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  1. Those are how they come to me. The bold shows exactly how many miles and what direction from my house the new caches are.
  2. Like I said, I wasn't sure. Thanks for the explaination/clarification.
  3. I think the best candy container for a cache would be the mini M&M's container. They are about 4 inches or so long and about an inch in diameter with an attached flip top lid that snaps down pretty tight. I'm not sure, however, if it is watertight.
  4. Possibly animal cruelty /shrug. But then again if he claimed a religious type thing it may not be. Interesting read.
  5. Yeah, amazon is a 'price grabber' type search engine for buying items on the internet.
  6. Pretty much my thoughts too. You guys are killing me. Go find stuff....or hide stuff.
  7. easygps or GSAK (Geocaching swiss army knife) are both great software to use for waypoint management. As for the cable, it's a garmin etrex data cable. Check ebay, there are always several on there for relatively little moeny.
  8. Well I don't remember quite how we came up with it, but 'seay' is our last name, it's pronounced 'see'. We made the name 'seay me' to be like 'see me' kind of like 'look at me', or us as the case may be now. Anyway, that's what it is.
  9. I know it's not free, looks like about $8 from what I saw on the site. It's called cachemate and seems to be the software of choice for the palm owners...
  10. My guess is the non working links are placeholders for future features... Home and forum works.
  11. Nope, in fact it's listed with a longer bat. life than the Vista. Faster processer, bigger display. Gotcha, thanks for your clarificaiton. I'm leanign toward the 60c, but also looking at the vista c. I'm going to make a purchase next week and gathering all the info I can.
  12. Seay me

    Garmin 60

    If I'm not mistaken it has audible prompts, meaning beeps. I don't think it has voice prompts.
  13. How is the autorouting different from a 60c(s) rather than the Legend/vista C?? It's the same software isn't it?
  14. I can't find it for the life of me, but I swear I saw a post saying something like you have to configure your easygps as a GPSMAP 60c to work with a legend C. I can't be 100% though. I dont' know what it'd hurt, if anything, to try though.
  15. From the Garmin website. This is what they mean by beta...
  16. A saying I heard that kind of sticks with me in situations like this.... "The pioneers get the arrows, the settlers get the land'. Edit: I'm a terrible speller
  17. Thanks. I'll do a more extensive search on the case brand. I didnt' think to put that in.
  18. If you've ever wondered hwo to read a topo map check out the link at the bottom of this post. If it's been posted before I apoligize, it is worth posting again. It's helped me a great deal so I thought I'd share... How to read a topo map.
  19. The VGA is super, but the software has to be written to take advantage of it. My Toshiba e800 is with me always. I'm not sure waht that one post was referring to about activesync nagging the user. My activesync only pops up when i plug it in to sync it. Other that that I never see the software. I think it's all in the configuration.
  20. I found this on ebay. Has a hook, beltstrap covers the unit and has protective plastic fo the screen. Looks nice,but does anyone knwo if it's tough? I mean do ya suppose the stitching will come out easy and all that? Case on ebay I'm looking at.
  21. There is a radiostation here that refers to their 'stuff' as swag you can buy on their website. They've been using it for at least 5 years (as long as I've been living here).
  22. She tries to pull my hair, but can't get enough to pull! Lovin' the buzz cut! Thanks for all the info. Keep it coming if anyone else has anything to add. We'll be looking at making a purchase next week someitme.
  23. We have an 18 month old daughter who we are going to start taking out on more caches and bike rides. We're in the market for a 'backpack' to carry her in adn a bike trailer. I've seen the strollers that convert to backpacks and that looks like somethign we'd definatlely be into. Does anyone have any recommendations on this type of gear to take her out with. I mean we can go look at the store all day long. I'm just looking for some input from people that may have actually used the stuff in the 'real world'.
  24. I believe you also have to have checks in the difficluty/terrain boxes. I checked the boxes and have it set to at least 1 for each. That was my problem when my pq's wouldnt run.
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