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  1. Thanks again. Good to know I was on the right track and it's not possible.
  2. Using URWIGO, I want to -on click - display the next zone on screen so the user does not have back×2 and tap Locations to choose. The default on tapping the button is dislpaying the current zone which I don't like because it is confusing. I have figured out how to display "show screen" of Locations. It's a half fix but the builder warns the command causes problems with Garmin. Any ideas? Is it possible? Thanks
  3. Thanks so much. You're a genius. It was a single html tag for a line break. I had be fiddling and researching for 2 days over that. Now I know. Thanks again!
  4. Hope someone can help. I have built a WIG in URWIGO, played it through in the URWIGO emulator and saved the gwz file. Uploaded to Wherigo.com and it is on the site and in my list of WIGs. I clicked Edit to add the description and check the boxes for 'Make this cartridge available in the directory' and 'Cartridge is active'. When I click "Save Cartridge Details" , I get An Error Has Occurred Your request has resulted in an error. Please return to this site's home page to continue. I go to home page and nothing I did is saved and the cartridge is not active. I tried editing a different cartridge of another cache and it saved the edit fine. Something is wrong with this specific file or did I forget a step since last year? It would be nice if the Error message provided more info but I have been stuck at this point for a while. I have also already tried redoing the saving gwz file and upload process twice so now I have 2 cartridges with the same name (since I cannot edit either one) and neither work. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. All of this. 6) Limiting to 1,000 results is, well, LIMITING. Need pagination. 7) Put all the info back on the page and get rid of the white space. It seems HQ feels that their users are not smart enough to handle it all so they have to continually dumb it down. That's how I feel we are being treated with this. I also use the 'Date Found By Me' feature when meeting new people at Mega Events. It is a conversation starter when you can look and see where your paths have crossed in the past. Sometimes even days apart. Having to use separate links for this information is just making something simple more complicated.
  6. Ahh, It used to be direct from the cache page. Now, one needs to click on View all logs first, then click on Friends logs. Just an extra step but I am glad it is still available. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. I like the addition of the new log sort features on cache pages but I also used the "Your friend's logs" feature which is now missing. It helps a lot when planning, travelling or working on puzzles to PAF. Any chance of that sort feature returning? Thanks
  8. I have been trying to do this for over an hour and finally figured out how to get the link. You can't just open it and copy the address bar. It is a preview version. Need to click share and then choose Create link instead. Very small print at the bottom of the pop up. Then click Copy link. Then after pasting it on the website, you then still need to manually edit the dl=1 at the end of the string to raw=1 Now it works. If there is an easier way, please let me know. Thanks arisoft for putting me on the right path. It seems simple now albeit convoluted. Now to start moving about 100 animated gifs over and editing all the pages.
  9. I read through these 4 pages and this is about the only thing that made sense! Without becoming a web developer, only allowing Google to host is a real slimy decision. For someone not in CE or IT, this change makes it very frustrating to even create an interesting cache page. I just learned of this change while trying to correct a typo on an old published listing and not being able to save it because it has an animated gif. It won't let me save the page again. So is this the end of animated gifs for new cache pages? I haven't seen that answered without a bunch of felgercarb mumbo jumbo java mocha latte. Upload with the user-friendly editor? NOT. Nothing is labeled "user-friendly editor". All the icons on that section are greyed out. The only thing I can click on "Source" says "Content you have added in HTML may look different in the user-friendly editor as unsupported code is removed. Better save it somewhere else." Really? Thanks for the warning at least. So everything I have typed in is going to change so I can't read it or make sense of it with the spacing I added. Like others, this is very upsetting. I have geo art cache pages in development I have been working on all year and I can't edit some of them now because they currently have animated gifs. The animated gif was the puzzle on some of them! I consider myself computer savvy in the general sense but now awaiting the HQ video (ETA 2026?) showing me how to add an animated gif to a cache page makes me feel dumb very frustrated. Will geocaching.com host animated gifs? That would fix it. But seriously, how do I simply add an animated gif to my cache page? or edit the old ones?
  10. 1 What if I already have 15 attributes on the cache? 2 Will one be displaced? 3 Which and why? 4 Can we add more than 15 now?
  11. Have you deciphered the Mars Curiosity Rover yet? Unfortunately, I believe it has a typo. The letter F is displayed as a non existent backwards O.
