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  1. As we live just over a mile outside the Welsh border, Wales is our easiest to travel to and favourite stamping ground for caching, so could we join in please.
  2. A long while ago before the Harrogate Mega I put a link to a banner advertising this event on all my cache pages. This is now of course out of date. Has anyone thought of contacting the person(I can't remember who) who wrote the script for this to now replace it with the advert for the Bristol Mega 2009?
  3. Are you joking? Were you at the same event as me? I was away for 11 days over the Mega Event and in that time only had one day of rain... sure there was a shower on a couple of the other mornings, but by 11am brilliant sunshine where LOTS of us got very sunburned!!! I am still peeling nicely! I'm sure SidandBob were referring to The "Wye Valley and Forest of Dean" event here as we had torrential rain the whole day.
  4. If the Flying Sid&Bobs could be pursuaded to arrange another Wye Valley event for the weekend following, we could go from one to the other just like this year! Excellent! ... besides I'll need a break after 12 months ME planning........ Now that is a really good idea! Will have to consult with SidandBob on this one but I'm up for it depending on how much is involved in helping at the Mega as I've offered our help for that.
  5. The main reason we didn't get to Harrogate this year was the distance Bristol is just perfect for us and we're close enough to offer our help too
  6. Only a few more days to go now The weather forecast at the moment is not brilliant so some people might like to spend their time down a nice dry tunnel
  7. Well I never I would never have guessed that in a million years. Great choice. , Congratulations. And please hurry home from the Mega to publish my new caches
  8. Hmmmm...... another bird. Must be female I pronounced it the same way as Dracula What's the correct pronunciation
  9. Well said Pete. You've mirrored my thoughts again as usual. Just like to add try cycling between caches. It's just as enjoyable as walking and you can cover a bigger area.
  10. Hi Laura612 We're also holidaying in West Wales around the same time. We'll be close to Merrixton N51 44.515 W004 41.104 which is just South of Clynderwen between 1st Sept and 7th Sept. If you're there around the same time we could help with maps and locations of caches. P.M. us through our profile if you like.
  11. Congratulations from me too and thanks for a Fab. day out
  12. Just "Googled" and thought you all might like to know that the official Duck Shooting Season in England, Scotland and Wales does not start until September 1st :D
  13. We've never met Maddie but with a very elderly failing dog ourselves we are facing up to being in the same position soon and can sympathize. So very sorry to hear of your loss.
  14. I don't think it's possible to change your geocaching username now. Perhaps someone else might know for definite if it's possible or not? If you log on line with one username and not log it in the log book with the same name it is possible for the cache owner to delete your find as they won't know it's the same person.
  15. How this is far more interesting than the dog calenders Please could I have one Mandy.
  16. And theres another older, most excellent cache of Write and Manes called "Cathay's Cemetery - GC14NPF" in the centre of Cardiff which also has permissions where I spent almost 2 hours finding out very interesting facts during an extremely enjoyable hunt recently . Looking forward to your new "Church" caches Liz and Gordon.
  17. Yes all updates are installed and we're using version 8.0.138.
  18. We use AVG Free and haven't had any of the problems being experienced
  19. Yes please put our names down for this trip. We'd love to join you. P.M. us to let us know any more details as to costs, times etc. Indeed! A group of 8 of us from the South East were due to be going there today, but the ferry was cancelled because of forecast high winds. Rgds, Andy We tried to get to Flatholm 4 times before we eventually made it on the fifth attempt. Each time it was cancelled due to bad weather.
  20. Me too It's win win situation caching by bike as you save money, help the environment and get fitter in the process. I take my bike on the train too which gets me further afield as my local area was devoid of unfound caches until this morning when thanks to the "Severnsiders" I can now cycle from home to three new lovely placements next Saturday
  21. If we lived closer we'd spend time finding your cache. We love the challenge of these types of cache. One particular cache near us called "The Accumulator" took us about a year to find as we had to collect clues from 49 other caches first. Then there's another one near us called "Wild Cat" which has taken us almost from the first time we started caching to solve and we've still yet to go get the final. So no. Don't archive it.
  22. What a co-incidence that a coach trip to Oxford is being organized and run from our village on this Saturday so we'll be caching nearby but probably won't get the chance to pop up to the event.
  23. Tried that and it didn't work so eventually I uninstalled the script then re-installed it so everything working as it should now. Thanks all for your help. This thread can now be closed.
  24. I've tried that but it's still happening Am using FF also.
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