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  1. Hi Mandy Can you just remind me how much the calenders are if by paying with Paypal.
  2. If Mr F.B. is with me then I give him the dog and while all the cattle are busy going for him and Booboo I go for the cache or nearest exit from the field. Recently we made a very wet detour on the wrong footpath doing this but preferable to me getting trampled. (why doesn't Mr. F. B get trampled in these circumstances??) If I'm on my own with the dog then I'll only go through if they're dairy cows without calves. Anything else and I'll climb barbed wire to make a detour. Without the dog I have no fear of of cows, calves or bullocks but I'll not cross a field with a bull in it even if it is with its harem.
  3. Ditto.... doesn't work for me. Thanks. Its working now Not working for us either. Finally sussed it.... in the GUID bit, delete every thing before the GUID. So it reads GUID=blah blah blah Oops, that was due to a bit of broken code that slipped through, I fixed that last night. It will work with just a link from your profile, it filters out all the rubbish and detects the GUID all by itself. Thanks. It's working now
  4. Ditto.... doesn't work for me. Not working for us either.
  5. Mr F.B has recently helped someone out out two caches. Although I had a pretty good idea where they were placed I had no qualms about going out to claim them as a find on my own after the FTF.
  6. We've introduced "the forest falconer" and "hot wheels and chomp". Actually, "chomp" who is a chocolate labrador got introduced to geocaching by us 6 months prior to her owner "hot wheels"
  7. http://www.themapshop.co.uk/ Here's the link directly to the portugese section Link This is where we get all our maps. They give excellent service by delivering the next day if they have the map in stock. If they don't they'll get it in for you. You can order online, by phone or drop into their wonderful shop in Upton on Severn
  8. I see, so instead of marking a listing as found, you can mark it as WILL ATTEND. Thanks Tony Then when you've been and enjoyed yourself you can log the event as having "ATTENDED". and it'll show up as a cache "find".
  9. I logged this Bug at the Bristol Event back on March 10th 2007 but unfortunately didn't keep a record of the tracking number so cannot log a note to say that we've set one wheelchair accessable cache ourselves "Wheel Easy - GC141FQ" and helped a wheelchair user to place his own two accessable caches "Why Here - GC13R5N" and "Spur Trail - GC13ZWP". If anybody could let me have the tracking number please contact us through our profile and I'll post a note. Thankyou.
  10. Not wishing to be ignorant but for those of us with short term memory loss and those who are new, it would be a good idea to let us know what CIN is and when and where it's going to take place. Pheeeew!! I'm glad someone else asked that question first. I didn't know what CIN is either.
  11. I think you'll find that Mapsource is registered to a specific GPS so that it can't be handed around from person to person.
  12. Hadn't heard of this before. Have now applied for a Bronze Earthcache pin .
  13. I was thinking along similar lines although Premium Members can already turn the adverts off. We get Pocket Querie's which we load into GSAK which can then be viewed without all the adverts.
  14. As a regular dog walker I've just knocked off a few squares around my village. One of the squares has almost the whole route of our "Slade Brook Series on it"
  15. Please, please, please, we would love to see more caches in the Herefordshire area. We've placed a few ourselves in the hope that more cachers would follow.
  16. I use an ancient Sony Clie (about £10 from Ebay) with Cachemate and have another program installed called "PG Pocket" which stores the pictures on this palm. There are other programs too, one I can think of is called "Photo Stand". One of these programs came with the Palm installation disc. I'm sure there are Freeware versions out there somewhere too. Recently did the "Caerphilly Pictorial" using only the pictures stored on my Palm to find the clues
  17. And if you put the map in a waterproof map holder ,or cache printout into an A4" transparent pocket " , you have something damproof to hand sit on when writing in the cache log book. Just make sure you don't put your map down on top of the cache as we did at this site.
  18. We used to live in't shoe box in't middle o' road
  19. Very tempted to come to this one but as it's so close to us going on holiday (Tues) it depends on the workload just beforehand. We could come just for the day on Saturday perhaps. Anyone else going just for the day?
  20. We use both. Digital is Mapsource and Memory Map. But I wouldn't be without my trusty paper maps. They're so much nicer to look at as you see the bigger picture rather than that from a tiny screen.
  21. Excellent Everythings working well now. Thankyou so much.
  22. The caches or Trigs I know I am definately going to do on any particular day I send to the Garmin as Waypoints straight from GSAK. I keep a complete database of POI's (over 9000 poi's) on the memory card just in case I happen to be in a particular area unexpectedly and haven't had time to send the waypoints. This database also corresponds to one I keep on Cachmate for the same reason.
  23. Don't worry about your DNF's WW&TM. We recently spent a day geocaching in Bergen, Norway and had 9 finds, 8 DNF's and logged every one of them. They were all nano's and micro's and we hadn't the time for a thorough search in areas that were riddled with muggles. So after 10 minutes we'd move on to the next cache and a pleasant walk was had even with all those DNF's.
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