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  1. really not that big of deal. why delete logs? Theres no way to know if they found it or not. Them claiming a find doesn't affect my in any way, unless its some crazy hard cache that people really have to work for. other than that? A cache with hundreds of finds already... let it be.
  2. I believe you are mistaken. I know disabled caches still are on the map, because they have a time period allotted to be replaced. But archived means caches that are permanently gone
  3. Thank you! Man, I wish Groundspeak didnt institute this weird "cache has been locked thing." Ive found some cool old virtuals that have been archived but still can be done! Wish I could log them.
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if there was any way to view archived caches in a certain area? Preferably, seeing all archived hides on a map like the map currently supported on the website would be awesome, but I dont think that is an option on the geocaching website. I know archived cache pages can still be accessed, but theres no real easy way to search for them. You kind of have to already know what cache you are looking for. This is mainly out of just pure curiosity; it would be really interesting to me to see where caches have previously been in different areas. Anyone know of an easy way to view archived caches around me/other places? Thanks so much!
  5. Hello all, This question is based purely out of curiosity. I was wondering if there was any website or way to search who has hidden the most of a specific cache type? I found a website listing the top cache hiders overall, but I was curious to see it broken down by cache type (who has hidden the most multis, the most earthcaches, etc). Anyone know of such a search function? Thanks, 1962
  6. I searched at hillcrest park; found nothing. I have, however, narrowed down the GZ to a few hundred feet
  7. Lets see... •Reach 600 finds •Develop 50 more Earthcaches. •Make more fun Traditional, Multi, and mystery caches for people to find (maybe another gadget cache) •Find 10 more Earthcaches •Cache in at least one new state Think that's about it...!
  8. Recently I have been cruising the site and every now and then I come across the profile page of a cacher, (naturally). I've noticed that over in the European countries, users (a lot of the time) have little banners, graphics, and souvenirs on their profile page that have a picture, something along the lines of "I competed xyz cache" , and a link to a cache page. I rarely every see this on US cachers' pages, yet overseas users sometimes have dozens of these banners. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this/could explain why? I think it's a neat idea, and think itd be neat to make some extreme caches worthy of having a little banner that each cacher who finds it could put up on their profile. I'm curious as to WHY you don't see this in the US? Maybe you do, I just haven't been looking at the right profiles...?? Thank you!
  9. Was doing a maintenance run on one of MY caches based on some unsavory logs,, and uncover it to find it filled with pee. No logbook anymore, no swag left, JUST pee. And it being my cache I knew it was te correct container. Even worse, the logs before talked about it. That's why I went to check it out. But some People, even after the first pee-mentioning log(before I had one chance to go fix it),, had gone (knowing what they were going to find), found it, and put it right back!
  10. No you didn't find 3 geocatch today, unless you can explain what a geocatch is. You found 3 geocaches today. And you logged one of them (GC3324W) twice. oops!
  11. My username: my sig item is 1962 penneies. I get them from my other hobby: coin collecting. I roll search and keep every 1962 I find. When I run out of that specific date, I leAve wheat pennies. (older than 1959). They are super cheap, I come across them a ton in collecting, and people who don't know much about coins think they're really cool. And I'm happy to give people something they think is neat.
  12. Goals: •Cache out of state (should be going to MN and ND this summer, all I have is CA so far) •finding more QUALITY caches. Just because I find LPC's, doesn't mean I like them. Which brings me to my next goal •find every cache in my hometown. Now this will be hard. •I have plans drawn up for at least two creative caches. So this summer I will build and place them. •reach 400 finds by the end of summer, and of course 1000 is always a good milestone that I want to hit sometime. •become an Earthcache master platinum level. I have placed enough, just need to travel more Oh so much to be done, So little time!
  13. "just when I thought my cache was fool-proof, here came along a new and improved fool." -CoolCache There will be people that mess up the cache, but that is no excuse as me as the cache owner to be rude to them. The logger talked about here (IMHO) is actualy being quite humble, publicly confessing (S)he messed up, and a warning to others to not make the same mistake. I would take that log and say thank you. The logger now alerted you that there may be some confusion on how to approach a cache. Gee, if I received that email that OP posted....
  14. "why find counts don't matter" As my motto is "quality over quantity", it's pretty self explanatory that the number of finds doesn't matter to me. I have been caching for two years and have 300 finds. A lot of people do that in a day! I'm nowhere close to "the top," but I will continue to cache. I love caching the way I do it, and will continue. I don't cache every day, I don't cache every month, and I really don't like finding peoples garbage inside of a light post. I will take the time to hike a full day just to one cache if I think I looks like fun. Power trails, stopping every 528' doesnt seem like fun. I like to consider my find logs a little journal of my adventures, so I take time to write legitimate logs. How much can you write when you find 800 caches in one day? Lastly, I have great memories of (almost[]) all the caches I have found, I do not care if I have been caching for 10 years but my "find count" looks to everyone else like I'm a "newbie". (just an example. As stated earlier, I have only been caching for two years) Anyways, just my bit on the subject and entry for the prize[] (I currently am using a 30 day premium membership trial that came with my GPS unit that I activated on June 7. I love the features, it unlocked a lot of new aspects of the game) -1962penny
  15. I started this cache. You have to download the PGP file, and it takes off from there. CSUF is the starting point. But it is long gone. contact me if you want help.
  16. I did the LA echo caches the day they came out. I did do the caches via looking up the answers on the internet. I live in orange county, and have been all of those places before, so I justified my logging even if I didn't go there just for the "cache". Now, the other cities can also be researched, but I will not log those, because I have never been to those places, (well I have been to new York, but my preference, ill only "armchair" log caches if their local). So I justified the 4 LA ones for myself, and they were fun to look up, but I will not log the others unless im actually there. I do wish they were like benchmarks, where they don't increase find count, only the icon is added to my profile. I don't really consider these true geocaches, im all about quality caching. (ACTUALLY finding something and going somewhere). Its all about the hunt!
  17. I have found a benchmark that is NOT in the database. How do I log it? Thank you.
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