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  1. Sorry I haven't gotten back to the discussion before now, I've been, well, gee, doing other things. I realize I have not found any geocaches in Florida, but saw this video on Youtube: which was sent to as a suggestion from Youtube. So no, I am not out trolling for caches I want taken down because I find chick-fill-a “abhorrent.” As you can see, there is indeed a chick-fill-a within 13 miles of the cache. So what's to stop McDonald's from putting “I'm Lovin' It!” red and yellow geocahces a few yards from a bunch of their stores?
  2. I thought there was to be no advertising on geocaches, but this one is called "Eat Mor Chikin" which seems really blatant to me. What gives? Thanks! http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4482H_eat-mor-chikin
  3. I have a new checking account and can't find how to change my annual billing for Premium to it. It's probably embarrassingly easy, but I cannot find it. Help...? Thank you!
  4. I'm sort of proud of this. I found this the same day I decided to finally DNF it. (I was too embarrassed to DNF, now I don't care.) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ca0d63cf-bd48-425b-98e6-a899770d9b73
  5. I hearby solemnly swear that even when I get super crazy fast at finding caches, I will never use the expression "quick find" in describing a cache, because it's really frustrating to new people when they can't find something that others describe as such.
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