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  1. I relogged and my Earthcache souvenir appeared. I need 200 souvenirs for a challenge cache I have found and signed the log for, so I can log that cache. That's the only reason at present I care about souvenirs. 182 and counting, and then I can again ignore them.
  2. It's not the right to publish an AL I would want, but when I can travel again (I'm a carer; when that is ended), I would love to have a Virtual cache (or many) to publish in places around Australia, without any caches. Much better than ALs, as they don't rely on there being a mobile connection, or the company you have on your phone, matching the local one.
  3. We would get that as children, as we ran around the neighbourhood bare footed. Concrete, lawn (bindis ), bitumen, gravel, long grass, creek bed, leaf litter, boulders, etc.
  4. I don't see what's so special about barefoot paths. I grew up much of the time bare foot. Bare feet is common in much of the world, especially for children. If someone wants to go bare footed, just take off you shoes and go for a walk. As for a trail, put caches along a sealed path, then people are less likely to walk on a thorn.
  5. I have the souvenir. I went to the cache and 'edited' it and the souvenir then appeared.
  6. It's called pride and low self worth and seeing assistance as a personal attack on them. The more intelligent and adaptable will likely take advice. I'm guessing they might last in the game longer too, having better interaction with others.
  7. I'm pleased they took advice, but I've known some beginners who don't take advice. A beginner with five finds, telling me they know better than me and they are right (their coordinates were way off) and I am wrong. After about three months they were never heard from again, and their cache was archived, because people couldn't find it. A beginner who placed very nice caches full of trinkets. Kids would have loved them. However, almost all of the 20 to 30 caches they placed had coordinates out by 12 plus metres. Another, more experienced cacher politely and helpfully gave them the correct coordinates in his logs. The beginner took umbrage, and archived the lot. Likely they left the caches as litter too. Two caches placed by a beginner with no finds. Both coordinates out, and the one I could find, had a container that was very unsuitable. Archived after a short time. One was never found by anyone. I searched. Goodness knows how far out its coordinates were. Another beginner with coordinates out 400 metres. They disagreed with me about that. Even if there was no limit needed on finds, perhaps a limit of one cache published and say no more allowed for three months for the beginner cacher. There should always be allowed exceptions.
  8. Oh, those are ignore and delete. I thought you meant ones directly from the reviewer.
  9. What sort of email? I have hardly ever gotten any emails. The only ones I remember, was one I placed too close to someone's property and I needed to correct the coordinates, and another I had to prove was really 1T. It was and I answered satisfactorily. I wish more people had to prove that too. My other caches were published without any comments.
  10. Thanks. Did the same. That worked. The only interest I have in these souvenirs, is that I have found and logged a challenge cache, that I don't qualify for, until I have 200 souvenirs. I hid this souvenir, along with all the others, except country/state and the like. They are my only interest in souvenirs, besides that challenge cache. I have no wish to display souvenirs such as this one.
  11. I just logged an Earthcache and it's now 4am in Seattle on the 9th. No souvenir. Not that worried; just mentioning it.
  12. Well if the CO doesn't want some people to be able to do the multi, and international travellers who likely don't have data, go for it. It will reduce the finds. It might depend on how many others can find it. If it's in an area it with hardly any cachers for instance, after the first local people find it, it might sit here unfound for a long time, but so be it.
  13. There will always be someone who manages to do it otherwise. This is a sink hole. There were people abseiling on my side (not in the photograph), and there's a cache part way down that wall. I think it's meant to be done with ropes, but the abseil instructor told me he saw someone free climb to the cache. He expressed amazement at that.
  14. The 1T I couldn't reach, and I'm not disabled. I doubt a tall person could have either. I believe that's one thing a reviewer can come in on; wrongly rated handicap caches. Ask the CO. How? I don't know them necessarily, and by the time they answer I could be many kms away. I try hard to rate my caches correctly, listening and taking note of comments in logs. I would like the same respect from other; that they also try to get their rating correct. Not say, another example I came upon, had a 1.5T cache up a tree. I trusted their rating; that's why I made an effort to get there. One 1T cache I drove about 30kms one way to get that cache. Then I discovered it was across sand (the wheelchair would be bogged), then over boulders and up a small cliff. Putting this bluntly, caches like this, if I can get my hands on them (they can be beyond me, an able bodied person; that cliff one was) stuff them, I am placing the cache to match the rating, especially handicapped 1T ones. I often take someone out in a wheelchair, and I have come upon a cache they would be unable to reach, and despite telling the CO they have not fixed the problem. This is cruel, expecting a handicapped person to drive (in the cliff example) 60kms round trip to get to what they expect to be able to reach, but then be disappointed (and I imagine they will be - have some empathy to them).