  12. The final 35 caches were not known at the start of the promo. However, it was "MYSTERY at the Museum". No total number of necessary finds was ever given. That should have been a clue. Some investigating and calculating was even needed to find out how many were at each of the stages. With just a little attention, early finishers were posting in their logs and on social media that a total of 57 were required within a few days of the start. In regard to 'skipping' caches, does everyone religiously adhere to logging caches online in exact chronological order as they are physically found? If you accidentally forget to log one early in the day, do you go back and delete 50 cache logs, insert the forgotten one and then relog the 50? Does it matter only in context to this promotion? What is the acceptable time span for this threshhold, minutes or days? Is it always cheating or only if one is pursuing this promotion? What if there are other circumstances? Is it really that egregious, a felony, a mortal sin? I have re read the rules and FAQ for MATM and nothing says you have to log the caches chronologically, it does say you must find the clues in order, which is a digital aspect, not physical. I don't think I have ever read anywhere where the online log must absolutely match by order and date/time the physical log for all of geocaching. Find the cache, sign the log, share your story online. It may be implied or conventional wisdom but not explicit. I know it is splitting hairs and playing with the 'simple' rules -which are actually guidelines, not rules. (Still, just sayin'). Scenarios: 1. A linear out and back trail with caches. You could walk pass a gem cache and find your final evidence cache and log the gem on the return. Completely legit? 2. A looping trail with caches. Do you do 2 or more loops, or backtrack the necessary distance, maybe only 528 ft, or does it really matter? Maybe only individually. Who is going to know? You found them within 10 minutes of each other. What about your physical limitations or time limitations? Just find them in linear order but log them in accordance with MATM to qualify. 3. On a trail with a steep hill climb. The gem cache is at the top of the hill and the evidence cache is on the flat, shaded but further away. You would rather do the hill when your legs are fresh, earlier in the day when it is 70 F and not after walking several miles, low on water, and when the temp is 90 F at noon. 4. On a trip or not. You have a 2 hour window in daylight to go to a park only open in the day to find a gem cache. You hotel has an LPC evidence cache you need first but can get anytime later that night. The business trip doesn't allow for extended caching. Several hours apart and different locations. Still on the same day. What if there is a flight between and the 2 are in different cities? 5. What if you found 200 caches in one day all over the place but didn't record and don't remember the order? It doesn't really matter because somewhere in there you will have gotten the 22 required in the right combination several times to qualify. There are plenty of What Ifs and scenarios. These are just grey areas that are all along the grey scale which is different for each geocacher. Who is to say what is reasonable or right. It falls in with couple/family accounts, did everyone climb the tree, did you solve the puzzle yourself, did you actually touch the log when caching with a group, using a temporary group name on the physical log, leapfrogging, etc.... If you want the souvenir, find the appropriate clues by finding the caches and celebrate.
  13. Another work around if listed as a unknown/mystery. For example Posted coordinates : N 55° 55.555 W 888° 88.888 Additional waypoints make final coordinates visible: N 55° 55.555 W 888° 88.887 Even if one goes to the posted coords, they should be able to find it.
  14. Found one in Colorado where you had to push a button to light up a bank of ultraviolet LED lights. You could not see the lights with the naked eye day or night. Many logs were that the cache was broken or dead. Trick was that you had to take a picture with your phone while pressing the button. The ultraviolet spectrum would show up in the picture giving you the needed sequence to move on. One of the most genius caches I have found.
  15. I have visited everyone listed here. Please add me as well. I also have 10 TBs hidden on my profile page. Each is hidden in a different way. Enjoy! https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?u=OwenfromKC
  16. Just gave you the state of Kansas, USA. Visit mine as well. There are also 10 TBs hidden on my profile page.
  17. Most municipality parking spaces allow a 21 ft vehicle. You can get class C in 21 ft or 24 ft or more. If you plan any urban tourism or boondocking, the shorter the better. You do have to measure yourself including bumpers and spare tire and bike racks. Some places are strict that way. Ferrys charge total length. Some places also have 12 ft height restrictions. Especially the northeast. This is all for just general travelling the country. Another thing to think about is if you want a slide out, is to have it on the passenger side. You can not park on any street overnight with a driver side slide out or back slide out. You can overnight on a street or stay several days in an industrial area with a passenger side slide out. Some of the best national park RV camps only allow up to 30 ft total length. Anything bigger is not allowed in. Longer RVs typically will have to stay at more expensive private camps or State Park camps which can add an hour or more drive (slow roll) to get to the scenic views. There are some really nice Class Bs out there and there were 2 with slide outs at Overland expo this year. New ones are expensive and depreciate quickly. The best investments for a Class C is a modest solar system and Ebikes. Ebikes will get you anywhere and everywhere. Love the Ebike to solve the travelling cacher woes. Even though I use my regular bike just as much just because. But for those long touristy trips, hills and hot days... Tons of youtube videos about them both. Good Luck!
