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  1. The other day I happened to walk by a spot where a geocache was previously hidden. I looked for it a few years ago, when it was still active, but failed to find it. When I walked by it, however, I spotted it even though it was archived a while back. I'm curious to know if there's any way to view an archived cache page besides looking by user name or by personal finds or DNFs. Thanks!!
  2. I got: 2 starfish coins 2 surfboard coins 3 ocean coins
  3. I have a few caches where I "share" a cache with someone else. That's great, but maybe there should be a way so both members could edit and take credit for the cache. Currently, if you choose to "share" a cache, one person gets credit and editing rights, but the other one doesn't. I think it would just be a little bit easier (for me, anyway! ) to be able to truly share a cache.
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