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  1. On one of my first finds I ran into 4 cachers who used mapquest (no GPS) to find the location. Last summer I was deep in the woods finding a series of caches. I heard a group headed my way. I heard one of them yell something like "look under there". I was sure they where geocaching. When we crossed paths I discovered they where actually looking for rattlesnakes.
  2. Yes Steely Dan Pink Floyd mostly only in the car on the way in. however Pink Floyds Animals can be awsome while hiking through the woods.
  3. And all I got was a trekking pole! I need to talk to my kids! This was from my wife, not from my kid
  4. And all I got was a trekking pole! I need to talk to my kids! This was from my wife, not from my kid
  5. I just got this for father's day. looking forward to geocaching in it.
  6. I found my first one a little over a year ago. It was about half a mile from the house. I walked over there with my dog Scooby. It was in a patch of woods within the city close to a school. There was a truck parked near by and no one around. As I walked up to the area a police car rolled up. The officer got out and walked around the woods as if looking for the owner of the truck. He asked me if I owned the truck or if I had seen the owner. I told him I didn't own the truck, but maybe the owner was in the woods looking for the same thing I was looking for. When I explained geocaching to him he said he'd heard of it, but forgotten about it until I mentioned it. While we where talking I found the cache. It was a plastic box in a stump.
  7. I was at a local bicycle shop a couple years ago. In walked some dude who asked if they had any lance bracelets. Of course they where all out. The dude got an attitude and verbally slammed the guy behind the counter because he was "really counting on them" to have a lance bracelet. The whole time I was wondering, why didn't he toss a couple bucks in the jar while he was there even if they where out of plastic bracelets. meanwhile, I wonder how many "ribbon" magnets you can stick on the side of a buick before it's on-star malfunctions and sends it in a continuous loop around the mall parking lot.
  8. an unregistered travel bug. the location was awsome, quite the adventure reaching it. very rewarding experience being there. the TB had been sitting there for half a year. I will be sending it out soon, (my first).
  9. All (both) the caches I have created got muggled last week. one is gone totally. the other is a little more interesting. some trash from it was found in the area (paper with discription of geocaching, package from a flashlight). when I went there to confirm it's fate, I found the container (cammo painted lock and lock) about 200 ft away from it's original location. tucked under a pine tree. the box was clean and dry, all swag was gone, but the log and pen where in the box, clean and dry. the vandal signed the log. "took - everything left - not a d@#@ thing. f$% you and your treasure hunt" I thought it was odd that they a- felt compelled to take a couple handfulls of silly cheap stuff B- moved two very heavy concrete based sign posts 60 ft (the box was originally nestled between them) c- left the container it's self undammaged, and semi hidden d- made an entry (although a rude one) in the log all in all, I'm not sure which one I feel better about, box just gone, or bizzare mystery.
  10. In 2007 I resolve to... avoid chiggers ! last year I was suprised a couple times by getting bitten when I didn't expect it. Then I was bitten some more times because I threw caution to the wind, and went where I knew chiggers would be but I thought I could just brush them off, or flatten the weeds with my feet and not let them get close enough to my skin. Then there where times when I saturated my shoes, socks, pants, skin, with deet, and hiked fairly resonably around most brush, and still got bit. It's New Years day and I still have scars on my ankles from those little monsters. I'm not sure of the game plan... a- better repellent B- better clothes c- better research d- replace geocaching with kayaking from june until september
  11. I had been out of my car for less than 5 minutes scouting a spot to hide a cache when I found myself face to face with a county sherrif with hand on holster. When he asked what I was doing I grinned and asked if he'd heard of geocaching. He said "no" and did not return the grin. I told him it's a game that involves using a GPS reciever to look for a box in the woods. He escorted me back to the car, but informed me that hiding a box there was acceptable, but parking there was absolutely not tollerated, even for 5 minutes. that is how it came to be known as... No Dam Parking
  12. my dyslexic neighbor thinks the same thing about my dog
  13. if I can park the car on pavement, walk a decent trail, see interesting stuff, it's all good
  14. I was thinking of something more simple. first stage you get a number second stage you get a number third stage you get a number fourth stage you find an ammo box with a combination lock on it. the three numbers are the combination. probably been done.
  15. I suggest... cheap compass whistle disposable poncho small flashlight yoyo magnifying lens
  16. Cache Contents: One Sawyer Extractor Pump. Mudsneaker: "That's not mine." Cache Contents: One credit card receipt for Sawyer Extractor Pump signed by Mudsneaker. Mudsneaker: "I'm telling ya baby, that's not mine." Cache Contents: One warranty card for Sawyer Extractor Pump, filled out by Mudsneaker. Mudsneaker: "I don't even know what this is! This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby." Cache Contents: One book, "Sawyer Extractor Pumps And Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag Baby", by Mudsneaker. just kidding
  17. Does your 11 year old tell his peers of the cool adventures he and dad have treking the woods with this satellite gizmo, or his disapointment of finding a cheap happy meal toy? It is hard to believe that you don't get enough satisfaction out of just navigating to the cache, findind it, and the time together shared on the activity. The first thing I remember learning about geocaching is that the stuff that is swapped is typically worthless do-dads. I did get excited when I found a travel bug in a cache and I knew that within a week I would be 600 mile away from where I found it, so I swapped for it, and helped it on it's way. I rarely find anything in a cache that I want to take, frequently leave something that someone else may or may not find interesting. and always get a kick out of finding the cache. of course... your mileage may vary
  18. Mostly the kenmobile takes me geocaching. Sometimes it's the mountain bike. And I located my first cache by arriving in my pedal boat.
  19. each person spent $9 1/3 of $25 : 8.333333 was spent on the room 1/3 of $02 : 0.666667 was spent (without their knowledge) on the tip
  20. I've recently aquired a GPS unit and am enjoying geocaching. found one close to the house, one close to the office, and one at the lake where I fish. Just wanted to share that on the walk home from work today, at a park near downtown I found 4 plump morrells at 36 22 29.12 N 94 13 00.54 W
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