before hitting start. I didn't know it would then move several kms away. If all first WPs (and after that's logged, the next WP) showed where they actually are on the map, it would make planning easier. ALs seem a free for all to me, but it could be made impossible for someone to overlay a WP on someone else's. In the example I was referring to, there was no reason WP1 on the map couldn't have been put at the actual WP1, as there was nothing else nearby. Giving coordinates for each WP would help too for planning, and if some distance, allow the car GPS to navigate there. Now it's a bit of a guess and also dangerous, as it encourages the geocacher to keep illegally looking at their GPS as they drive, instead of just being able to put in the coordinates, and then drive there without continuously looking down at the GPS.
  17. I now know it isn't always, but sometimes it is. I don't see why the place where the AL is shown on the map can't be the first WP, or one of the WPs for those ALs that can be done in any order. It would make planning a lot easier. The first few ALs I had done had the WP matching the map, so I was confused by the next two and after going to what I thought was WP1 (or one of the WPs) I found the closest WP was several kms away. A long walk, although that day I was cycling, but still, I didn't have time to go several kms out of my way. Very disappointing and does nothing to endear one to ALs.
  18. I don't understand what you are saying.
  19. The first WP is often not even where it shows on the map, until you click on the AL. Even that basic thing needs fixing. Show the first WP where it really is.
  20. Most I would guess do look at the hint though, and would notice, "See spoiler photograph" there. although that won't help someone hunting with a GPS (or at least my model GPS). I agree though, after a good search, it's a DNF, NOT a note. Note is for "Got to car park, saw the road flooded and turned around, so didn't get a chance to search." Or for a challenge, "Found and logged, but don't qualify yet." Some people though will NOT log DNFs; they just WON'T !! That is annoying. I definitely log a DNF on a 1.5 or even a 2T, if I get there and even though I can see the cache, I can't reach it. I'm not tall, but there are many shorter than me. People should not consider their height when rating a cache, but the average height for the local population, and the average female height would be the better consideration.
  21. Yes, the final GZ should be correct too for them, but I'll not post the final coordinates for a puzzle or multi, as I would for a traditional. That's what I meant. I might say though, I found the final coordinates, say 20 metres out.
  22. I meant the logs of my visits. I often add photographs of where I have been. This is the TB I have kept for my use only. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=5339812
  23. Absolutely appropriate. I have a TB that I was given when attending a MEGA and I have kept it for that purpose. I was visiting it to every cache I visited, often adding photographs. Unfortunately I have found, after 10,000 cache finds, it gets very slow to navigate through my visits, so now I don't add them all, and have gone back and deleted some of my visits. Sad that, but it became too slow.
  24. I've had one of them where the checker was wrong. I suspect I worked out the correct coordinates, but the checker didn't match. So I fiddled with numbers until I got the checker to match. Went to GZ, no cache. Later I contacted the CO and he told me my coordinates were wrong. I told him they match the checker. He told me I shouldn't trust the checker.
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