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  1. But Lep uses hamsters and those are Good Eats... Good Eats The BEST cooking show ever!
  2. We have a series of caches in Pittsburgh based on colors. (Actually two, but I'm talkin bout the full size caches) There were four of them spread out over a hillside, about a mile round trip. Personally, I think they should have been one multi, but were listed as four individuals. In this sense, the hunt was the same. I thought of it as ONE hunt, not four. So I wrote ONE great log, made it long and interesting, and used it for all four caches. I don't feel great about it, but it worked for THIS case. Any other time, it would bug me.
  3. So how about this one? Taken on a COLD, COLD, COLD night in Pittsburgh. Joe Smith
  4. Yep yep x 2 yep X3, and consider making them MOC, or an offset.
  5. Just hope the cache has one: And on another note, good to see you posting TVP Havn't seen your logs around in a while
  6. So.................. email contact@geocaching.com ?
  7. Okay, so just ignore it, and contact your local admin.
  8. First, you could email your local admin. Then check your local caching groups to see if anyone wants to adopt them. To find out who your approver is, check the very bottom of one of your caches to see who approved it. Clicking on that name will bring up the profile to send an email. From, the geocaching knowledge base Joe Smith edit: I still can't spell
  9. Since when are people free to keep something that doesn't belong to them? I understood that people were free to keep the YJTBs and I assumed that it is the same with the WJTBs. This is news to me. Could you please point me to where It says that? you are free to keep a WJTB in the same way you can keep a rental car. does not make it right, but you can do it.
  10. Dude! Ossamattafoyou? A benchmark? You could probably step outside right this minute and find a benchmark. You've probably already found a bunch near cache sites and just didn't log them. To be so near having the whole Franklin Mint set and blow off one of the easiest ones...honestly! Do it...for the icon. Screw benchmarks! That's where I draw the line. I did the National Map Corps thing for a while, and haven't even bother to log the benchmarks that I have already found for that project. Personally I much rather find benchmarks that are not listed on this site (or USGS) In pittsburgh I found a few near "fred and barney's place), one in the northern tip of the island (Ben Herr, and Elves cross that bridge) and on monday I found one from the city of pittsburgh survey dpt. up at grandview park (Highest point in the city) It's harder because you keep your eyes open everywhere, there is no sheet to tell you where to look. Joe Smith
  11. So it's like keyhole, but free? sadly, my pc is DIW, and no mac support. Joe SMith
  12. Paperless seems like the best way to go for now. Now if you do become a charter menber, you can use GSAK to print out the basics for all the nearby caches and could fit at least 20 per sheet. If you get crazy (double sided, four to a page) who knows how many you could get. This also saves hauling a laptop around and keeping it safe. \ Joe Smith
  13. So I'm scanning the newest issue of backpacker and was reading over a cheezy dictonary of backpacking terms. " geocaching The unfortunate result of owning a GPS and having nowhere to go. " At first I was a little set back, then slightly offended, then I started to giggle. It just sums it up perfect. Joe Smith
  14. From what i have read, the clear "PVC" pipe ic actually lexan, and not as easy to come by. I have an ammo can going on week three of waterproof testing under 3 feet. I checked on it after one week and it was bone dry. Laminate half sheets of paper to use as the log. You can sign with a sharpie
  15. Me too! i was the second finder on the new container and it had ants all over it. I don't think a drill hole would have worked because it was not moist inside. The ants can get out if they wanted to. I think a coat of clearcoat (on the inside) would have done more good for a log. Joe Smith
  16. We have six "real" computers in addition to the two iBooks. Out of those six, five are laptops, and all but one of those are not working due to hardware or software problems. The macs have never flinched, and always work when I need it. Short answer: I like both, but the apples are more reliable
  17. YES!!!! Thank you very much Joe Smith (And yes, i am in love with the iBook)
  18. I will agree, I thought keystone was a young lady at first. Might have been the profile pics. The truth, is just.................... not quite Joey Ramone, but it's up there with Garrison Keillor And that's the news from Lake Wobegone......... Joe Smith SORRY!!! (Hope I get my caches approved still)
  19. Nope, At least you got it working! I still have to do everything by hand Joe Smith
  20. that isnt something that i changed, you might have just installed quicktime and by default quicktime will try and open up .mp3's you can always right click on the link and go to save as. Interesting, I didn't change anything on my end. I looked in quick time for a setting to change that, couldn't find one. It won't let me save it without upgrading to PRO, something i'm not going to do. I also can't get any podcast software to work. I'll try later on the PC, but I would rather have it on the iBook so I could take it around. Thanks! Joe Smith
  21. Just go through and delete some useless waypoints to make it fit. I am, and never have been the "pack rat" type of person, except with my waypoints. I don't give a hoot about the cache data, I can get that back whenever I wish, it's all those hand entered points I could NEVER get back that I care about. How could I get the coordinates for a bear den in Alaska back if I deleted it? Consider yourself lucky that we have the resources to have an offline database. When i started EVERY waypoint had to be entered by hand. Eventually it gave you the option to download a page at a time, but that's not really helpful. I just updated my caches for the first time in 6 months. I forgot how nice GSAK is. We're going on a trip this weekend, in five min. I had all the waypoints loaded, converted, and ready. I had fifty caches printed out on a few sheets. As for old data, i get around that with my cell phone. ANYWHERE i can punch in my coordinates and get the nearest caches. It's not fancy, but it works. Joe Smith
  22. Well, before the "download show" option would open the box asking to save it to disk, or open it. Now it opens to a built in quicktime page with no option to save (Without quicktime pro) I'm going to try a podcasting program, but would rather just do it the old way. Joe Smith
  23. And it only takes an inch of water in a gladware to drown someone. So we need to ban people bringing water near cache sites, It's a deadly combo. For the safety of all who use our parks Joe Smith
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