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  1. **Tsun Earth Turtles** Hi all! I have a few older trackables that I would be willing to trade or sell. When I started with GC I was really hooked by the TB collectibles and bought a few of them, never releasing just collecting lol, these are far too beautiful to let go of to just anyone. Fast forward almost 10 years and they are still sealed up, unregistered and in my bag. (Actually still in the mailing package from Tsun dated Sept 09) My photos are too large to upload ( I’ll keep working on that) and I am not sure of their official names. I have: dark and light greens on Gold multi color with teal center on Silver green, red & orange on Copper if anyone is interested, let me know. I can try to take pics and get them to you. I did find my post from 09 that I was so excited to get them! this is my first forum post in years, thanks for bearing with me!
  2. too cute! i love him! email sent for a set and an extra zipper pull.
  3. these are beautiful coins... i love hearing some history and a story behind the inspiration. ill be watching the store and keeping up here, hope i am able to get one!
  4. i love it! looks good and i will want one. im new to collecting and even newer to forum politics.... but i think your art is beautiful and will be glad to have one!
  5. ooohhhh........me too! these will look beautiful with my brand new (but growing) coin collection. turtles and butterflies.. love them! i will for sure get a set when theyre ready.
  6. i got my two turtles last week and they are gorgeous!! i am so glad that i got a chance to get a few of these, thanks for making a beautiful piece! also, nice job on the doggie rescue, i didnt see the auction going on till it was over or i would have bid for sure!
  7. beautif glass coins! unfortunately i just became interested in collecting geocoins so i just found this thread. if you have any left over, or are making more, i would love two! thanks & great job!
  8. i think the design is soooo adorable! i would totally buy one, or maybe more. i think the idea of designing coins is awesome and i would love to see the progression of idea to coin, please keep updating us!
  9. these will be the very first of my coin collection! i am so glad to have started with such BEAUTIFUL ones....
  10. all that with me too.... i wanted all 5 but saw the gold and silver sold out so then wanted all colored. i had them all in my cart then by the time i got thfough checkout some were out of stock and i got slowed up. i got maui and bora bora, but still want a tahiti.
  11. in checkout, got my fingers crossed. these will be the first of my collection!
  12. Great job mom & dad!! What a beautiful little guy! Welcome to Earth John, Happy Birthday!!
  13. made my reservation. what a beautiful design... thanks!
  14. this may be a silly question.... but, how much $ are the coins going to be? Im hoping to get one, they are beautiful!! thanks!
  15. congrats!! 1) 8-31-09 2) 5:26 am local 3)7# 9oz 4)18 3/4"
  16. i am having the hardest time buying a new unit, there are too many choices out there and such a limited amount of places to buy them here locally. i have had recent bad luck buying online (and im very impatient to wait for the mail) so i am looking to get on in a shop and my budget isnt allowing me to get anything too fancy. im wanting to go pick one up this afternoon and get it ready to cache tomorrow. my 2 choices are the Earthmate 20(199.) and the Garmin 76cx(249). im not in to the paperless caching, so im not really concerned with that feature of the unit (love my cache journal). i do want to upload the cache info though. The earthmate seems to have a little bigger screen and i like the look of it a better, but i have been told that the Garmins have way better maps, that you dont have to pay for. and i really like the idea that the 76 floats....im clumsy and live in a really soggy area. i dont really ever think im going to be doing any serious back-country trips, itll be 90% used just for caching, maybe will take it on road trips too. im wondering about ease of use and signal strength, i live in the redwoods and there is really heavy cover a lot of the time thanks for any advice, im anxious to get a new toy and hit the trail!
  17. thanks everyone! i am glad i didnt buy impulsively with the pn-40, seems like my local store is charging as much as possible for it. plus i would never begin to get close to even knowing how to work it all, let alone need to use it. i totally understand the whole 'once you go up' thing... im sure if i spent a day with all the new ways to geocache, i would love it. for now i think if i could load the cache coords in to my unit, either by hand or usb or sd, the i could have the unit help direct me there. even the regular map that comes loaded on the unit is fine, ive never had a topo mapper so it would be all new to me. i can load cache coords in as waypoints?? in any unit? or poi's? then it will know where the cache is and i can have my notebook with all my notes... like i said, my old black screen unit, i couldnt input and coords so i just had to have some idea of what direction i wanted to go and hope for the best, while watching the numbers go up or down. at this point, anything i get is going to be fancy to me! *does anyone have any comments on the lowrance units and the map loaded sd cards you can buy? that sounded easy, just pop it in and go. i guess its probably just as easy to load my own sd card and pop it in too though, right? thanks for listening to me think out loud and for all the input! a
  18. thanks! im going to keep looking around... i was hoping to find something local so i could buy and go, instead of waiting for another one to be delivered. the store i went to seems to be considerably more expensive than the prices are talking about on here so ill have to keep thinking on it. the pn-40 was $400! i forgot but also available here (at big 5 sports) is the bushnell onix 200..
  19. wow, ive been on here for hours reading and am still a little confused. i was a goecache nut for about a year and just used a cool old folder to write all my info in. i kinda like having it to look back on and read some of my old finds, or dnf's. then i forgot my gps waaay out in the boonies and never went to get it back. its been about 2 years and i am ready to buy a new unit and get back on the hunt! the whole paperless caching sounds really cool.... but i think ill still want to use my old folder. so do i need to get a unit that does all that? is it really that much better that the old way of printing things out and writing notes?? if i decide to keep going with my old system and not go paperless, what is a good unit to get for around 200-250? with my old unit i wasnt even able to input coords and have it direct me...i just had to keep watching them change and figure out if i was going the right way, i also used a regular compass. so i think just being able to input some info and have the unit help me from there will be a step up from what i am used to. are there good units that are still pretty 'basic'? do most units now have the ability to do the paperless caching? how about the whole sd card thing?? im afraid of getting a bunch of stuff ill never use and just wasting my money. wow! im confused. the units i have looked at are: lowrance ifinder h2o (on sale for 209) and the etrex venture hc (dont know if its the 'x' or not) are either of these good ones? it doesnt seem like the lowrance is a very popular unit on these boards. i did just get a busnell onix 110 for my birthday, but the backlight doesnt work on it so i am having to send it back. i do have the option of getting an exchange if this is a good unit, i didnt play with it at all. my very first reaction to it was that it sucks you cant attach any kind of strap on to it. i can just see it in a mud puddle... im excited to get back out, our summer is finally here! thanks in advance for any help and direction (ps~ i almost walked out of the store today with a earthmate pn-40.... holy cow!!! i got the whole internet tour of what it can do, i bet you can launch rockets with that thing! glad i snapped out of it and made a dash for my car. thats waaay more than ill ever need) thanks again! adrienne
  20. does anyone know of any other geoaching games? i am playing the coin quest game but i am months behind...still fun though.
  21. im cuious about some of the 'teams' i see. are these profiles set up as a team? my dad and bro are caching now and we want to make a team for when we are together. do i just make a new profile with all our names on it? are there offical teams or just groups of friends. also it seems most 'teams' have tons of finds. is it for real or does everyones indivudal finds count?? if anyone has any tips......
  22. I have a great geo-bag! its a new camelback i got for my birthday . solves the problem of carrying water. i keep pens, maps, printed out cache sheets(about 50 or so)that i want to find, batteries, first aid kit, rain poncho, manual compass, trade items, etc......... my bag usually stays in my car so whenever im near one i can grab it
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