  18. If you get Cully Long's book, spend the extra money and get the spiral bound version. So much easier to lay it flat for reference when working on a cache page on the computer. He also has a website that has practice puzzles. http://www.puzzlecachepractice.com/2017/01/fccl1nk-cheers.html There are also FB groups you can search for.
  19. Thanks for the help everyone and confirming my suspicions.
  20. 1. I can not find the place to add a "Related web page". Has that feature been done away with? 2. When I post a reviewer note (for the reviewer to read, I am not one) on an unpublished cache page, does he/she get it if I do not submit the cache for review? Sometimes I have questions and I will email my local reviewer directly as well. I just would rather not duplicate my efforts and bombard the reviewer. 3. Is it possible to have additional waypoints, such as parking, visible only after a mystery cache has been solved? Thanks
  21. I am a self proclaimed FTF hound. --On my 4th year of at least 1 FTF per month-- My notifications are setup and if I am available I rush out for all caches I can no matter the D/T or type if I have it solved. Caches below a 2/2 typically do not make it on to my offline list. Once it has been found, I remove it. It would have to have something special about it, gadget, Virtual, AR ...for me to seek it. Most newbie hides and the somewhat spontaneous "I thought this area needed one" hides tend toward a lower rating. 1. Because I want to raise my average for challenge caches. 2. I am more interested 'challenging' caches whether Difficulty or Terrain. 3. Typical urban/LPCs don't keep me excited about the game. That being said, I have found plenty of lower D/T rated caches, I just don't specifically seek them out like the higher rated ones. If I am running errands, yes I will look at the live map and grab the LPC in the parking lot. If I am hiking to the end/turning pt of the trail for the high D/T cache on my list I will generally grab the easier ones on the return, but not always. Go for the goal cache first and then it depends on how much time I have. We all cache our own way. I have spoken with other FTF hounds over the years and have noticed a similar philosophy with others. I think this contributes to the drop off until people 'get around' to finding them. Slight Tangent: There are also those Adventure cache FTFers that aren't even interested unless there is a puzzle, multi or at least a 3/3 cache involved. I have noticed these caches always have the same FTFers as well.
  22. I think this is what you are envisioning. It is in an urban lake. Cache page describes it well and pictures show what it looks like and about how far it is from shore. It has stood the test of time. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCXW6H_oh-carp
  23. 1500 labcaches is a lot. I have noticed many labcaches are based on local information sometimes not even historically significant like virtuals. Most answers can be gotten by checking the Waymarking page that has tons of pictures of any location and item in question. If it is something more mundane, google street view can show info on signs or plaques. On google maps, people can share photos of an area also. The menu will tell you how many random photos have been crowd sourced and publicly shared.
  24. An active tracking device would be obvious even if it was small like one that would fit in a bicycle downtube. It would also need a power source. There are a number of passive devices that could possibly work but most likely would also have to be disguised in order to not be cast aside. Some powered chips, the size of a quarter and a little thicker, can be programmed for certain apps so that when they are detected they send location info to the owner using a phones computing power. The random phone has to have that app active though and typically the range very small. More than NFC but less than BT. The button battery of the chips are only activated when the device is near so can last a long while although not speaking for durability in the elements. (They originally were meant for tracking kids or animals or crowd sourcing information but everyone has a phone anyway so they never caught on.) You can buy them to attach to your keys so you can use your phone to find them but like I said you need the proprietary app on the phone and usually they only work around 5-10 ft away. They say 30. Good luck with that. The best thing to would be to put a USB stick that had a hidden lowjack program on it so when the thief plugged it in you could find the location. You could label it with something like 'movies' or 'my passwords' on the outside. I don't know how you would keep a cacher from grabbing it though. Glue or weld it to the can? Although I would never plug a random strange stick into my computer even if found in a cache.
  25. The android app Geooh Live can do KML overlays. http://www.geooh.com/GeoohApp/index.html#Features
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