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  1. Along these same lines, is the quad helix antennas as sensitive to carry position as the etrex is? For examply if I use the included belt clip and have it on my belt, will it keep lock good?
  2. I have a Toshiba E800, with built in wifi,vga and dual compactflash/sd capability. Got it free from work (boss won it somewhre and gave it to me since he already had a handheld he really likes) otherwise I wouldn't have it. It truely seems to be a handheld laptop. sorry for the offtopicness of this post...
  3. Our local big sprots store here won't pricematch amazon. He said that he don't knwo how amazon sells for that price....He said the amazon price is below the store cost.
  4. I'm seriously looking at the 60C, but just wanted to look at the equivelent competition ot make sure I'm getting all of what I want. Expandable memory would be nice, but other features would have to be on par with the 60 for it to make or break my decision.
  5. Which Magellan model is comparable to the Garmin 60c/60cs?
  6. Thanks Briansnat, I'll print thos pages off of amazon.com and see if I can get a pricematch. I'm just impatient hate waiting for shipping. IF they won't match it though I'll wait. I said I'm impatient, not stupid!
  7. Hmm I wonder is Scheel's sports does price matching.... Costo has the 60c for $369.00 and the Legend C for $289
  8. I could see a PDA being suspisious, especially if it was blackberry enabled with an internet connection. /shrug. You could give all kinds of information to someone over that. That being said though maybe they should start questioning everyone with a moble phone too...
  9. Well being that we only had the yellow etrex(purchased over 2 years ago), the legend C would be so much better anyway. That and the price of the maps are leaning me toward the Legend C. During caching we only had the rare issue with tree cover, however it was quite annoying when it did happen. We always got a lock in the car. The screen size isn't too much difference, but the legend has half the memory. I suppose if mapping was a huge issue I'd just hook up to the laptop. Right now I guess I'm 70/30 leanin toward the legend C. I really think I'd dislike not having the maps, even for the time it'd take to save a little extra $$ for them. I'll mull it over some more..... Thanks for all the input.
  10. Hold down the shift button and click refresh on your browser. It'll force a new download of the webpage rather than pulling up a cached version stored on you PC. Worth a try.
  11. Thanks for that link! Now if were only to be implimented. I did a brief search on the forum and didn't see that thread.
  12. Two wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do, not to mention that when you multiply two negatives it makes a positive..... I can feel this thread starting to go in a direction it wasn't intended. I like pie.
  13. I figured it had been talked about before, I just couldn't find it. I suppose there could be a disclaimer at the top of th PQ screen that warns to only use alphanumeric with not speical characters such as !@#$%^&*()?';":.,>< . /shrug Just a thought. I'll continue to do my own renameing. Just wanted to throw it up and see what fell.
  14. How much better is the quad helix vs patch? Reason I'm askin is I'm debating between the Legend C and the 60C. By looking at the comparison chart at the garmin website the biggest differences are the memory, Antenna type adn jus ta little size difference. The price diffference could mean me getting the legend C with mapsource CD or jsut an out of the box 60c with no additional maps until later... Any thoughts?
  15. When you create a pocket query you can name it. Would it be completely out of the question to allow the names that we chose for our query names to 'trickle down' and at the time the query is created by the servers have the name we named it applied to the gpx file? For example if I have a pocket query named "Trad50" which to me would mean 'traditional caches within 50 miles form home I'd get in my email the query named 'trad50.gpx' rather than '16789.gpx'. I know, it's probably just lazieness on my part since I don't want to have to rename the files. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
  16. If the install of the .exe file from the PC does not work download the .cab file, copy it to your pda and open it. The cab should install directly on the pda while on the pda. You don't 'have' to install it from the pc with the cable and active sync running adn all that. Just copy the cab to the pda and open.
  17. Yeah, it's just a name assigned to the cache by the website. Makes it easy for searches and all that because each cache listing has a unique standardized name.
  18. The link listed here was waht I was looking for. I've been out of the 'loop' for a while due to my GPS getting stolen. We're about to get started again and in the past I've needed a converter to go form one format to another. Rather than go to the jeeep website I just have it loaded on my pda. I'm sure it's ignorance on my part. All I can do is read an learn adn these forums are a big part of that.
  19. Thanks for the sites. They are both greatly appreciated! Chip
  20. Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to verify wether or not I'd have to be buying new full versions over and over at full price. I appreciate the info. Chip
  21. Are there 'as of' dates that come with the map? LIke this map was up to date 'as of' <insert date here>? Does garmin offer updates when major roadwork is updated on their database or does one need to purchase new maps every year or two?
  22. I'm looking for a, preferably free, converter to convert from decimal to wgs84, etc, etc, etc. Does anyone happen ot have one handy or know where I can find one? Thanks C
  23. In my opinion, those who worry about the numbers are missing what it's all about.
  24. I recently aquired a Toshiba e800 running Pocket PC 2003SE. It has both a Compact Flash slot AND an SD slot. I'd love to pop in a CF GPS to use it for live Mapping or a standard handheld GPS such as the etrex (follow the arrow type). Do any of you have any recommendations on brand of CF GPS device or software? I've read other reviews but though I'd ask those who may actually use this type of setup.
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