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  1. Well said I'd been thinking along the lines of more people being injured and killed in car accidents than mugged yet we still get in our vehicles to drive to caches without any thought to this.
  2. The best thing to use is GSAK. More information at this link http://gsak.net/
  3. Tell her not to worry - I'm a girl and I nearly always cache alone and I've never had any problems. Obviously anyone out on their own should take care of their safety, but being female shouldn't make a difference. I figure it's far more dangerous walking home from work in the dark in winter than it is tramping through the countryside in daylight looking for tupperware. As long as your friend tells someone where she's going and has the right equipment with her she'll be fine. I geocache in all sorts of situations alone and female, city,town,country and mountains and have never felt threatened or have been threatened. Most fears are in the head of ones own making so go out, enjoy yourself and get geocaching
  4. The main cacher in our team is me Mrs Flying Boots - female. Mr F.B. enjoys geocaching but mainly flys model planes and spreads himself thinly around many other hobbies including sailing and ballroom dancing.
  5. We have no qualms about having taken 3 Geocoins and 3 TB's all from one cache last Sunday and not left any in return as we hadn't any to leave. Two we have dropped off near to home already and the rest will get spread around other caches next weekend. We know we would rather see our own TB's on the move rather than stuck just being discovered.
  6. With Mark and Lynnes website down here's a link to anothere excellent explanation of paperless caching from Sid and Bob
  7. I know not everyone is interested in such things but look what cache has landed nearby this event just recently YOSM - GC45CC just in time for he event.
  8. Well done the Royle family. Booboo's looking forward to meeting Magic next weekend at the Wales event .
  9. A filter we use regularly is called "Write and Main" so that we can see how many more of those 50 Caerphilly Collection we have left to do.
  10. Alien Encounter is our longest cache and one of our favourites also.
  11. Is there going to be a Celebrity Geocaching Game Show on TV?
  12. Get the Garmin 60 CSx you won't regret it
  13. Sadly I went out this evening with a prepared cache to put in place and found that the position was not quite as good as I'd hoped. Oh well back to the drawing board. I'm sure a better place will present itself at some stage.
  14. I made a pledge by discovering Dorsetgal & Geodog's "I pledge geocoin" to put out a wheelchair accessable cache this year and I have found what I think is a good position to put it but it might need some grabbers of some sort for someone in a wheelchair to extract it from it's position. Can anyone help by telling me if Grabbers are something that wheelchair users normaly carry with them for that extra bit of arm length or would I have to mention on the listing?
  15. We know of one cache in someones garden but as it's a puzzle cache I'll not reveal it here.
  16. There's a puzzle cache called coed y cwm - GCQBKN where you actually need to change the GPS to OS Grid Reference to find it. It's always handy to know how to use this feature and we've used it often to navigate whilst temporarily misplaced (never say lost!)
  17. Mr F.B. uses a Magellan Platinum and can enter OS grid referance by this sequence:- select Menu select set up select co-ordinate system select primary scroll down and select OSGB select 1 meter press Go To button by holding in for more that 1 second
  18. Yes, I've seen that too - why do people do that? In my opinion, that's actually even worse than just leaving the poo on the path. At least if they did that eventually the rain would wash it away. Putting it in a bag just means it can't biodegrade. There are some weird people around. Just a little comment in defence of dof walkers being both a dog owner and geocacher If walking from home my dog will do it's business usually on the first part of our walk. I bag it and put it to the side of the path rather than carry the bag for an hour or more. On our return journey I pick it up and take it home. Sometimes the poo bags you see belong to responsible dog walkers that will return for their belongings If of course its bagged up while we're miles form home then It's carried to somewhere to be disposed of properly.
  19. And at http://www.peterdean.co.uk/sidandbob/geoca...g/paperless.htm for the only guide that explained GSAK it well enough for me to understand in combination with Cachemate.
  20. SidAndBob have written an excellent description on paperless caching at this link http://www.peterdean.co.uk/sidandbob/geoca...g/paperless.htm I could never understand how to use it until I read this.
  21. I use both at the same time. A bum bag for the items needed often such as PDA, calling cards, small TB's, geocoins, pen, money etc and the back pack for, mountain survival stuff, torch, sandwiches, flask, waterproofs, camera, large TB's etc. I look like a packhorse.
  22. I've just upgraded from the Garmin 60 to the 60CSx and finding it excellent, especially under tree cover. Switched the compass off totally as I never use it any way.
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