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  1. I've just found a solution myself on the GSAK forum. LINK. I can now view "Full display" in GSAK and open a separate page in Firefox. Works a treat
  2. I don't have any problem whilst using Firefox but GSAK brings up Internet Explorer which slows things down terribly. Is there any way of changing GSAK to use Firefox in it's own browser window?
  3. Whoohoo. My hero. It works. Was getting concerned that I wouldn't be able to get rid of ........ Brilliant, it now works with me too
  4. Exactly the same problem here....... Me too!! It runs alright on XP but not on Windows 7 or Vista. and I don't have nearly 100 ignored topics for that to be the reason.
  5. Here's two we've done fairly recently Tytherington Triangle 15 plus the bonus 16 Rockhampton Round 16
  6. That's brilliant news Jon. Thanks for the info. Can't wait now for the Colorado to arrive to start playing with it
  7. Where would I find out about that? Maybe I should I just try using it with the Oregon when it arrives and see what happens.
  8. I already use Topo on my Garmin 60CSX, does anyone know if I would be able to use that same version on a Garmin Colorado or would I have to buy a completely new one? I think I remember registering it with my 60csx which makes me think I wouldn't be able to use it on another unit.
  9. I always look for what caches are in an area as soon as a holiday is booked and have never been disappointed. We've cached in the USA, Norway, Turkey and Sardinia as well as our holidays at home. We've found that geocaches take us to some far more interesting places off the regular tourist trails and so would never leave home without GPS in hand.
  10. We didn't get any notification about a cache on our watchlist having been found
  11. Sorry we can't make any recomendations as when we did it we just drank champagne by the roadside, supplied by "Wrighty" as we were all celebrating our 2000th. Have fun doing it
  12. We've not used GPS mapping for Italy but have found the "Kompass" series of paper maps perfect for walking. The Map Shop in Upton on Severn have a fantastic range of available maps and will send mail order Link :- http://www.themapshop.co.uk/europe/italy/italy.htm Don't worry about the driving on the wrong side, after about half an hour it'll come naturally, just remember at roundabouts, go anticlockwise.
  13. I run 4 Pocket Queries to cover quite a large area but each one overlaping slightly with it's neighbour. There's always caches that don't crop up in the PQ's so I always end up having to check the area that I'm traveling to to go caching just to make sure there's none missed out. I've always wondered why this happened.
  14. We've just been checking out our weekend calender and found we are free on Sunday. What time and where will everyone be meeting up?
  15. Looks like this'll be a double celebration as "Wrighty" is now going to join us and it'll be his 1000th also.
  16. Stupidly and I don't know why I didn't think of this before but our Canadian Canoe seats 4 people and we can use it in shifts if no-one has a boat of their own or can't borrow one. Torches too are a must.
  17. What!!! You never mentioned that when we got into a boat to get "Wild Cat"
  18. Bad luck ayepee, we know what it's like juggling work and caching that's why we've got to be so fixed on this particular day.
  19. Next Sunday 21st June we're planning to find a 5/5 cache "Hippos Below" GC1C47M as it'll be our 1000th find and we were wondering if anyone would care to join us to turn this into a bit of a party. We propose to meet at the car parking co-ordinates at 10.00am so just turn up or contact us here or through our profile. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CANOE TYPE BOAT/LIFEJACKET/PADDLES etc. Should be fun
  20. Being a person who's occupation is to be security minded, I would have thought that your belongings are more at risk inside an unsecured canvas tent in an open field where people may not notice a stranger entering your tent, than in a secure locked (and likely alarmed) car that if parked sensibly will be in a busy place that will attract attention if a thief decides to strike. Don't get me wrong cars get broken into all the time, but you can't plan for everything. Given the general ease of entry and insecurity of camp sites, it really does surprise me that criminals don't target them more than they do. We are only able to stay the one night on the camp site as work starts early on Monday morning (6.00am). Therefore we'll be packing up and leaving our belongings in our car in Weston for the day on Sunday without any qualms at all. I'm sure there are far more valuable things to pinch than a (possibly) soggy tent, smelly sleeping bags and dirty clothes. This kind of stuff is replaceable anyway. Anything important of course ie GPS, camera, money etc will be on our person and not left in the car.
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