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  1. Thanks gelfling6! It didn't work the first time because I'd already connected my device to PC before starting the update. Worked fine now, so I'm all set to find some more caches!
  2. Hi, I like to update my device, but it doesn't seem to work. How do I run the update? My device runs on software version 1.8 right now, is it even possible to 'skip' to version 2.15? Or should I run previous updates first?
  3. Hi AZPaleo, To delete a cache directly from your device, select cache you wish to delete in list, press enter. Now press the menu-button. You should see a list with available actions (start, found-it, etc.) scroll all the way down, the delete option is the last option. This way you can only delete caches one by one. When connected to your pc, go to start>my computer. You should see your gps as a storage device there. Open the device, there should be a folder "geocaches". You will find your saved caches in here, and you can delete them all at once, or just a few as you like.
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