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  1. I took a picture of the ones following me yesterday. And no this wasn't zoomed in they really were that close. Now I don't have a dog to take caching with me Cattle don't phase me at all.
  2. Miraculously and without any assistance from me my monkey re-appeared yesterday . How very strange . Thanks everyone for trying to help out here.
  3. It's still enabled Chris but still nothing. Very strange.
  4. No, the whole Monkey's head has disapeared yet it's still shows as an "add on" in "tools"
  5. You won't go far wrong if you pick any of "Wrighty's" caches in that area. He groups them into "walks" and they're usually in very scenic and interesting locations often with historical or local interest attached.
  6. Funny you should ask that... "The first LPC in England?" MrsB And a very pretty skirt it is too.
  7. Sorry Double Topic, please close one of them.
  8. Suddenly my Greasmonkey has disapeared or rather stopped working. It still shows up as an add on on the Firefox "Tools" and I've searched for updates but the icon has disappeared from the bottom right of the web browser. I've also re-downloaded and installed it but that still hasn't done the trick. Help!! Can anyone advise on what to do.
  9. The Cotswolds for us on Easter Sunday and it was overcast most of the day. Cardiff and Penarth on Monday with glorious sunshine.
  10. I'm following the adventures of Eeyore Tulip a rather large, sad looking blue donkey with a pessimistic outlook on life and an extremely strange owner
  11. Me too! I thought this was one of the best GPS experiences I have ever had ditto
  12. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to SidAndBob on their 1000th find in Orlando Hope you guys had a fab holiday and we'll look forward to reading your geocache logs.
  13. Sorry to hear you feel this way Lucilla. I've felt you've always tried to be very fair in your comments and did your moderating job extremely well. I've kept well out of all arguments and have recently not bothered to read this forum as often as I used to due to all the angst as all I want to do is go out geocaching to enjoy myself.
  14. I've just started a new job doing collections for Royal Mail. I took my GPS along with me to learn the route and marked each post box that I have to visit.
  15. Excellent. We're pleased it's being held in Weston.
  16. Just had an email response to my complaint to the BBC <quote>Thank you for your e-mail. Please accept our apologies for the delay in replying. We know our correspondents appreciate a quick response and we are sorry you have had to wait on this occasion. We note your concerns regarding the 'One Show' on 10 September and our item on Geocoaching. The item was not intended as a serious look at the hobby. It was simply a small sideways glance at how GPS is being used to create new sports and hobbies like these. The sequence did include the digging up of a treasure chest (although you don't actually see it being pulled from the ground). It was a tongue in cheek sequence which was in no way intended to portray a proper look at geocaching. We apologise, however, for any offence which may have been caused. This was never our intention. Please be assured that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC. Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Regards BBC Complaints </quote>
  17. Several times in the past have I emailed the BBC to congratulate them on their programme's, especially the "Mountain" programme with Gryff Rhys Jones. This is the first time I've felt the need to complain and have just sent my complaint by email.
  18. We were in Millets in Hereford this morning and picked up ours. They seemed to have quite a few left.
  19. I'm in even though we're out. (a mile outside the Welsh Border that is)
  20. How do we now get ourselves on this new mailing list?
  21. Didn't know this one existed. I've registered now.
  22. I didn't know you could do this. Thanks for the info I've just recently discovered a coin missing from one of our caches so I'll go do it immediately.
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