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  1. :unsure:


    Alright, I can't sell the coin.


    PM me offers of trades, and let's see what can happen.

    I DO have the coin in my possession, it was parked in a retired cache that I placed on Topsail Island, NC.

    Jon locked the log, because someone "logged" the coin without being in possession. Originally, the tracking number was the serial number.

  2. One of the local cachers (El Diablo), makes a big deal out of the century mark, and does devilishly hard caches to commemorate the event. Mine was aptly named <---Hell is just ahead. I tag teamed with Cache_Hunter 1 for a two state, mega multi stage cache that ended with dinner and cold beer. I also got one of the first Geo hiking sticks, an engraved mug, and a commemorative limited edition key chain/bag tag. I helped with an earlier version of this cache for Hawk-eye and Triffids 100th. Those guys in the Greensboro, NC area are the best!

  3. I have a personal travel bug myself. My locationless cache is just around the corner from my house. However, I got tired of logging it into the cache and deleting the logs. Now I only use it if caching a long distance away. Someday I would like to go back and log all the caches I have found, just to see what the mileage is. I am closing in on 3000 miles already! icon_eek.gif


  4. El Diablo and the Evil Horde did a multi for Cache_Hunter 1 and myself over Labor Day that was a killer. The cache went from Raleigh, NC to Roanoke, VA. We each did half the stages, and met in Greensboro, NC. I had done a total of 15 stages, and 280+ miles by the end of the day. The cache was converted to a traditional after we found it. <---- Hell is just ahead, I still get nervous twitches sometimes. [shudder). El Diablo is the master of the multi!



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  5. Hey to all our Gulf coast brethren (and sisters), good luck with that nasty storm. After our visits by Floyd 99 and Fran 96, most North Carolina cachers don't look forward to any more storms. I live 150 miles inland, and Fran took us out for weeks. Hope you all make it through okay if Isidore comes visiting, caches can almost always be replaced!


  6. I also have had near cardiac arrest on seeing stick-snakes underfoot. Took the kids around Shelley Lake in the stroller one time and drove over a little garter snake. I wish someone had videotaped it: 6 foot 2 inch man screaming and levitating over the path, 18 inch snake scared to death, and two small kids laughing at Daddy doing a funny dance.

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