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  1. Sounds like great fun but will the software be available for "Palm" users in the future?
  2. Hi Vixel Welcome to geocaching Our first attempt at finding our first cache was in early March 2006 in the Black Mountains on a long hike. Once we got to the top of the hills we could see that the search was going to be impossible as thick snow and ice lay everywhere. Undeterred we have since gone on to find over 600. Even though we have a car I (Mrs F.B.) often travel by public transport or bike to find caches.
  3. The Crickhowell event starts a weeks holiday for us. We've booked into the Riverside Campsite for 3 nights from Friday, then on Monday we'll head for the Gower for the rest of that week
  4. This is just a personal note. It doesn't matter to me what a bit of land is called by name I will still enjoy walking, being outdoors and geocaching whether it is called Gwent or Monmouthshire, Avon or South Gloucestershire. It's still the same bit of countryside after all. Whatever method is used to divide the country up for the purpose of a filtered search by Groundspeak will only help as I've missed that particular facility made available by GeocacheUK. I'll be happy with whatever .
  5. First choice of cache mobile is my road bike Next is my folding bike which can be used in conjunction with Then theres my walking boots and the bus. But when none of the above are feasable or available I have to resort to using a Susuki Vitara 4X4
  6. Too bad this date clashes with the Forest of Dean Half Marathon in which Mr F.B. is running and I have to go and support. We're looking forward to this years main Wales Event though.
  7. We've penciled this in our diary too for two weeks holiday.
  8. In nearly two years I haven't lost my enthusiasm for geocaching but I'm increasingly losing my enthusiasm for going out and getting wet in this terrible weather
  9. You should download and install the Garmin Communicator plugin for the button on the cachepage to work. And also for storing points of interest (cache co-ordinates) on the memory card instead of the GPS internal memory you'll need to download the "POI Loader" (free) from the Garmin site.
  10. It's not essential but a great thing to have with your 60csx is Mapsource which costs around £100 for maps of the whole of the UK showing everything down to footpath, contour and stream level. Loaded onto the memory card you can then use your GPS as an in car sat nav that will guide you to any location.
  11. 10 caches for us. This is the most we've ever done in one day.
  12. We're planning a whole day's caching on Christmas day. No Turkey and trimmings for us as we're veggies anyway. Our lunch will be peanut butter and jam sandwiches washed down with a hot flask of coffee. If the weather forecasters are wrong then we'll head for the Black Mountains, possibly the Blorenge and Mynydd Llangattwg. If the weather is as predicted then it'll be low level coastal caching near Portishead.
  13. Just had the reply below to my email to the "Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre". We'll certainly be keeping an eye out on their website early next year.
  14. I've just sent an email to "Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre" to see if I can find out more about the geocaching part of the event. Will post here if they get back to me.
  15. These "Side Tracked" Caches are the the thing for someone like me who enjoys jumping on trains with her bicycle to get about. More of them please. Edited to add photo.
  16. That's a blinding idea.... If someone can create a banner ad and the necessary HTML, I'm sure there would be dozens (hundreds?) of cachers happy to place the banner on all their own cache pages. This would give prominent and long standing advertising for the Mega event, potentially exposing the details to almost every single cacher in the UK over the next 6 months. Stuey Excellent idea. We live too far away away to give organizational support but would be willing to help in this way. No prob's
  17. Now that this is becoming more of a reality we're up for traveling to Harrogate to attend.
  18. Here's one owned by Chaotica_UK. it's TB14KXW . There are 4 TB's in all with the co-ordinates for Chaotica's Secret Bunker GCTV6W
  19. If you have a Garmin 60 series you can do it on the unit itself. Just type in the co-ords change it to "British Grid" and hey presto
  20. At least you have a bell and use it. I do a lot of walking along our local tarmac footpaths around our town and these are frequently used by cyclist, often youngsters. Personally, I don't mind this as long as they are considerate of pedestrians using the path - but I wish all cyclist would use a bell as a "polite warning" of their approach. I'll happily step to one side to allow a cyclist to ride past, but well-maintained bikes are virtually silent and a quick ding-a-ling would be appreciated. MrsB If I'm wrong, I'm sure others will correct me but I think one of the big reasons that bikes don't have bells is that the legal requirement to have ding-a-ling bells was removed. It has only recently been re-introduced. I bought a new bike last year and it has a cheap pathetic ding-a-ling bell, but when used in good time, most pedestrians seem appreciative and seem to find it mildly humorous! Though I think that's more to with me and my stature and the sound of the ding-a-ling rather than just the bell itself! The bike I used for caching today does have a bell but my old faithful road bike that got stripped for weight because I used to use it for Triathlon doesn't. When riding this one as I approach walkers I shout "Ring Ring" which gains their attention and gives them a smile hopefully as I apologise for not having a bell in passing
  21. I too prefer to cache by bike, on foot, train and bus. Whilst on the bike I wouldn't be without a spare inner tube, tyre levers and at this time of year lights and reflective vest. Generally I wouldn't be without some sandwiches, a flask of coffee, map, mobile phone, money and waterproofs. And don't leave home without the GPS and cache description preferably on a PDA.
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