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  1. Do you have contact information for GFP regarding this ruling? I think there will be many people wanting to voice their opinions to the powers that be. In fact I know at least one GFP employee who got me started in caching, as well as a couple of elected officials that have interest in this activity. Please let me know, I have no problem being the squeaky wheel.

    I agree, we need more individuals in contact with GFP to voice our concerns. Geocaching is a supported activity at several state parks, I believe we could make some progress with GFP simply by showing support for the sport.


    StaticTank, if you have any contact information that you could share, please do.

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Night Hunter:

    Originally posted by Cache-Hunter:

    I'm coming out to San Diego (from South Dakota) from March 7th-12th


    What Part of San Diego are you going to be staying in?


    Night Hunter


    I'm staying at the Sheraton on Harbor Island Drive. MapQuest shows it to be just south of the Airport. (and TopoZone gives approximate coord's at N 32.7261 W 117.1957)

  3. I'm coming out to San Diego (from South Dakota) from March 7th-12th and would like to take in a few Caches in the area. Would anyone like to help me out and go caching one or two evenings during that time? icon_cool.gif



    Steve W.

  4. I did a little browsing on the original Geocaching website via the Wayback Machine at web.archive.org. From the clues on the Credits page, I was able to locate this URL (Oregon GPS Stashes) which shows the location of the very first GeoCache and the name of the Cacher.

    To quote the site:

    N 45°17.459' W 122°24.800' - 2000/5/3 - "Original Stash" - near Estacada, OR by Dave Ulmer. This was the first stash in the world!

  5. I live in southeastern South Dakota which has a high-density of Lewis and Clark expedition markers, memorials, etc... In searching by keyword, I've found six caches within driving distance that are (for lack of better word) themed around Lewis and Clark.

    With the bicentennial of the Corps of Discovery coming up in 2003, one thing I wanted to do was create a Multi-Point Locationless cache to allow cachers to contribute pictures from the trail. As I did my search, I foung Waypoint GC64AC which is already doing exactly what I had in mind. Cool! I can just add some photos from L&C monuments and such in my area...

    However, it got me to thinking... Why not have a link under "Find..." to go to "...related caches" and when creating a cache simply link them by keyword? I'm sure there is more to it than that, but I'm confident that our website wizards could easily find a way to make it happen.

    Comments, Ideas, Suggestions?



    Steve Weidner

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