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  1. I have an adventure lab and it is live. I have got a new tablet and want the "my adventure" app on my new one but can't find it anywhere. Is there a link somewhere?
  2. ok I have a garmin 450t have tried using firefox and safari which are reported as compatible with gps downloads but still no joy, the plug in does not work with any browser, what system does anyone else use? is it working for them now?
  3. ok I havnt been on here for a while so sorry if its been covered recently! I am having trouble connecting my garmin to download caches, keeps coming up with unsupported plugin...but ive done it before on this laptop. is it a garmin issue?
  4. I have recently published my own (1st) earth cache and it was accepted straight away,GC5AP82. The lesson is just what people might learn from visiting the sight and reading your log page for example mine was around the erosion and how it helped to create the island and the formation of the bridge. I had written permission from the national trust and included that in the message to the reviewer so they could see it. If it doesnt get approved straight away ask for help! Good luck!!
  5. depends what kind of day im planning but the essentials for me are sunscreen and DEET spray (im allergic to horseflies) spare log books, log extration tool, GPS and batteries! I do like to cache with an OS map too, if im with the geodoggy there has to be a supply of doggy dodo bags! which also double up as CITO bags although I draw the line at other dog owners dodo!!!!!!!! some food and drink and maybe a bit of a rescue kit - duct tape and spare cache container but apart from that I tend to travel quite light!!
  6. I set a few of mine to premium after a "newbie" posted a found it log on one of my tricky traditionals and after checking it I saw that no one had signed the log. I decided to put it as a premium cache and then my other trickier caches, because I want to reward those who actually participate in the game fully and not the pi$$ takers!
  7. I don't have a geochecker on my puzzles but I would much prefer someone to check their answers with me than not bother going for it at all, incase they are miles out! I also will ask CO's if I have the correct coords on complicated puzzles after checking that the coords I have are in a likely location ie on a footpath/ bridleway and not in someones garden! the whole point of placing caches is for someone to go find it, surely you would rather they check with you than not bother?
  8. . Nothing says you have to find every single cache. you have got to be kidding!!!! your obviously not as obsessed with this hobby!![]
  9. today a chirp cache has gone live near me (GC515GC) but I have not had any experience with chirps, is there an android app that can "hear" a chirp? I use a galaxy mini phone as my main GPS, but I do have a Magellan explorist gc too.
  10. well MTT is multi trunk tree but the others I havnt come across....yet! Maybe they are language /area specific...where are you? you might be able to google it! others I have come across are ICT ivy covered tree, TNLNSL took nothing left nothing signed log, TFTC thanks for the cache, there are plenty more you wll come across too
  11. There is usually some hint on how to solve it, and your search engine is always a good place to start. there are lots of different types of puzzles, many puzzle caches I have worked on have used ciphers and I use a frequency analysis tool I found online. but dont be afraid to ask the CO for help they may just give you an extra hint! I have a few puzzle caches myself and Im always happy to help cos it means someone is going to find my cache! thats why I placed it! keep at it! sometimes you can look at a puzzle for ages then one day something clicks and it all falls into place!
  12. That looks awesome......was there a cache in there somewhere?.
  13. Thanks for the replies, I will try and add wellies to the dictionary!
  14. It happened while logging on the Laptop once I got home, but it also happened when I wrote the first paragraph on this thread!
  15. Why does the geocaching log spell checker not recognise the word "wellies" it is a commonly used word in the English language used as a short version of wellington boots. But the spell checker auto corrects it to a rude word! willies! This has happened to another local cacher too! Has anyone else had an embarrassing auto correct mishap?
  16. welcome to caching i too got hooked straight away! at first it can be really helpful to read the previous logs on the cache you are looking for to get some idea of what those have gone before you found along the way. it can give you alot more information than what is in the cache page! happy caching
  17. there is a similar cache in the swindon area, you find the main container which has a QR code on it with coords to another location a few feet away where a key is in a magnetic keyholder box, the log book inside the main cache is a hardback diary with a padlock through it so you have to complete the whole thing to log the cache as found, and then replace the key. It is a very popular cache as it has a high difficulty rating and low terrain. good luck with yours!
  18. hi welcome to caching! dont be put off hiding a cache! I use cachesense app on an android phone to get the coords (double check by walking away and reapproaching GZ a few times) then check on the cache page where it shows on the map. i do use a laptop to do all the cache submission work and have 11 very successful hides. good luck
  19. i recently found "two risky's jeremy" a travel bug with a twist. it has a part coordinate on it and a message "Here you hold just one of 3 where 3 are 1 you will find me!" but there is no way of tracking the other 2. can anyone shed any light on how to find the others as i am intrigued to know where "me" might be!
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