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  1. My wife worked for a while stocking at Target. The jewelry department routinely threw away hundreds of these little bags every week. Try asking nicely at an jewelry department and you may be able to get as many as you need for free
  2. Based on my experience with 50+ finds using a Garmin Trex everything is working fine. You should have another number on your display in the upper left that tells you the relative accuracy based on how many satellites are being used etc. The approach your husband is using is the same one I have been using sense I started, once the GPS says you are within 20 feet it is time to put the GPS away and start looking in all the likely places. Good luck on future searches and have fun.
  3. I know I am too late, and I have read and enjoyed the paper but in the spirit of the quote above here are my responses 1. How did you first hear about geocaching? I got a GPS when the price point went down to $200 a few years ago and while talking about my new toy at work a co-worker suggested I look into Geocaching. 2. Tell me about your first cache? My first cache was quick, easy and close to home, but the joy of finding something that was hidden for more than two years within 1 mile of my house got me hooked on finding more. 3. Have you had any bad/scary experiences caching? Bad, no. Scary, a little. I have gotten into trouble more than once by moving forward and having trouble getting back the way I came. 4. What is the #1 reason you geocache? I need the motivation to get out of the house and this hobby has routinely taken me to places very close to home that I never knew even existed. 5. Do you prefer to hunt or hide? I like to hunt, but in the spirit of giving back I have recently done my first hide and am now ready to do another. The nice part about a hide is you can create a cache that you would like to find yourself. 6. What was your favorite cache place? Why? In general terms I like to be out in the woods. My favorite scenario, that has happened more than once, is when I am 15 feet or less off in the woods with the cache open when people walk by on the trail and never even notice I am there. 7. What was your worst cache? Why? The worst is the one you never find. 8. Have you ever attened a cache event? No, but I probably should. 9. Tell me your best caching story? My daughter and I were actively seeking a cache on a hill up from a trail. Two other hikers came along and tried not be too obvious as they waited for us to move on. We suspected they were fellow cachers and asked them if they were on a hunt. They said yes and asked if they could join us in the active search phase, we said yes and within 10 minute my daughter mad the find. They complemented her and asked how long we had been caching, we proudly declared we had been active for almost a year and had over 25 finds. They smiled and offered to point us towards another cache on up the trail. As it turns out we were out of our league with these other two cachers who were out for there 1000+ find and have been caching for over 5 years. This is generally a non social activity but it was really neat to run into someone who has been doing this for a long time but still understands "it is just a game" and the goal is to "have fun".
  4. Thanks that is just the info I was looking for, I'll get to work and see how it goes.
  5. I assume I am not he first to have this problem and hopefully there is an existing procedure. The specifics are as follows Kirby's Cache (GC2408) was hidden back in Oct. 2001 and is still out there and being visited. It is in a great spot and I hike the trails with my kids frequently. Un fortunately it needs maintenance and it looks like the owner Kirby and Sam (kjfcnc) is no longer an active cacher (last visit june 2005). I have posted a maintenance log and sent a message to Kirby to volunteer but have heard nothing. Is there a way to get this cache deactivated, transfered to me, or should I just take it over myself??
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