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  1. I am looking for a new or used cover for the unit which I somehow lost Does anybody have one that they might sell me or direct me to where or how i can obtain a replacement All efforts appreciated Regarda G.H.F.
  2. Thought I was Turned user control account off & tried again --- Success Thanks a million Red90 G.H.F.
  3. Sorry guys - I didn't realize this was not the proper place This is my first post but this is no excuse - will not happen again Again - Sorry Sincerely G.H.F.
  4. Have Ibycus Topo 2.1 & 3 installed in Mapsource 6.15.7 Used Mapsettoolket to try to remove the 2.1 ver Error message - "Cannot remove Mapset" Help - What do I do now Comments & suggestions please Regards G.H.F. P.S. Same message posted inGeocaching Groups by Country - Canada
  5. Have Ibycus Topo 2.1 and 3 installed in Mapsource 6.15.7 Used Mapset Toolket to try to remove the 1.2 ver Error message - "Cannot Remove Mapset" Help - What do I do now? Comments & Suggestions please Regards G.H.F.
  6. They are different. In general 2.1 is better than 2.0. The one doesn't wipe the other out because I wanted to 'start fresh' with this version to make sure there were no interactions with previous versions (which I'd been seeing). If you download "MapsetToolkit" from cypherman's website, you can remove the references in Mapsource to the old version. You can then safely delete the program folder. Dale Did as you suggested - all worked fine Thank you a bunch Regards G.H.F.
  7. Have downloaded and installed Topo 2.1 into Mapsource Now have both the 2beta and the 2.1 versions in the Mapsource map legends Are they the same or different If the same, how to I get rid of one of them Appreciate comments Regards G.H.F.
  8. Have tried your suggestion - Keep getting the following Run Time Error 53 File not found What now G.H.F
  9. Where can I find out how to download & install these maps All help appreciated
  10. gregfedyk

    Ibycus Topo Maps

    Would appreciate instructions on how to download these maps to my computer and how to load them to my Gps or a source for this info Will appreciate all efforts on my behalf
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