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  1. Might check out Lake Texoma. There are supposed to be some trails and caches on the south end off Hwy 377. Much closer and a day trip, too...
  2. We've got some tough plants down here in TX. Anything short of denim or canvas pants would be ripped to shreds after the first briar encounter. I've even ripped some heavy jeans on occasion with these evil plants. Wouldn't even consider shorts or light pants unless I carried a gallon bucket of Bactine and the pants were self-mending. I've got a number of long-sleeve t-shirts and hoodies with holes torn in them from the mesquite and briars, not to mention shoes and pants with pieces of cactus needles permanently embedded in them.
  3. I think if you do a hard reset the stock profiles will com back. Of course, all else will be lost, but hey, you wanted the other stuff back, right?
  4. There is a crapload of caches on the Shreveport downtown side of the river -- lots of really fun stuff to find. Looked like a few on the Bossier City side as well, but not worth the walk after 7-8 miles on the other side of the river. Use Google maps to zero in on the caches -- if your GPS doesn't take you to the same place, you are doing it wrong.
  5. I've got a Tracks hiking pole thats been through several damaged / busted (human) limbs and lots of hiking / geocaching for the last 10 years, and never a locking mechnism failure. It does have the button / hole variety rather than the friction lock, but its been very sturdy. They were much less expensive back then, though.
  6. While doing a local Wherigo cache, which involves walking along a road on a very tall / steep dam at the lake, I stumbled upon a couple of brand new fishing weights. Took a few more steps, found a few more. And another... All in all I filled one front pants pocket with weights. Not sure how they got there as there is no place near enough to the water to fish, and the sides of the dam are no trespassing areas as well.
  7. Note that the message I replied to said the cache was out in the open, destroyed, and the log soaked -- not MIA, probably muggled. In my book, thats a find. I have found several caches like this. In one case I recovered the soggy log and contents, but no container. I took the items home to dry them out, logged a find and contacted the CO.
  8. If I had the supplies or container to fix the cache, I would, or at least leave a slip of paper with my sig. If I couldn't fix it, I would log a find, most likely with a photo *and* post a maintenance message. Unless the CO is 'watching' the cache, I don't think he would know there was a problem without the maintenance entry.
  9. Similar to what I did to make it happen. When you find a cache, log it as found, then select DONE, it pulls up the list of closest caches filtered by the previous SPELL function. I suspect, as long as you keep the unit on, the events leading up to using the spelling and anything you do before logging a cache as found and selecting DONE probably have no bearing on reproducing the issue.
  10. Sometimes the force is strong, sometimes not. If I just happen by a new cache and take a quick peek and don't find it, I probably won't log a DNF. If I make an honest effort and don't find it, I will log the DNF. I would never log a smiley if I didn't actually find it, although I would log a note if I found any remains or if I could see it, but not get to it. Found one the other day that some seriously experienced cachers logged as a DNF. The wife and I had taken a quick peek on a nasty day, but decided getting blown around and whipped by tree limbs was not fun. Made it back over there and spent a good hour out there. Wasn't gonna give up, and I finally found it. A couple of the DNF's insisted the cache was MIA. Nope.
  11. Somehow I doubt it was TSP... while you might have felt like you had a chemical burn in your gastrointestinal tract, it was probably of a different sort. TSP = Textured Soy Protein
  12. On many Linux issues Google is your friend. You'll either find it discussed on one of the many forums, or someone has a web page will helpful hints. FYI -- in most cases you can type man <program_name>, where <program_name> is the program you want to know about, and the man pages for that program will be displayed. If you type the program name (and remember, filenames are case sensitive in Linux) followed by --h or --help you will typically get a list of valid command line options. If you're young enough to have missed out on DOS and Windows 3.xx, you probably don't have any command-line experience. Most Linux distros have utilities to do all the stuff we used to do from the command line, but sometimes the command line is a necessary evil.