  15. You mean where the last finder left it, not the CO? Cache creep is a thing. How do you know that the CO didn't place their cache carefully to match the rating, but someone else moved it and gave it the wrong rating by doing so.? Also, a 1T should not be up in the rafters of a building. You expect those in a wheelchair to reach that. After they have parked their car, heaved themselves from their car into their chair, and made their way to GZ, and then to find the cache way above their head, where they can't possibly reach it. You are mean to think it should be left there, wherever the CO meant this cache to be. If they wanted it in the rafters they shouldn't rate it 1T, and disappoint a wheelchair occupant. That's just evil! Normally I am very careful to return caches carefully where I found them, but when a magnetic cache is high up on a post, rated T1.5, way beyond reach without a chair or ladder, that's not 1.5T. That's not in a 1.5T position, so must be cache creep, unless you think that the CO purposely was mis-rating their cache. I like to think that the CO was not that nasty, and it's cache creep. If it's meant to be beyond reach for most people, don't confuse the issue by rating it 1.5T.
  16. I have on more than one occasion (for a T1.5, and even for a T1) knocked down the cache and then left it at a height to match the rating. When I did this for a T1 cache, the next finder wrote that they agreed with what I had done. T1 up in the rafters of a building . For a magnetised attached cache on a post, I would return it to where I could reach. I might write something like, that this had suffered cache creep and was found higher than its T rating. Now returned to a place to match its rating. That's very likely to be true, as any finder could have put it up higher than the CO meant it to be. With my caches, I try very hard to get the ratings correct, and will adjust this following sensible comments by finders. Pig headed not to.
  17. I have found one of those caches.The one with most finds. It's just off the sealed road from Broken Hill. The other is on the road to Wilcannia, which I think was closed when I was there, and besides I was travelling with my elderly mother, and I couldn't go everywhere. I 'cleaned' up most caches in Broken hill. There's lots to find in Menindee with another 'brand'. I also have a Subaru; an XV in my case. It's big enough for me to sleep in the back on a single mattress.
  18. I have. I think that sometimes a tall person places a cache and thinks that's easy to reach, when many people can't reach it. Then rates it 1.5T and the next person needs a ladder, or to climb the post .
  19. I managed a Broken Hill trip last November. I am a carer for my mother, and I took my mother on a final trip. (She did end up for a night in a country hospital.) It was 44C (according to my car temperature readout) one day, but only one day, in Broken Hill. My mother had to stay inside the air-conditioned motel room that day, but I took a short trip out geocaching. With the strong, hot wind, it was like stepping into a fan-forced oven when I stepped from my car. Next day, it dropped to 28 degrees. I drove Ivanhoe to Menindee, along the 200kms of dirt road; only later learning the road was closed. There was a short stretch of mud, but I got through and I only have an AWD, not a 4WD, so wasn't sure why it was closed. Road workers were there making a new road to bypass the muddy stretch, but that wasn't open yet. Yes, a rough road, but it wasn't impassable. Ivanhoe to Menindee; not the worst stretch though. Pamamaroo Lake near Menidee. The road from Menindee to the Lakes, freshly graded, so good. Menindee is worth a visit, especially now with the lakes full. Only one lake, Pamamaroo Lake, was full when I visited. I would take a drive back there myself now, except that I'm still a carer, and we are in lockdown. Hot, dusty, day near Broken Hill...and a cache .
  20. Neither are my trips . That's why I wrote "How many people here have cached in remote or remote-ish areas? I wouldn't call this really remote; but it's remote-ish.", rather than just remote . I would love to do trips like Bundyrumandcoke's, but as I usually travel alone and only have an AWD rather than a 4WD, that limits me where I can travel. The best I am likely to do by myself, is Highway 1, one day.
  21. I found a cache with several empty cigarette lighters in it. That cache was a mess, and muddy, inside and out, so I left a new cache and trinkets, took the lighters to dispose of them, and the muddy trinkets to wash and put in another cache.
  22. With an exception I can think of, that's not true for many COs I know with lots of caches. Typically when there's a problem, archive the cache and don't bother picking up the waste. Then publish more caches.
  23. I agree. I also would want to know.
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