  13. Went caching yesterday and discovered what may be a new bug on the latest Colorado firmware. Fired up the GPS, switched to my on-road caching profile and pulled up the list of caches. The cache I wanted to go to was a ways off, so not wanting to scroll through a huge list, I used the search function. The cache name was Driving Miss Tandy, so I entered DR and clicked done. I selected the cache from the shortened list, the GPS generated the route, and off we went. On the way there, I cancelled the routing so we could hit a couple of caches on the way. Pulled up the cache list, and it showed the nearest caches. Selected the first cache, found it, and logged the find. I selected DONE instead of find next nearest cache, but the cache list came up with *only* the closest caches containing DR in the name. They were sorted in distance though. Exited the list, went back to the map, then selected geocaches again. The list repopulated with the correct caches sorted by distance. Selected another cache, found the cache, logged the find, selected DONE again and got the same list of caches containing DR in the name. The unit did the same thing after every cache. Unfortunately, I did not try the find next nearest option to see if it behaved properly. I have also not tried to recreate the problem after the GPS was turned off and back on. Anyone else seen this?
  14. Don't leave anything in your vehicle you don't want stolen. If they can see it, they will steal it. Dude at work lost a 60CSX and a R.A.M. mount right out in front of his house, and the car alarm didn't even stop them.
  15. I had one of the Buck 102 models. Bought it in high school back in the late 70's -- it was about $17, which was pretty spendy back then. Now they are way pricey. Got ripped off when my car was burglarized back in the 80's. Pretty much a pain to keep sharp, as were a lot of stainless knives produced back then. Still have one of the original Rigid folders, albeit with dog teeth imprints on the bolsters.
  16. Welcome to the world of Geocaching. As for signing the log, your 'screen' name is probably best. Makes it easier for people to contact you if need be. Besides, you never know who might stumble on the cache and track you down by your real name. Some folks even have a rubber stamp made up with their screen name, etc... on it. Yup. Sometimes you have to wait to get to the cache, other times you have to wait to put it back -- been there, done that. My wife and I both cache and she has her own account, but I log the finds on my account and note in the comments 'Found with Ms. QLENFG if she was with me, otherwise I just log myself only. If she finds the cache later, I'll go back and edit the log to mention she found it on xxx date.
  17. Display the GPS coordinates on the screen and compare them to the published cache coordinates. Once you figure out which way to walk to make the numbers go in the proper direction, just move slowly and you'll be stepping on the cache in no time. (assuming you accuracy is good and the cache owner got good coords)
  18. As long as you've pondered those things and realize what the lifestyle encompasses, I can respect your / her decision. Its the folks who are vegan / vegetarian that do it for acceptance or status (like celebs) I dislike. As for the faux animal products, I do think it sends the wrong message to wear something that someone might mistake for an animal product -- ie fake fur, pleather, etc... I tried TSP once after someone suggested I go meatless -- all I can say is the increase in greenhouse gases were more harmful to the environment than me eating Bambi.
  19. Perhaps has a multi with the primary clues being coords to the Library, then secondary clues giving you the Dewey Decimal (or whatever libraries use these days) for the final.
  20. I was reading an 'illegal knife' discussion on another website unrelated to geocaching, and it was mentioned in Texas a 'Bowie' type knife, with the top of the blade near the tip partially sharpened, is considered illegal for normal carry, regardless if the length is under the 5.5" limit. There was an exclusion if the knife was commonly used for whatever activity the person was currently engaged in, ie hunting, fishing, etc... Might be wise to check your state and local laws before carrying something that may get you in hot water. One knife of interest might be the Cold Steel Bushman, which looks very durable and can be made into a spear, if need be.
  21. I've got basically the same setup, except with CNNA NT 2008 and the Topo maps loaded, and I've not seen any backlight flicker or other described issues with the factory DC power cable. Have you updated the system firmware and GPS chip firmware to the latest and greatest? Does it work normally on batteries, or does the backlight flicker? Does the backlight flicker when you use the PC data cable? Are the batteries fully charged? Might try a fresh set or try without the batteries. Might also check to see that your vehicle charging system is within specs, and try a different power cable. Might also try it without the SD card on the chance you have a funky map or waypoint file, or the card has an issue.
  22. And do you avoid dairy? Or do you eat cheese made with the fake rennet? Do you wear any faux animal products? Do you buy vegan / vegetarian products made to mimic animal products? Do you only buy foodstuffs which were raised without pesticides? what if you find a worm in an apple? Do you set it free? Should you buy any products made in countries with poor animal rights histories? Do you make sure any medical procedure you receive has not been perfected using animals? What about medicines and vaccines made from animal products? Lots of things to ponder.
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